Inner City Kids Coming to PS Vita Next Spring

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Inner City Kids Coming to PS Vita Next Spring

Hi, this is James Biddulph here, solo developer at Jamo Games with some exclusive info on Inner City Kids!

Inner City Kids on PS Vita

Inner City Kids is a street culture themed, turn based strategy game for PS Vita that follows a group of friends who, upon discovering that the city’s adults are being kidnapped and replaced by robots every evening, team up to fight for their city. They soon discover that the plot goes much deeper than they expected — quite literally!

Explore the city and the robot dungeons below on a quest to stop the whole city from being overrun by the evil automatons. Create new weapons to suit your play style from thousands of different combinations of modules that are collected throughout the game, and explore open levels to discover new secrets, missions and weapon modules.

Inner City Kids on PS VitaInner City Kids on PS Vita

Whether you are exploring robot facilities deep below the city, saving adults from abduction, or gathering new intel, you will come across new weapon modules and frames. You can build up a collection of powerful artifacts throughout the game, and revisit previous locations later on to discover powerful secret weapons and unexplored areas. This means that you can invent your own strategies from thousands of different weapon combinations to play however suits you best, inventing weapons such as healing turrets, acid grenades, stealthy remote drones or whatever you can come up with! Whether you should go all out, play defensively or set traps for your enemies will depend on you, your weapons, and the obstacles that you face.

In Inner City Kids, weapons are made up of frames and modules. Frames define the method of attack (gun, sword, turret, mine, remote drone etc), whereas the modules define the weapons effect (damage type, status effects, area damage etc). Using this simple system, the player is able to come up with whatever strategy suits their situation best, and isn’t limited by just using whichever weapon has the highest numbers on it.

Inner City Kids on PS Vita

Each enemy has its own abilities and strengths that you must react to and learn to deal with. For example, you may have to deal with a Scuttle Factory unit. These units can produce a new Scuttle unit each turn, which will charge at you and explode upon impact, doing a lot of damage to your characters. However, they have very low health, so it might be a good idea to equip some weapons that do small amounts of spread damage, allowing you to take out many of them at once. These weapons, when paired with some healing and defensive weapons might give you enough strength to push forward, clearing out whole groups of Scuttles as you go, until you reach the factory unit.

A different method would be to play more defensively. You could set up a main base, creating turrets and mines to hold off the Scuttles, while creating remote controlled drones to send out to attack the factory.

These are only two options, but in reality the options are almost endless. As you progress through the game and earn new weapon pieces, you will be able to develop more complex, more powerful strategies of your own, as you face ever more dangerous challenges.

If all goes to plan, the game should be released on Vita spring 2015. To keep up to date with development and news related to Inner City Kids, follow Jamo Games on Facebook or Twitter.

Good luck out there, Inner City Kids!

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