Sacred 3 Out Today on PS3

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Sacred 3 Out Today on PS3

Sacred 3

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Hey everyone, I’m excited to tell you that we are launching Sacred 3 on PS3 today — the wait is over! Get ready to fight for Ancaria with your friends against emperor Zane.

Sacred 3 is all about arcade co-op action; you can play two-player, local co-op, or take on Zane’s troops with up to four players online. And don’t forget, besides levelling your hero with new powers and stronger armor, you get to level your weapon spirits, too! They’ll not only give you extra power in combat but they will also teach you a thing or two about the history of Ancaria.

We’re looking forward to seeing you online.

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  • Is this also coming to ps4?

  • Good game but we need big deal today for PS4 games because ps+ games is really bad

  • Thanks for offering local co-op. Not enough games offer this these days.

    Would love to see a PS4 version of this (and Vita for cross-play)!

  • To bad I don’t own a PS3 any longer, I traded it in for a PS4.. I really hope a PS4 version is considered in the future. I really enjoyed sacred 2 on the PS3. Heck even a Sacred 2 remaster for PS4 would be awesome.

    • Glad you have enjoyed the Sacred series thus far. I totally agree with you on a remastered Sacred 2 on PS4!

  • WARNING: If you are expecting Sacred 3 to be anything like Sacred 1 & 2, you will be extremely disappointed. Sacred 3 is a mission-based corridor action brawler. There is no open world, no loot drops, and no real RPG elements. It’s basically an upgraded sequel to last years Sacred: Citadel.

  • Add me to the votes for a PS4 version. That, or the ability to buy this digitally and play it via PS Now on my PS4. Sony would have to change their ridiculousness on PS Now for the second option…

  • Sacred 1&2 were some fine rpgs. Sacred 3 isn’t really an rpg anymore, it’s just an isometric brawler.

  • WTH did you guys do to Sacred?! Why would you completely abandon the magnificent formula you went with on the last Sacred game that made it so fun in favor of a hallway running, poor mans Gauntlet? So disappointing. :(

  • Ryan – Thanks for the blog posts & keeping us informed. I do have a question though regarding these posts. Why in the world is there no link posted to the actual game (on the store page)? Is it because the game isn’t listed in the store yet? If it’s there I can’t find it. Typically I’ll see games added to the store at or around 4pm CST.

    Also, in the event you have any pull over on the Sony Store side of things, is there any reason there is no Wish List feature?

    • Whoa, great question, DarthTedd! I must preface by saying that I am not an employee of Sony Computer Entertainment America. I work for Deep Silver, so my knowledge of the PSN process is limited.

      Now, to my understanding, Day 1 downloads were not always available, and required up to a 90 day waiting period. I believe that has changed now, because you know, we are living in the future. Technology FTW! There might still be a delay but I’m not sure if its a couple of hours or days. I’ll look into it.

      I will bring up links to the store page with my friends at Sony and see if we can get that on all blog posts moving forward. That would be great. Oh, the wishlist too! :)

  • This breaks my heart. My favorite genre is hack and slash dungeon crawling RPG’s. When I first heard sacred 3 was coming out, I was so thrilled. Then they dropped the bomb…no random loot, very minimal upgrading/customization. Deep silver is one of my favorite devs and this broke my heart. I still want to play the game, but not at the intro price. Will wait for a sale or a price drop.

    Or if they announce a ps4 copy! Include sacred 1 and 2 gold editions in. That’d be tight.

    Love you guys at deep silver! Proud of the graphical enhancements but focus on what kept sacred dope…loot, customization, and the witty humor in the game.

  • While Sacred 2 was rough around the edges in some respect, I did enjoy it as I love that style of game and am very partial to this particular genre. Imagine my disappointment when I heard that Sacred 3 abandoned the open world/loot aspect in favor of a corridor based hack & slash dungeon crawler. While I also enjoy that type of game, when you title and market the game as Sacred 3, people/fans are going to expect it to build on what was accomplished with Sacred 2. This should at the most been a 20 dollar PSN title. I might check it out when the price drops considerably.

  • Enjoyed the last one when it came out. Definitely bummed it’s not on PS4. Go Ryan, GO! Have that conversation with Deep Silver team ;)

  • Thank you and yes thanks for the local co-op I wish more company’s would do this with their games :D

  • I can’t buy this for my PS3 – need it for my PS4!

  • Never played a Sacred game before….but this one looks nice,its really great to see local co-op,nowadays devs seem to forget where the fun started.Anyway is this game co-op only?…….no single-player option available?

  • no gameplay video?

  • Forgot to mention… not make a PS4 version of this game….people who left their PS3 behind to jump on the PS4 train hype….shall feel in the skin their mistake.

  • Lack of gameplay video is meant to coax fans of the last game into an impulse buy. When you don’t do research prior to buying a game, this is how less profitable games get sold at full price. I fall into the category of fans of Sacred 2, but I’m smart enough to know Ascaron (the orignal series developer), had no hands on this game. It’s really a sequel to Sacred Citadel. I’ve learned to be cautious, and do my research on the games Deep Silver publishes.

  • Was interested till i found out theres no loot and the areas are very small. I’ll have to wait till it drops to around $20.

  • What?! No loot, RPG elements and closed linear paths? Even if this drops to $20 I still wouldn’t buy it and I was actually looking forward to this game! Now I don’t want anything to do with it.

    Although I commend you on keeping it on PS3, people who traded in their PS3s to buy a PS4 are deluded, this coming from a PS4 owner.

  • As several others have said, if you’re expecting an experience ANYTHING like Sacred 1 or 2, steer clear of this one. It’s just got the name slapped on it.

    There is no loot, no real progression, no open world. It’s linear, it has terrible voice acting, not so bad it’s good like the previous games, just actively bad, like they were trying to be offensive. It’s essentially a Golden Axe knockoff with no personality of its own made by mercenary game developers Keen Games.

    The actual Sacred 1 and 2 developers lost their franchise rights, but most of the creative minds behind the systems, lore and character that made Sacred Sacred have started a new studio and are working on a new ARPG in the vein of Sacred 1 and 2. It’s called Unbended.

    The main page is in German, but that leads to the English page. They previously had called it Unsacred but Deep Silver smacked them with lawyer-fu and it resulted in them losing their domain and having to rebuild the site from scratch.

    They really want to please the old Sacred fans, and they’d be happy to have you on board even if you just pop over to the forums and tell them you’re glad to see they’re back.

  • Wow THANK YOU for that insightful post, that was all news to me. So not only was it developed by Keen Games and Deep Silver, they also kept the Sacred 3 title to deceive us AND stopped the original developers from using ‘Unsacred’ for their next game.. those mofos won’t get a cent from me. I’ll keep an eye on Unsacred and D3 instead.

    This is nothing more than a deceptive cash-grab. At least give it an appropriate title like Sacred: Citadel Remastered etc. but Sacred 3? implying it’s an actual full-fledged sequel? You cunning motherfunkers.. what an absolute insult to the fans.

  • Pretty much. Everyone up in arms over the situation would’ve been fine if they’d just called is Sacred: Citadel 2 or anything else, just so long as it wasn’t Sacred 3. Passing it off as a direct sequel is underhanded at best and potentially illegal at worst.

  • I want this game over Diablo 3.

  • Loki, you absolutely called it!

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