Bloodborne: Gamescom PS4 Gameplay Trailer

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Bloodborne: Gamescom PS4 Gameplay Trailer

The PlayStation Gamescom press conference is over, but the story is just beginning for Bloodborne — the new PS4-exclusive action-RPG being developed by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. See the latest below.

Bloodborne: Gamescom PS4 Gameplay Trailer

Just think. This week in Cologne, Germany, thousands of lucky gamers will get a chance to go hands-on with Bloodborne while the rest of us pursue fruitless endeavors like working, sleeping, and bathing. For now, we’ll have to make do with rewatching this video over and over while frantically scanning our RSS feeds for incoming hands-on editorial previews that should begin flowing tomorrow. You can also check out our Gamescom post-show for another short peek at some Bloodborne footage.

Check back here on PlayStation.Blog later this week for more information on the gameplay features being revealed this week at Gamescom. And maybe, just maybe, some hands-on thoughts of our own. See you soon!

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  • Back to the topic at hand, Bloodbourne looks fantastic but as someone who has played all 3 Souls games, the idea of a faster-paced, even more relentless Souls-type game seems a little too daunting. I’ll need to learn more.

  • Yep, this is the killer app for the PS4. Looks awesome!

  • So the world might be mended….with blood! mwahahaahhahaa!

  • Thanks for rubbing it in Sid! But if I work…I can afford to buy Bloodborne!…So win, win! I mean…win……lose…..D’oh!

  • Back to Bloodbourne: same theme as the Souls game: you are searching for cure to a curse and have to fight like crazy against other cursed victims. I wonder about whether there will be same multiplayer features: forced invasions, messages, blood splatters, images of other players….

  • Glad to see the comments cleaned up! Bloodborne is looking incredible and I can’t wait to play it. Is it still coming Spring 2015 guys? Also wouldn’t mind seeing a collectors edition for it =)

  • It looks so awesome!!! Can’t wait for it to release! I hope i don’t have to start far back though if i get destroyed by a big boss guy like that at the end.

  • I need this!!!

  • This is #1 on my most wanted list.

  • That Scythe though. I did a spit take.

  • Damn this game looks awesome!!

  • Waiting for Collectors Edition to preorder.

  • i hope the difficulty is on par with a souls game, I’m tired of flying through games. It kinda reminds me of nightmare creatures. can’t wait to see more…

  • Looking a hell of a lot better than what was shown at E3!

  • Prediction: This game will be AMAZING!!! I’m guessing it will come out about the same time as Uncharted 4 (like the other Uncharted and Souls games), so I can double dip in the awesome. Games like this are the reason I prefer PlayStation.

  • i want to touch the rear of maiden in black! or a similair one in bloodborn!

  • Man, From Software could make such a killer Castlevania game…

  • This game kinda reminds me of the anime from vampire hunter d I mean the story in a sense. But looking forward to this immensely.

  • I saw this live demonstrated at E3 this year, and it blew me away. Easily my game of the show. I absolutely cannot WAIT for it to finally release next year.

  • Looks great.

  • I’m glad to see so many action RPGs coming to PS4, this is on my must-buy list for sure.

    @pinsandneedls I’m with ya on that difficulty.

    Also, that scythe weapon at about 1:15….yes please.

  • I was surprised with the trailer and mostly with the gameplay showed on it…..damn it looks a helluva lot better than what I expected.Now I’m looking forward to it….actually to see more gameplay.I hope its more action focused than RPG.Anyway JapanStudio is involved so of course a great game would come from there.

  • Day 1 purchase.

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