Road Not Taken Out Today on PS4

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Road Not Taken Out Today on PS4

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a whole lot to say today, but first and foremost: Road Not Taken is available for download on PS4 today! And hey, we’ve put together a snazzy launch trailer to whet your appetites:

For PS4 fans who live outside North America: the European PS4 launch is tomorrow, the Asian launch is the 7th, and the Japanese launch is the 20th.

If you don’t know much about Road Not Taken, here’s the short description: it’s a roguelike puzzle game about surviving life’s surprises. It’s original, it’s devilishly difficult, and it will keep you entertained for dozens of hours with procedurally generated levels that are infinitely replayable and 200 secrets to unlock and master. You can see more videos of the game here.

Road Not Taken

You can also read our detailed intro/strategy guide to Road Not Taken here. And if you’re really curious to learn a whole lot more, you can check out the two years’ worth of blog posts that we’ve been publishing during the development of the game, which will give you tons of insight into how the game evolved into its current form.

We put a lot of energy into our blog posts about the development of Road Not Taken, but we haven’t spoken much about why we bothered to make this game in the first place. It’s a question with no single answer.

Road Not Taken

Danc, the lead designer of Road Not Taken, wanted to make this game for a few reasons. He was excited, as he always is, about the opportunity to make something new and different — particularly in the clone-heavy puzzle genre. And he wanted to create a game that was infinitely expandable by design; one that would launch with dozens of hours of gameplay and could easily be expanded to hundreds or even thousands. Last but not least, he wanted to share his perspective on life… how it isn’t a predictable thing with just one “correct” path. The gameplay mechanics that he wanted to flesh out just happened to marry beautifully with the story he wanted to tell. Sometimes you just get lucky that way. :-)

Road Not Taken

The rest of us on the team all just kind of fell in line behind Danc’s vision. But of course, we had our own reasons for being excited about working on Road Not Taken. I, for example, was eager to spread our wings as a studio and make something new, and this was our first attempt at making a console game, as well as a game with a strong narrative. After cracking our heads for years trying to make original, ethical free to play games, it was honestly a relief to imagine doing something so… traditional? I’m not sure what to call it!

Road Not Taken

Cristian, the lead engineer on the project, had been daydreaming for years about a simple puzzle he prototyped, many years ago, with mechanics partially similar to the ones we ended up building out in Road Not Taken. It’s fair to say that it was Cristian who planted the seed from which Road Not Taken ultimately blossomed.

Road Not Taken

And Brent, our lead artist, was excited by the chance to make a game in a style that was uniquely his, with few limits on his creativity. Road Not Taken, by its nature, is an easily expanded game; Brent was free to make whatever cool creatures or objects jumped into his mind, and it never took the rest of us long to find a good use for his latest creations. Now I believe it’s fair to say that Road Not Taken is a difficult, thinking-person’s game, and consequently not everyone is going to love it. But I have never, ever met anyone who has failed to comment on how beautiful it is. If this game ends up being a big success, I think a very large part of the credit will be due to Brent’s distinctive and gorgeous art.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for indulging me. And if you play Road Not Taken, we hope you find it challenging and thought-provoking. We hope you find some meaning in it. But most of all, we just really, really hope you enjoy it! That’s ultimately why we do everything that we do.

And remember… there’s no “correct” path in Road Not Taken. No strategy guide will be able to tell you the best way to play the game. No YouTube video can truly spoil the game for you. Their playthrough could never be your playthrough.

You’re just going to have to find your own road.

Chedd, and all the Spry Foxes

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  • I always look forward to new roguelikes! Been waiting for this one.

    But I must ask of course, any word on the Vita release?

  • Can’t wait to play Road not Taken later on today. Looks like a great game.

  • I still don’t get this game, I keep trying to understand it, but I get more lost. Guess I’ll try later and see.

  • This Roguelike-puzzle format is so fitting for Vita. I hope you guys can bring this to Vita very soon!

  • Vita please! Looks awesome! Can’t wait for it!

  • Oh, I almost forgot… I can’t wait to remote play!

  • Can’t wait to play this today :). I really love the art of the game and the puzzles look very interesting.

  • So I’m new to all this when exactly is the PS Store updated? I know its taoday but thats about it, I live in AZ if that helps any.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever played a “roguelike” game, but I dig puzzles and beautiful artwork, and this seems to fit the bill on both fronts. Very excited to check it out.

    A lot of folks around here rag on the abundance of indies, but games like this are the reason I bought a PS4 over a One. I love all these “smaller” games that Sony fosters. Between this, New N’ Tasty and Transistor, I’ve had a blast during the summer doldrums playing these awesome “mid-tier” games (at least from a cost-of-production standpoint). Not only do they fill the time between AAA titles, but they’re often considerably more fun to play.

    Anyway, really looking forward to it. Looks mysterious and surprisingly deep. Congrats, guys!

  • “So I’m new to all this when exactly is the PS Store updated? I know its taoday but thats about it, I live in AZ if that helps any.”

    The store should be updated by 2 p.m. your time.

  • Folks who asked about the Vita version: it has unfortunately been delayed due to technical problems (for example, a key middleware provider that we rely on stopped supporting the Vita midway through our development process, which kinda hamstrung us.) I honestly don’t know when the Vita version will ship as the tech issues are pretty thorny. So, for now, you’re going to want to plan on playing the PS4 version. Sorry about that — we would have loved to sim-ship!

  • Thank you very much

  • Looking forward to this update in general :) More ps4 games = happiness. Can’t wait till we get to the point we’ll start getting two ps4 games a month :)

  • I still can’t believe you guys are allowing your game that is a launch title for free on Plus…….anyway I don’t have a PS4 but I’m looking forward to check Road not Taken when I buy one.It looks pretty neat,since you guys 1st showed it here in the Blog….game looked unique.

    BTW the trailer was cool….the tombstone part was really funny.

  • @ 13 MirageNin – They are already giving 2 games for PS4 per month…….it started last month actually.

  • Can’t wait to play this but I have to ask one thing:

    Do you guys have t shirts for sale with this amazing artwork on it. I have money and I’m willing to spend money on it.

  • @ 15 Welmosca Lol, i’m always a little slow when it comes to things :P

    Here i am just sitting and waiting for the update so i can play this game lol.

  • Hopefully this will be enjoyed on my PS4. The last couple months of plus games have been that great I will give this game a shot and see how things go.

  • As long as its not as hard and sadistic as Don’t Starve I’ll be happy.

  • Well i’m so happy that this game has finally come out and I will be broadcasting this as soon as I get home.

  • Been keeping my eye on this one for some time but I’m also on the boat of people who were anxiously awaiting the Vita release. Hope all works out with the issues!

  • don’t own a ps4 now… but when I do, will play the cr*p out of this game

    Unless you port it to other playstation systems…. you know?

  • I’m excited to play this !! Have ps+ on my son’s account so I’ll have it but I would of bought it day one anyways.

  • Remote play works well on the Vita, I see.

  • Ugh, this game is horrible. And before the indie police show up to tell me I’m wrong it’s called an opinion and yes I did try it before saying it’s a bad game

  • Will this version actually get updates? The last couple of games that launched on the PSN and Steam at the same time ended with the not so shocking surprise of the PSN version being without updates. If this is going to become a trend, I suggest people to just skip the PSN versions. In before “HurrDurrrrrrrrr PC Gamer loser” – I actually like updates to my games and if the PSN version doesn’t get updates, why bother with it?
    I’m flexible enough to be able to play on multiple platforms and I only want the version that you know, will get updated.

  • I wasn’t that excited about this game or even expecting to like it. It looked like a kids game, but after a few plays, I really like it. It’s unique and very fun and best of all FREE.

  • I’ve never heard of this game, but I am downloading it right now.

  • Congrats on releasing! Definitely my favorite of this month’s Plus games. You guys really nailed the aesthetic; this candy-coated appearance masking a dark and morbid world is just wonderful.

  • I am playing it and enjoying it this morning. So far, I say ‘KUDOS! It is fun, and I like the puzzles.’ I am on year 3 right now, and I am worried that if I turn it off, everything I found will be gone, and I will have to start over. I understand it is a rogue-like, so if I die, I’ll have to start over, but I’ll never be able to dedicate the time to go through 15 years in one sitting. I guess I’ll just have to fin out what happens if I turn it off. (whew, just turned it off, and restarted the game and was back at the start of level 3. Thank goodness). Looking forward to more later! Good job guys!

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