Music Festival Sim BigFest coming to PS4 and PS3

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Music Festival Sim BigFest coming to PS4 and PS3

We recently brought you news of our festival management and music discovery game BigFest, where players build their own mega festivals by discovering and promoting real-world, unsigned bands. Well…we are very excited to announce that the game will also be coming free to play for both the PS4 and PS3!

Music Festival Sim BigFest coming to PS4 and PS3

For PS4, we are taking the Vita version and giving it the next gen makeover – full 1080p resolution, running at 60fps. The game will support Cross Save, so you will be able to play your game out and about on your PS Vita, then come home and carry on exactly where you left off on your PS3 or PS3.

The game itself will have hours of fun gameplay that will satisfy your music discovery and festival gaming needs. We want players to build the biggest, baddest music festivals they can possibly imagine, while discovering and promoting real musicians. Discovering top talent and selecting the best headliners are just a couple of the important responsibilities players will manage to get the all-important festival ‘vibe’ up!!

BigFest on PS4, PS3 and PS VitaBigFest on PS4, PS3 and PS VitaBigFest on PS4, PS3 and PS VitaBigFest on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

We are currently finalizing the best way to allow players to get their music into the game, so keep your ears open for an announcement about this soon.

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  • Can’t imagine playing this on a console, but whatever, more players is a good thing either way.

    • Thanks Elvick! We want the entire PlayStation community to be able to get involved in BigFest, so we’re pretty stoked to bring it to PS3 and PS4 as well. Hope you give it a shot!

  • I for one would love to see my progress I make on the Vita on my PS3. Sounds awesome. Hope to see a release date soon.

    • Thank you Teh_AKOD! We’re working hard so that we can give you a release date soon – thanks for your patience!

  • I’m really surprise to hear that BigFest coming to the PS4. Oh the JOy!

  • Awesome! Seems like lots of fun for my PS4!

  • Very cool.

  • Mr. Nick… I love you man, but… what you guys did with one of few exclusives Vita has… is like spitting in our face.

    There is one harsh word that describe perfectly what you did with it. Word derived from the oldest proffesion in the world. You didn’t care if that was honorable or not, you just wanted to grab more money. And this attitude digusts me.

    Sorry I’ve lost interest in this game. I would buy it if it was Vita exclusive, now…

    • I love you too, Archacus! Nothing here stopping you from enjoying the game on VITA (and let me tell you – with headphones, it’s pretty unbeatable!), so I hope you don’t mind that we’re opening up the playing field to PS3 and PS4 owners as well!

      The game sincerely benefits from cross-save too – being able to check on your festival when you’re on your other consoles is fantastic, and you’ll love that 1080p/60fps shine!

      Hope to see you online! :)

  • A big surprise or not…I don’t know,bring a Vita exclusive to ps4 and ps3 is not polite with ps vita users.I’m one of them.Sony should show more love for the vita because people will not forget things like that and other ones.Vita needs more love.And respect,a lot of respect.

    • Hey Jon,

      We were always hoping to bring BigFest to as many platforms as possible – I promise you’re not losing out on anything by having it available everywhere. (Quite the opposite actually – if you’ve played other titles with cross-save, you’ll know how awesome a feature it really is!)

      Hope you check it out, and thanks!

  • Haha. If you cry that this isn’t ONLY coming to just the Vita now, you’re such a tool. I’m glad it ruined your day. Man, such a baby. How does this change anything? You can still play it on your Vita. And now more people in general will get to play it on PS3 and PS4. Seriously, what’s going on in your life that this makes you get all upset about something like this?

  • @6 It’s free… being on PS3/4 doesn’t take away the Vita being portable. Which some will prefer to play this type of thing on.

  • This is really great news! I have been looking forward to this game since it was announced. I’m really confused by some of the post. I fail to see how BigFest being offered on PS3/4 is a slap in the Vita’s face. Also, from my understanding the game is free so there’s that. I am really grateful that it’s coming to the PS4 and Vita and will feature cross save. I love this feature so much!

  • @7&8: Wait… what? So you don’t care if good games come out on Vita, you just want to make sure they don’t come out on any other console… even consoles that support the ecosystem? The choice of playing this on the go (which is how I will play it) then get my festival pimped out and see it on my large screen with the speakers playing sounds awesome.

    I guess some people can just never be pleased.

  • @11 you should read Colin Moriarty IGN : and then maybe you should understand it.

    “BigFest: the latest example of a Vita exclusive that’s no longer exclusive. Why should people buy the handheld if its games are everywhere?”

  • This is awesome! Wouldn’t usually consider these types of games, but something about BigFest is exciting. Was looking forward to it on Vita since it was announced last year, but now, I can also continue playing it on my PS4 thanks to cross-save! Can’t wait to play.

  • Complain when Gravity Rush’s sequel is announced exclusively for PS4. The only “loss” Vita owners get from BigFest going multi-platform is that the game’s release is even farther out than before to accommodate these new versions. Even then, that’s not really a problem given more people can experience the game. Of course, I’m not sure you’d want to play a management game with a controller …

  • This is very interesting news, and a trend that I hope continues with more Vita/console cross-save capable games.

    You folks who are unhappy because Vita is losing an exclusive are being short-sighted, in my opinion. One, the ability to bring the content out with you on Vita then sync up with your home console(s) of choice is a great feature. Two, if there are folks today who end up really liking this game, but don’t have a Vita yet, this might make them purchase a system, which I think is something we all want. Third, if you want the developer and the game to succeed, opening it up to the full PlayStation ecosystem has go to be better than constraining it to Vita’s small install base.

  • That’s a surprise. I’ll be sure to check it out on the PS4 when it comes out.

  • Wow,it’s amazing the respect that playstation users have to ps vita users.Wow!!You don’t understand that Vita needs some exclusive games.Everybody is complaining about it,the lack of exclusivities.But you only think in your console.That is so nice to read.This game was an exclusive for vita,and now it’s not.We are complaining about it.

  • @16 Yes, Vita does need exclusives but Sony doesn’t really seem keen on making them. We aren’t going to get another project on the scale of Killzone: Mercenary ever again. Heck, based on reports from Japan, it doesn’t even look like Sony’s trying to make good Vita games with Freedom Wars and OreShika 2. Complain about that, or when Gravity Rush 2 is announced for PS4. No one was going to buy a Vita to play BigFest. It’s free-to-play management game.

  • But Mr. Nick… it was ONE OF THE FEW EXCLUSIVE we had on Vita…

    Sure I have PS3 and I will buy PS4 some day… but come on! Vita won’t survive without exclusives. Freedom Wars and Oreshika will be great, but you took another one…

    And for PS4/PS3 it is supposed to be free? I know that there will be most probably mircotransactions… and for Vita it will be paid title or not? Come on… I do mind it. It is really bad bad bad news. Is it that weird that we owners of Vita wanted to monopolize the pleasure of owning game? We trusted you and we bought expensive device called Vita.. and now you are telling us “you shouldn’t have because you can also play it on PS3 and PS4”

    Is it really that hard to understand? On EU blog most of comments are those saying that it was bad decision. I know that it is your game… but you robbed us out of it. What are we supposed to think now? What’s next Gravity Rush 2 being exclusive for PS4? Or maybe PS4/PSV? I will get really angry at you SCE if you will do something like this! Don’t you guys dare!

    Money is not the everything in the world! Yeah, game wouldn’t earn as much as on PS4 or PS3… but come on guys! WE TRUSTED YOU! :( that’s not cool at all… bad decision

  • I thought this game looked fun from the first time I heard about it. I don’t have a Vita but I am super stoked to be able to try it out on my PS4. Thanks guys!

  • The devs are bunch of liars and scum about saying that PS3/ PS4 were out of question (at E3).

  • Is there any word yet on whether the Vita version will also be compatible with the forthcoming PlayStation TV?

  • Sony…
    Is there any chance of making ALL PSP games available for PS Vita?
    Such as Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact?

    Any chance of having ALL PSONE games playable for PS Vita?
    Such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro?

    I am one of many others who purchased those GREAT Vita games like Batman, Lego, + yesterday picked Final Fantasy X/X-2 (FOR VITA!!!!)
    It’s not only about the games we purchased this month – WE PAID TO GET THIS CONSOLE!!!
    I do ont understand why you are holding back the full Vitas experince and functionality?

    We cannot even swap account normally like PS3 did – Ok… no problem… could you at least make full PSP + PSONE compatibility????
    If not, then pleae make a massive firmware update so we can download from different accounts like every PS3 used does!!!!!!!

    Please consider each of my notes

    Many thanks,

  • What’s the point of having a Vita if its games are everywhere??? Well, I for one don’t carry my PS4 onto planes for work commutes. I don’t take my PS4 on road trips. The Vita offers mobility. Who cares if it comes out on another Playstation device?

  • How dare developers offer their product to more than one (small) market!

    Honestly, as great as this will no doubt be, one free to play game going cross platform isn’t going to suddenly cause the end of the Vita. If you want to be mad for the lack of Vita support, be mad at the way Sony handled the console as a whole. From its very conception it received little first party support, thrown onto the market with the assumption that it would sell itself. I

    Personally, I still love my Vita, and get more than enough play out of it even with its limited catalogue. In fact, for a good period of time it was my console of choice, and I was playing it almost exclusively. Sure, it doesn’t mean I’m not keen for Freedom Wars and other solid titles, but, and I don’t mean to offend anyone, Indie and low-budget/f2p games don’t really factor into that. Except for Rogue Legacy. Rogue Legacy is friggen amazing.

  • Now this is what i’m also curious about as this is a different take on the music genre so this has me very interested.

  • Sounds pretty interesting. How are you gonna keep people from uploading licensed material?

  • Awesome ! I watched the video first I was ready to pay some money, read about it after found out it was FREE!! That’s awesome! I can’t wait I hope you can import your own music somehow. Release date?

  • This is great news! As an indie songwriter (, I’m super psyched to hear other artists’ music I wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

    Will all versions of the game share the same audio assets? Since lossless audio isn’t practical on the Vita, will the audio at least be 320kbps Ogg/AAC (which is the what Spotify/Music Unlimited streams), or will audio assets be lower quality than most music streaming services?

  • I’m a huge fan of indie music and discovering new bands. This is right up my alley.

  • Stopped reading at free to play.

  • Looks fun is there trophy support?

  • “For PS4, we are taking the Vita version and giving it the next gen makeover – full 1080p resolution, running at 60fps. The game will support Cross Save, so you will be able to play your game out and about on your PS Vita, then come home and carry on exactly where you left off on your PS3 or PS3. ”
    Typo. PS3 or PS3. Unless it’s a smarmy way of saying you decided, midway through the post, that it wasn’t actually coming to PS4.

  • Also, wow, the people saying the vita gets disrespect because this game is coming to other platforms? Grow up. Vita gets the most love by far from PS+, with something like four games this month alone? Cross play is a huge boon to the vita library.

  • Totally forgot about this game, this is already out on the Vita? If so, will buy soon.

  • Seems interesting! Can’t wait to give it a try. The fact that this game uses real musicians is enticing. Also, there is a typo in the second paragraph, at the end of the last sentence

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