PS4 Live Events Viewer App Hits Tomorrow, Watch UFC 177

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PS4 Live Events Viewer App Hits Tomorrow, Watch UFC 177

Get ready — UFC 177: Dillashaw vs Barao II is coming live to PS4 users! The August 30th, UFC 177 card, which features newly-minted champion TJ Dillashaw making his first title defense against former bantamweight king Renan Barao, will be available to purchase and watch from the convenience of your PS4 through the Live Events Viewer app — your hub for on-demand viewing of UFC and wrestling events, sports, concerts, and other entertainment.

Delivered straight to your living room from your PS4 and PS3 systems, the Live Events Viewer gives users the opportunity to watch exciting live content or catch up with on-demand viewing of UFC and wrestling events, concerts, races and more all with no subscription and no commitments.

The Live Event Viewer app for PS4 will be available later this week. To get it, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to PlayStation Store on your PS4 (or PS3).
  2. Find Live Events Viewer for download in the Apps section.
  3. Once the Live Events Viewer is downloaded, find it on PS4 in the TV & Video tile (or on PS3’s XMB under TV/Video Services).
  4. Log on with your Sony Entertainment Network username and password.
  5. Then, simply select UFC 177, purchase the event and enjoy watching Dillashaw versus Barao II.

Some of the live events will be offered on a pay-per-view basis and other events will be completely free. New events are added often, so make sure to check back each week!

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5 Author Replies

  • just wish you guys would show tna and roh ppvs and not just wwe when it comes to wrestling…since wwe has their network

  • Any hope of the gamescom conference press event on this? Or a replay of the last of us one night live?

  • whatever sony

  • Will the Live Events Viewer be available to Canadians on our PlayStation Store?

    • Yes! The Live Event Viewer will be available on PS4 in the United States, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. Availability of event will vary region to region.

  • So the real news here is that the PS4 is finally getting a Live Viewer App. Ya just hid it behind a bunch of UFC stuff.

  • Cant wait for this fight! Too bad this is only for the US.

  • Will Sony’s Gamescom presentation be on the the Live Events Viewer?

    or will I have to use IGN?

    • Hi + Biggz124. Unfortunately our Gamescon press conference will not be available via the Live Events Viewer. Hopefully in the future!

  • Sorry for the snark earlier. But is the UFC event free to watch for any app owner?

  • So will this Live Event Viewer let us use the WWE network on our PS4s in Canada?

    Or is that just never going to happen/no WWE app for Canada?

    • Hi + Boomstickbhg. The Live Event Viewer app provides access to a number of sports, music, and other live events, but it is not the WWE Network. Once the app launches, download it and you’ll see what is up and coming. As for if/when the WWE Network is coming to Canada, I’m afraid I don’t have any information for you.

  • Where is my PS4 YouTube App? Thought were going to have by late July. Man it’s real late July now! ;)

  • Where is youtube app and HBO GO???? GRRR

  • Darn I was hoping when you said wrestling events that WWE stuff would be included.

    In Canada the WWE network starts on the 12th, but only as a PPV style channel on Rogers only.

    No app, no view whatever you want when you want, no watching on ps4/ps3/pc etc…

    This would have been great if WWE stuff was included, but that’s the only reason I’d have to download it.

  • any word on a UFC FIGHT PASS app?

  • please keep this as a trend for streaming events like tokyo game show, E3 2015 and other future events! this should’ve been on the PS4 since holiday 2013

  • Any word on if GamesCom Presser will be streamed on the live viewer or elsewhere?

  • let get more apps like Fios TV =, ESPN, i wanna watch some soccer… and i want to be able to interact with it like they had it on Xbox 360

  • Concerts? Yeah man, I’m in!

  • When is the TV streaming Service that you guys announced at the beginning of the year coming anyway? (that you said would be out this year)

  • Is this an actual viewing app or will it just open the browser again? <.<

  • I been waiting for this, awesome! We need more boxing events. Any deals in the works with showtime and hbo? I rather order through my ps4 than my cable service provider.

  • So this might be a silly question but are these events in HD?

  • I would also love to know if these events are in HD. Specifically the UFCs.
    I can’t find an answer to this anywhere.


  • I’m wondering if the Mayweather vs Maidana fight on Sept. 13th will be on Live Events PPV?

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