Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept Standalone Version Out Today

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Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept Standalone Version Out Today

Today marks the release of a self-contained, standalone version of Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept. If you’re yearning for some co-op action but don’t have a copy of Killzone Shadow Fall, you can now obtain Intercept separately!

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept Standalone Version Out Today

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept places you and up to three of your friends on the elite VSA team known as Intelligence Squad Alpha. Operating behind enemy lines, your team must relay intercepted military transmissions back to VSA headquarters through a set of captured Uplinks, while defending them from Helghast troops.

To keep the enemy at bay long enough to establish a secure connection, you will have to master your assigned Combat Role — Assault, Marksman, Medic or Tactician — and work together as a team. Your AI-controlled Helghast opponents have their own sets of goals and Combat Roles, and will switch up their tactics and angles of attack when they recapture an Uplink.

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept

Killzone Shadow Fall InterceptKillzone Shadow Fall Intercept

The new standalone version of Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept is fully compatible with the existing expansion pack version, and launches with four co-ops maps (with additional free maps underway).

The standalone version of Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept will be available from the PlayStation Store today for $19.99. Keep an eye on and the PlayStation Blog for the latest news on Killzone Shadow Fall and Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept!

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  • will season pass owners get the standalone version as well, or will we still need the killzone disc to play it?

    • No, Season Pass owners get the add-on version – so if you bought the disc-based version of Killzone Shadow Fall you’ll need that to play the Intercept add-on.

  • No local co-op, right?

  • Local splitscreen co-op, or online only?

  • The retail game is $30 new and $20 used, I think you should be working to make the next game better instead of stand-alone DLC.

  • I wish it weren’t $20. I was tempted to double dip just so I could easily play it without needing to insert the disc, but $20 is too much for that purpose. You priced yourselves out of that imo.

    And you’ve priced yourself into the premium space, so now it won’t increase the playerbase as much as it could at $15. *sigh* Bleh

    Intercept has been handled terribly, it’s a shame too because it’s great.

  • Make the next killzone with shadow falls graphics and everything killzone 3 had to offer from exos, jetpacks, and mive support and you’ll have yourself a game.

  • Allow me to vent here but I feel ripped off by Shadow Fall. I love the Killzone franchise and think it’s great,I’ve played and beaten every iteration. Even the PSP Chapter 5, which I had to “find” on the net for my legit copy.

    This is another slap in the face to “Season Pass” owners. When I purchased the Season Pass for this game I thought I was getting every DLC associated with the game, not so. There are skins , voice packs, and icons that are not included and now this is being sold at double the price of the add-on version. Hell at least give me a shortcut from the system menu.

    You guys are shooting yourselves in the foot with this price. There are very few people playing the Co-Op and even fewer dedicated to it. The price is not justified, I don’t see it doing well.

  • Season’s Pass owners should really be able to get the standalone version for free. We bought the Season’s Pass and enjoyed Killzone at launch, but have likely long since uninstalled the full game to free up HDD space. To have to keep it installed, and the disc nearby, just to play the smaller Intercept mode seems antithetical to the PS4’s digital-first strategy.

  • Is it just me or is Intercept too difficult? I was looking forward to it and played it a couple of times but even at the first wave I got completely destroyed by the AI and I wouldn’t say I’m bad at the game. Compared to all other FPS shooters out there, “Horde” mode, Intercept seems way too difficult and has turned me off from playing the game.

  • Also I usually don’t complain but I feel people have a point that Season Pass holders should get the standalone for free.

  • It’s not difficult if you have a decent team,Tactician is essential though.

  • I found with one person it was too hard, with four people it was too easy. Also, only 4 maps now? I had waiting since last November for it to come out and they still only have 4 maps? This COOP mode was a complete let down. COMPLETE LET DOWN. If they couldn’t have added coop campaign they could have at least added 3D or DLC that added to the campaign.

  • Still no local co-op sliptscreen or PS Move compatibility

  • I bought KZ: Shadowfall with the (apparently mistaken) belief that it would take everything about KZ2’s & KZ’3 single-player & competitive multiplayer modes that were great and make it even better. However, I was wrong. The campaign in KZ: Shadowfall DOESN’T feel like a Killzone game at all. It’s a completely different game with some of the accoutrements of the previous Killzone games.

    I’m a very big fan of online co-op and I would have bought Interception in a heartbeat if I at least mildly enjoyed Shadowfall’s single-player & competitive multiplayer modes. Sadly, I’ll not be purchasing Intercept.

  • Intercept is great. I love co-op vs. AI, but please create more maps and modes. Playing one mode on the same 4 maps only stays exciting for so long, especially when it takes so long to unlock the weapons.

  • Having no local co-op/local multiplayer versus was somewhat of a bummer i have to agree.

  • what about killzone mercenary, are we going to get more dlc or is that it for us?

  • It’s a shame that so few people play Shadow Fall or Intercept. GG, please make proper lobbies so people can squad up. I feel pretty certain that the current hassle of playing with friends is the reason why so many people have dropped out of the multiplayer. Not sure what the sales figures are now, but I remember reading that 2 million copies of Shadow Fall were sold, which means 1 out of 3 people own it. Yet, I get on Intercept and I’m literally seeing less than 10 people online. I just don’t get it. Killzone 3’s multiplayer was amaaaaaazing! You guys obviously know how to create a multiplayer that’s great enough to compete with the other big dogs, so what happened here? The only benefit to having so few people playing is that I can Almost always get in a game with my friend, without it filling up with randoms first.

  • Intercept looks really great…… a lot of fun but no local co-op?…thats a real bummer….I would have way more fun playing with my brother than with anybody in the world online.Guerrilla do you remember KZ1?…….there was no co-op there but still the split-screen is pure fun.

    Anyway I don’t have a PS4 but Shadow Fall will be my 1st game on it and you guys just lost a sale with no local co-op.

  • “BOOM Shakalaka” lol that was funny,no way to not remember NBA Jam.

  • Everyone buy this! I want to complete my trophies for this and need some warm bodies to watch my back online!

    Or, GG, implement bot teammates that drop out when a human joins.

  • If I purchase the stand alone, and that happens to entice me into buying Killzone Shadowfall, would I have to pay to get the DLC version? Basically, if I end up buying Shdowfall, I’d rather not have to exit the game to play the coop.

  • This mode is so much fun.I can’t believe I had never tried it before .And i have a season pass.

  • Hmm. You are selling this standalone DLC for the same price the main game can be bought for used?

  • Gotta ask the same question as honkayjeezus. A week ago I saw the full game on sale brand new for $20 at Fry’s Electronics.

  • Good idea; bad execution. It’s too expensive relative to the full game, so many people won’t see much value in this stand-alone. $15 would be much more desirable. Also, people who buy this and afterwards decide to get the full game (possibly plus the DLC pass) will want to have Intercept mode unlocked in the full game (for convenience). Fix these things and I’m certain this will be much more enticing.

  • Ever since the update for new maps of this July, I haven’t been able to play the game online in any of the modes, nor in any Warzone…

    When I go to the multiplayer or coop tabs, it shows as if no one is online… My connection is fine, I reinstalled the game and the problem persists…

    I am able to play online games fine on the ps3 and ps4, except Killzone which I spent 80 dollars…(game new when ps4 came out, and 20 dollars for season pass for coop mode which so far I played only once).

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