Hotline Miami Hits PS4 August 19th

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Hotline Miami Hits PS4 August 19th
Hotline Miami Hits PS4 August 19th

A little over one year ago, Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin’s Hotline Miami launched on PS3 and PS Vita, thanks to the efforts of fellow developer Abstraction Games and the good folks at PlayStation.

Between now and then, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number was announced and PS4 took the world by storm, but we always knew that Dennaton Games’ landmark hit had to make its way to PS4. That’s why we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Hotline Miami will launch for PS4 on August 19th in North America.

So what’s new? Well, the team didn’t want to tamper with the perfection that is Hotline Miami for the latest release, but there were certainly some fun new options that were only possible on PS4. Gamers can now use DualShock 4’s touch pad to look around and lock on enemies, and actually shake the controller itself to perform execution moves when you have an enemy pinned on the ground. And to take the violence to the next level, the sounds of those same execution moves are amplified through the speaker on the DualShock 4 itself. Ouch.

Hotline Miami on PS4Hotline Miami on PS4

Dennaton Games, Abstraction Games, and Devolver Digital hope you enjoy this latest version of Hotline Miami and are hyped for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. Hotline Miami is a cross buy game, so if you own it on PS3 or PS Vita then you already own it on PS4.

Please follow @HotlineMiami and @DevolverDigital on Twitter for more news about all things Hotline Miami, and thanks to all the fans for your amazing support!

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  • Cross-buy woohoo! I still think this plays best on Vita though.

  • How much does it cost?

  • Awesome

    Thank you ford parker you rock!

  • Cross-save?

  • Any new trophies or does this title go with the same PS3 and Vita list?

  • Nice. I always love it when you guys bring over a PS3 or Vita game to the PS4 and don’t charge any more for it. What a great, consumer-friendly policy. Looking forward to revisiting this game.

  • I bought it for PS3 a year ago. Will I be able to download it onto my ps4 without having to pay for it again?

  • I love this game so much that I play it religiously.

  • Wow yet another game i’m getting Aug 19th.
    I’ll admit I got this game via PS Plus and it is addicting despite its hard difficulty. It makes me want to keep trying to pass the level. Good Job to you guys! :)

  • Also an idea in case you haven’t thought of it already, when the 2nd one releases, you should release the 2 of them as a double pack for those that don’t own either one and are interested in it.

  • Will the level editor be available for PS4?

  • I love this game awesome on vita!!!

  • Got this game for free through PlayStation Plus, so will it be a free download on PS4 when its released?

  • The 19th is loaded with new releases.

  • Glad to see how far this game has come. Can’t wait for Hotlime Miami 2! Is it really true that it will be the last game in the series?

  • Awesome!!!

  • Will cross save work though? :o Never finished it on my PSVita

  • Cross Save please :P

  • Please…please please please tell me there is a separate platinum. I got it for vita/ps3 and will still download it. But I will go for the platinum again if its an option. Thank you so much for bringing this to ps4. Can not wait for the sequel.

  • Yeah play it bcuz of playstation plus, but better than most triple AAA games out there. Simple easy story to follow with a little twist you don’t see in games anymore. I hope Wrong Number keeps that swag the first one had; the vita version felt more comfortable.

  • Separate Trophy List?

  • Damn I thought this was the sequel. Well at least I already own it.

  • Ill be kneck deep in diablo but ill get this eventually if not the same day. Game is so fun, i cant wait to use the level creator.

  • “on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita”
    OH YES
    Thank you so much for that!

  • Great game. Fun as hell on the Vita. Can’t wait for part 2.

  • Cross Buy? Woooo! Very awesome <3 Been looking to play this gem again, now I have the perfect excuse :D

  • This is good news. I was hoping for a release date for Hotline Miami 2, but no big deal. Actually, I was hoping to play Hotline Miami 2 at your booth in Dallas at SGC, but I got to try BroForce instead, so no hard feelings. Keep up the great work!

  • i know i should not, but im getting very irritated with the flod of small games on ps4. Yeah it does not hurt nyone and the games are pretty good, but come on give us some high powered indies!!!

  • This is just the best I haven’t play this just yet but playing on my PS4 will be the way I’m going to play first. From what my friends that have play this said it was quite fun.

  • Hotline Miami is one of the best indies out there, NoGodsOnlyMan.
    If by “high powered” you mean “better graphics”, you could ask for better games overall for PS4, or you could just play good PS3 games.

  • Hotline Miami is a perfect fit for Vita, a killer app it is!

    Thanks for cross-buy mate, I would pay for it again though!

    Waiting for Wrong Number!

  • Great to hear that PS4 owners gets it for free if they already owned the PS3/PS Vita versions. Can’t wait for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number!

    @TravisS23 “Hotline Miami is a cross buy game, so if you own it on PS3 or PS Vita then you already own it on PS4.”

    I like how people don’t learn to read.

  • It’s a good game, but really buggy sometimes (on PS3)

  • I keep my fingers crossed for Cross-save as I have not finished the game yet on my Vita! You rocks guys! Cross-buy is something I’d love to see on more titles!

  • Just so everyone knows, games that support Cross-Save will always share the same trophy set.

    Seeing as how the Vita and PS3 versions support cross save, I’m sure the PS4 version will have it as well…

    and that means it will share a trophy set.

  • Woke up extra early to dowload this game, couldn’t find it on psn! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  • @doc_dapper

    I have the same problem right now. I’ll probably buy the ps3 version since it is cross buy and hopefully it will appear on my screen

  • I was thinking of doing the same thing. hooked ps3 up and dowloaded update and it crashed on me! So hope it shows up soon, let me know if that way works for you!

  • Nope didn’t work

  • This day has already come to ps4 but apparently not cross-buy because I have it on ps vita and when I want to download the ps4 asks me to repay $ 7.99 even though I have already associated in my account! alguen more than what you can not download without having to pay ?? :o

  • Not really Cross Buy unless you purchased it today, Sony Support told me that 5 minutes ago. I saved the chat transcript in case anyone wants more info.

    So I suppose “if you already own it” only applies to if you purchased it today….doesn’t really make sense.

  • Maybe someone should tell this to Sony Support:

    From Revolver Digital:
    The issues with Hotline Miami not always functioning as a Cross-Buy title will be fixed within a few hours by our friends at PlayStation!

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