Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris Livestream Today, Gold Edition Revealed

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Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris Livestream Today, Gold Edition Revealed

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Hello everyone! Today is a very exciting day at Crystal Dynamics as we finally get to announce the Gold Edition of Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

We’ve been eager to share details about the Gold Edition as it’s one for the die-hard fans. The Gold Edition features multiple exclusive items including: a collectible 3″ Lara Croft figurine, an art book filled with never-before-seen concept art from the development team, a folding map of the in-game Overworld showing the full Shrine of Osiris, and includes all of the Season Pass content for the game!

But if you can’t get your hands on the Gold Edition and are looking for more in-game content, the Season Pass is available for pre-purchase separately and includes the Icy Death and Twisted Gears add-ons. These add-on Packs also offer six additional costumes and will challenge Lara, Carter, Horus and Isis to conquer new tombs and collect a treasure trove of unique rings, amulets and weapons.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

By pre-ordering on the PlayStation network you’ll also get Hitman themed costumes, the iconic Silverballer pistols, and The Agent ring which gives your character increased weapon damage and more powerful bombs.

Watch our E3 2014 interview to learn more about Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, coming to PS4 December 9th.

The team at Crystal has been working nonstop to make the boss battles bad-ass, puzzles more kick-ass, and sculpting every detail to deliver the most intense one-to-four-player Lara Croft experience to date! Be sure to check back in later today for a livestream on Twitch at 1:00pm Pacific Time for a chance to win a copy of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Also keep an eye out next week for more preview coverage from the Gamescom event! We’re all anxiously looking forward to an early Christmas on December 9th when we can offer you Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris.

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  • first

  • Love the first but please no savage trophies! I can already see a four player local co-op trophy and that won’t be good lol The first had a nice set of trophies and collectibles so I hope Temple isn’t time consuming to 100%. The Gold Edition looks good too.

  • Nice to see a retail release.
    So this is part of the 2nd continuity and I heard Lara is voiced by her previous voice actress?
    Can’t wait for this. Guardian of Light was really good.

  • Looking forward to this really enjoyed gol but I have a question, even though we can play this on the ps vita by remote play this will be good on the vita as a stand alone game so is there any chance of that?

  • Funny, a non physical game gets a physical release and special edition, and even a season pass…now it’s just another normal retail game, you know….

    Make up your mind!

    Okay, with that said, I’m not a big fan of these Lara games (just personal opinion), but nevertheless, it looks good and I hope others can enjoy it.

  • Question where is the preorder button for the gold edition? I want that mini Lara not going to miss another chance like destiny.

  • Game like this would go a long way on the Vita I think.

  • I’m interested in that mini figurine. I’m in for this edition, that’s for sure!

  • How do you get the gold edition?

  • Also can you guys talk to Amazon about their preorder of Rise of the Tomb Raider. It seems they think that the Xbox One is the only system getting that game and I’ve been waiting since E3 to put my preorder in.

  • Yeah, where is the link to pre-order the Gold Edition? I also can’t tell if it includes a physical copy of the game along with the items. Could you guys clarify on this? This was kind of a vague blog post.

  • This is cool. Glad it’s getting some cool bonuses and retail release.

    Is the game on a bluray too? Or is it just a code?

  • Just read the asterisk next to “game with season pass” and it says download code only, not physical copy of the game. Oh well, still nice to have physical items with the game.

  • omg some people are so stupid……….. TomHoang, that means the game will come with a code and you have to DOWNLOAD the season pass. Season Pases aren’t real physical passes…..,

    “includes digital download code, disc not included” ….. please tell me where that says physical copies of the game don’t get the Pass? When they say disc not included, they mean the Pass doesn’t come ON a disc, you have to use the code and DL it…. d’oh!

  • Why is there a season pass and before day one DLC for this game?

    I understand when it’s made post launch for larger titles to keep people playing, but this seems inappropriate.


  • Looks great, the first one was amazing. I love the release date. To many games coming out so to see a December release date makes me very happy and guarantees that this will be a preorder on the PS4 for me. Thanks!

  • Nice. I loved the first one so much that I got it on ps3 AND that other console just to play with all the homies. All I need to know is what is the price of the gold edition? 3 copies sold right here

  • This is definitely one that I want after playing the first game. The only thing I’m worried about is the price. I hope they’re not planning on charging $60 for the retail release. If so, I’m going to pass. The PC version costs $17.99.

  • Is this a downloadable only title or will they’re be a retail disc? Temple of Light was amazing, really looking forward to this.

  • Loved the last game. I’m definitely looking forward to this, especially with the enhanced graphics.

  • Is there an actual story or is it just a dungeon crawler either by yourself or with friends?

  • So pre-ordering as soon as I can! The Hitman suits are amazing. Can’t wait to see what the GameStop skins look like.

  • Retail releases should always have a disc. And a season pass for this game is so dumb. Not as dumb as people trying to find the gold edition digitally. It retail only. You think sony is guna ship that crap to you?

  • That looks horrible, I cant believe they did that to tomb raider.

  • I connect to twitch and every time I type a terribly creative message to tease Justin I get:


    What the heck? Lame.

  • Please make some Tomb Raider for PS Vita!!!!
    I would love to see Lara on the Vita screen, EVERWHERE I GO!!!

    as you wish, maybe a third person action game, or just like this one and RPG type.


  • Aha so my XBLA account name is my Twitch name that is connected to Facebook…

    Which is Phen0m24!

    hahaha poor Justin I couldn’t help it with the Tom Gilmore thing. Although it would be funny if they put you, Ryan Nick and Sid as a playable quartet..

  • Really, really, really, really, really,
    Want to see this and Temple of Light on VITA.

    Seriously, really, really.

  • Vita



    Really Serious ;)

  • I enjoyed Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, so I’ll get this. If the collector’s edition had come with a disc, I’d get that. However, an empty case with just a digital code? No.

  • An online Co op mode, would just be icing
    But mmmmmmmm……would it be good.

  • The funny thing about this is that I was hurrying up to get home and input the code from the stream and then when I got home and started to put the code in they were all taken. But the even funnier thing about all of this is that when I did a search in the psn store I seen that I had already owned the game good thing I’m a PS Plus member Lol.

  • any possibility the first game in this isometric Lara Croft series will come to PS4/Vita? We loved the co-op play and puzzles, despite the pretty bad cut scenes.

  • also, how many pages is the art book? I was kind of disappointed by the extremely thin art books that came with pre-orders of Kingdom Hearts and Deus Ex. (The BioShock 2 art book, on the other hand, was fantastic.)

  • The award for most ironic post I’ve seen in a very long time goes to post #14.

  • I assume it will be up for preorder on the PSN store soon then?

  • Why is that Squiggle? I was trying to explain to the idiot that he completely misread the fine print. Maybe I worded it badly but Season Passes arent’ restricted to digital versions of games, which is what #13 thought.

  • Don’t mind digital, so long as the price tag reflects it.

    Just came by to say I loved the Square Enix sale, though not sure why so many of your titles are not digital, or for Vita.
    Did pick up Front Mission 3 though.

    FFX is a gem, I did not fully appreciate at the time I first played it years ago, and does the Vita justice.

    I have not loved my Vita this much since Metal Gear HD.
    Not even sure why Persona 4 has outsold it.(Though decent)


    Picked up xiii-2, but was too short for Lightning Returns.
    Just wanted to say, you have rekindled my old FF Fire, and to bring your splendor back to gaming.

  • How about an original Dues Ex remake?
    That plotline about JC and humanity has been a long time thought on my mind and would help some of these other games with was once called a good theme.

    Tomb Raider for PSP was something my Vita needed, now, we need a new one.

    Sorry, a BIG fan.

  • How about Soul Reaver ;)
    And where is the sequel on PSN????
    (Didn’t even know they had one)

    Not that vampires have been my thing, since being a teen and Anne Rice.
    Have learned that some humans are almost close enough.
    (Guess its the idea of immortality, powers, and the sensual nature)

    But when Azrael gave up his heart, I was deeply moved.
    Woe to the vanquished.

  • I’m all over this, loved Guardian of Light.

  • Not buying this now after you’ve thrown PC and PS fanbases under the bus with Rise of the Tomb Raider.

    Thanks for saving me money.

  • I urge everyone to STOP buying Crystal/Square products on PlayStation.

  • Crystal Dynamics and Square have demonstrated that they don’t care about the PS community. I will not be purchasing this game, or any of their upcoming games, until they rescind their anti-consumer agreement with MS, and decide to bring Rise of the Tomb Raider to PS fans. I encourage others in the community to vote with your wallets.

  • Hi everyone, can someone tell me where the gold edition can be pre-ordered? I went on and nothing, Best Buy and also nothing. Thanks =)

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