Hands-on: PS Vita’s Freedom Wars

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Hands-on: PS Vita’s Freedom Wars

PS Vita exclusive Freedom Wars comes courtesy of Japan Studio, Dimps, and Shift, and places you into the unfortunate shoes of a prisoner facing a one million year sentence. It’s not all bad news, though! By battling fearsome Abductors and rescuing citizens, your captors will generously reduce the length of your imprisonment — a few years at a time.

Hands-on: PS Vita’s Freedom Wars

Featuring four-player local co-op (via an ad-hoc wireless connection, with vacant slots filled by computer-controlled companions), Freedom Wars rewards coordinated cooperative play. One player can use a grappling hook to pull an enemy to the ground, while another dashes in to rescue an innocent trapped within the beast’s chest. While transporting a civilian to safety, you’ll rely on the protection of your teammates to keep you and your cargo alive. Alternatively, eight player (4v4) competitive play is an option when playing via the magic of the internet.

I recently went hands-on with Freedom Wars, along with my pals Ken, Kumi and Jake, the results of which you can see at the top of this post. Freedom Wars launches exclusively on PS Vita later this year.

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  • This looks so good. Can’t wait for this.

  • Its it going to be physical or digital only? And is it only ad-hoc or will there be multi player via wifi? If no physical and no wifi, then im passing.

    • The game will be available at retail and digitally, with both ad-hoc and internet multiplayer modes.

      Conditions met? Hope you check it out! :)

  • I need a release date! C’mon SHUHEI!

    • Soon, my good friend peanut, soon!

      Can’t wait to share it with you, just locking down the details at the moment.

      Thanks for your patience!

  • @2 It will be Physical and Digital. If you read the whole thing theres multiplayer via Wifi aswell.

    On the other hand I can’t wait for this game. I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED IT

  • Questions:

    1) Price?
    2) Release Date?
    3) on Retail for NA?
    4) Dubbed in English?

    • Details for 1.) and 2.) will be coming shortly!

      3.) Retail and Digital for NA
      4.) Original (fantastic) Japanese audio with English subtitles.

      Can’t wait to show you more! :)

  • Game looks ok..im looking forward to renting it on GAMEFLY tho..lol

  • @5 Price: $39.99
    Release Date: 2014
    Retail: Yes
    Dubbed: No, subbed

    • Doing my work for me, huh ImPaCT? (Appreciate the support!)

      We’ll announce price and release date details soon!

  • It took you 2 months upload the video.

  • I’m really looking forward to this. I’ve had it preordered for a while. Looks like fun, and it doesn’t hurt that one of my favorite voice actors, Yuu Asakawa, is in it. :D


    1. $30
    2. none yet in NA, already out in Japan
    3. there is a retail release
    4. nah, Japanese audio

  • PS4 version please!!

    • Ooh, I love my PS4 as well!

      For that console experience, might I suggest the PlayStation TV? Freedom Wars will be 100% compatible from Day 1, so I hope you check it out!

  • I meant $29.99

  • I played the co-op demo at E3 and enjoyed my brief experience with the game. I have been looking forward to it since its Panopticon tease from PlayStation Japan last year.

    Can’t wait! :)

  • Really enjoying these new “Hands-on” videos…thanx!

  • BTW nick, where’s the translated idol video…..

    Are we getting those pre-order DLC? Soul Sacrifice Delta decals? OST DLC?

  • Keep up the good work, can’t wait to play this game.

    • Love hearing that! Thanks for the kind words, Saber, and make sure to let me know what you think when you pick it up!

  • Are you talking about the music video? Hmmm…

    Details on those other items coming soon, I promise! :)

  • Just found my next Platinum! Can’t wait!!! =)

  • Looking good! And I feel ya Justin, I’m a sucker for games with grappling mechanics as well.

    • Thanks BlueBl1zzard! Think you’ll love the thorn (grappling device) – there’s actually a few different ones with original attributes that you’ll be able to equip. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

    • Yes!! I remember spending hours just swinging back and forth in Bionic Commando on NES… and never making it very far into the game. That was a tough one.

  • No Dub? Are you serious, Sony? Come on, man!

  • is there any chance of konami making a castlevania for the ps vita???— plz dont say i can download symphony of the night… i already beat it…

  • BTW i hope this game uses the same/similar online servers as soul sacrifice, because that game has great online servers.

  • That Let’s Contribute PV or the Ibara Lullabye is great also!

    Seriously though on the SoulSacDelta decals are a must…..

  • This game was released last week here in Korea, and so far, it is a great game.

    Expect a well-polished game with a lot of potential, not to mention a great array of grind fest designed for JRPG fans.

  • can’t wait for this >__<

  • Talking about the enemies/monsters; in every video i see, there’s only the skeleton white golem and the winged tiger, with minor variations. There are more kinds of enemies? There are small minions too or only bosses? Will be possible to harvest items from the enemies and from the scenario? Thanks.

    • Oh yes, Malkavilis, there’s quite a bit more! Not going to spoil the designs though, so I hope you’ll check them out for yourself!

      Thanks for your interest!

  • Nice Game!!

  • @10: How about you buy a Vita, instead of asking for it’s exclusives to be taken away? If you really want to play Freedom Wars, buy a damn Vita.

  • is there no online co-op? you only mentioned local co-op in your article.

    • There is most definitely online co-op, and we’ll have it available for you from Day 1!

      Hope you’re looking forward to it!

  • If you guys come out with a dub patch Ill buy it. Being sub only for a story heavy game I cant support this kinda of thing.

  • @Nick Accordino

    > For that console experience, might I suggest the PlayStation TV? Freedom Wars will be 100% compatible from Day 1, so I hope you check it out!

    I hope that doesn’t mean Freedom Wars will only be released after the Playstation TV is released (in Dec?) :)
    The current Japan/Asia Vita TV cannot be used with US/Europe PSN accounts.

    • I wouldn’t worry about timing there – it’ll be out before ya know it! :)

      And as far as I know, we haven’t released any kind of date for PlayStation TV, so you never know when they might line up!

      Thanks for your interest, Gummycore!

  • @29 Some of the best games ever made use an entirely fictional language with English subs – Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Gravity Rush etc. It’s not as huge a deal as all that. If those games can have their own made-up language and get by, I’m sure a game using a real language will be more than fine with subs.

  • Will the English localization include all the patches released in Japan?

    • We’ll have more details on that coming up soon, but the idea is to have all the online components available to you from Day 1. Hope you’re looking forward to it!

  • Looks fantastic… I’m SO LOOKING FORWARD

    but please SONY, in the meantime… FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0!!!!



  • @31 Using a fictional language is perfectly fine.Since its not real I never expect a english dub from it since its a style choice. Though heres the thing freedom wars is using a real language and I know its a real language. So I cant just ignore it espcially when its being brought over by sony themselves. I just personally find it as a half hearted attempt on their part of localization. Like I said if they do a dub patch like other have done a jpn vo patch ill pick it up same day but for now they wont get my money.

  • I’m a little skeptical after seeing the user ratings on Amazon Japan. I hope they have time to work on whatever issues were encountered when they released there.

    • Understand the concern, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that – I’d highly suggest checking it out for yourself!

      You’ll be receiving all the balancing adjustments and online modes that the JP version is getting as well, so you’ll have a fantastic experience from day 1.

      Hope you’re looking forward to it!

  • @34 oh no they’re losing $30 from 1 human being.

    stop complaining

  • On the topic of Freedom Wars, will the list of Panopticons one can align with in the Western release of the game be listed soon? And is the list the same for both North American and European versions of the game, or does one have more cities/factions from its “home” continent than the other?

    Also, apologies for speaking of another game here, but could there be a similar “hands-on” preview for next week’s Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment? It may not be a first-party title, but its sales numbers are in the same ballpark as those for Freedom Wars over in Japan, though it seems to be slipping more under the radar in terms of coverage over here.

    (Actually, on a meta level, I wonder if, after a certain point in the SAO timeline, an equivalent “Freedom Wars Online” VRMMORPG exists alongside the likes of ALfheim Online and Gun Gale Online. That could make for an interesting “crossover” of sorts, perhaps.)

    • Interesting ideas, Nerroth! (I just finished watching season 1 of SAO, so I can’t wait to hear more about that too!)
      SCEA and SCEE will both feature the same list of Panopticons, which spans a global list of 50 cities in comparison to the Prefectural assignments used in the JP version.

      Thanks for your interest in Freedom Wars!

  • I’ve had freedom wars pre-ordered for sooooo long. Can’t wait to get a release date!!!

    And Sony, please announce a vita memory card price drop and 64 gb card!! I’m tired of picking and choosing what digital games to buy!! I wanna buy ’em all “throws money at screen”.

  • Interesting ideas, Nerroth! (I just finished watching season 1 of SAO, so I can’t wait to hear more about that too!)

    SCEA and SCEE will both feature the same list of Panopticons, which spans a global list of 50 cities in comparison to the Prefectural assignments used in the JP version.

    Thanks for your interest in Freedom Wars!

  • Hey Nick, if you’re still around responding to comments, I’d like to ask something;

    Are there any plans for a Deluxe Pack, similar to what was released in Japan (The one with the 3 posters, mug and plushie), to be release over to North America and Europe?

    I would love to own the contents of that pack.


    • Hey Oathsworn –

      We’re evaluating stuff like that right now. To be honest, tight distribution channels in Japan let things like that come together a bit more easily than over here, but nothing’s completely out of the question!

      Thanks for your interest, and hope to see you online!

  • @36 Oh please dude dont act like im the only one whos not with this decision. Dont try to come with the joke of “oh now its 2 people who wont buy it” there are others that dont share your opinion.

  • Thanks for releasing a retail version in NA. It will go nicely with all my PS1,PS2,PSP,PS3, and Vita games I have on my shelves. I would already have a PS4 but I bought my son the Mario Kart Wii U bundle. I will be looking for a nice PS4 bundle this holiday season.

    • Thanks TeamGreen – I’m extremely happy to be releasing at retail, so it’s nice to hear that you’ll be going that route as well!

      Hope you enjoy Freedom Wars!

  • @41 atm your the only one complaining on this post

  • Btw, thank you Nick for taking the time to respond to most of the comments. It’s always cool when that happens.

    • My pleasure, Dante! If you guys are going to be nice enough to post comments here, the least I can do is reply and respond!

  • Date? Date? Date? Date? Date?

    This is one of the few games coming up for Vita Im looking forward to (hurray for a non-Indie!). I desperately want to know the date, if you cant tell :D

    • Soon soon soon!

      Seriously, watch this space – we’ll be announcing it sometime in the next few weeks. :)

      Thanks for your interest, Mando!

  • Thanks for the reply, Nick.

    In terms of how the various factions will look, how different will the terrain and environment be from one Panopticon/region to another? (For example, if one was set at, say, New York City, how would playing there compare to another set in somewhere like Sao Paulo?)

    Also, are you planning your Full Dive into SAO season 2? (I should note that the request about SAO:HF was aimed at Justin, in case he was still swinging around the comments section…)

    • I’ll go into details about multiplayer (and the panopticons) at a later date, but functionally, it’ll operate as it does in the JP build.

      Thanks for the great question!

  • (I do wish there was English dubs as an option. I can live with subs, but I much prefer English language in games)

  • this game looks razzmatazz, i cant wait to play it. also cant wait to see tomorrows gamescon presser which leads me to this question are you guys going to stream it here or post something about it? thanks

    • It’s top of the pops! Thanks for your interest, perrandy! (No idea about the gamescom presser – sorry!)

  • @Nick

    Thanks for the quick response.

    Yeah that’s pretty understandable, was just curious if something along those lines was being considered/discussed, glad to see that there’s some hope that something like the Deluxe Pack might happen.

    If it doesn’t happen I won’t hold it against you guys. Worst comes to worst I’ll just import the pack from Japan.

    Hope to hear about the release date soon.

    Thanks again!

  • @38

    They already announced a 64GB memory card. Buy it from Play-Asia, it costs exactly the same to import as it’s going to once it hits retail over here.

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