Hands-on: Metrico on PS Vita

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Hands-on: Metrico on PS Vita

Metrico, Digital Dreams‘ input-morphing, mind-bending puzzle platformer, hits PS Vita tomorrow (for free if you’re a PlayStation Plus member). In it, players will need to think in unexpected ways to overcome obstacles like bar graphs, pie charts, and… wait, what?

Yeah, Metrico’s gameplay centers around the world of infographics. Charts manifest and shift as you run and jump — one puzzle even requires the player to throw themselves into a bottomless pit to summon a bar graph, creating a bridge to the next area.

The music in Metrico is worth pointing out. It comes courtesy of Dutch composer Palmbomen, and it delivers some seriously slick atmosphere to this weird, genre-bending game.

Metrico on PS Vita

Metrico isn’t really the easiest thing to describe with words, though. Thus, I humbly present a hands-on video recently recorded in our studio here at PlayStation HQ. Cast your gaze back to the top of this very page and watch me infograph!

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  • What the best thing about this game is that its free for psplus members right on its release! So excited to play this game. It has a very interesting mechanic in it. Very awesome

    • Justin Massongill

      Yeah! I’m pumped to play the full version. Really cool that they’re bringing it to Plus right at launch. :)

  • An elegant game for a more civilized age.

  • hah! @marinobrea thanks Ben.

    Anyway, I’ve played a bunch of this too. I can’t recommend it more for a Vita puzzle fan. Perfect! So good to have a Vita exclusive!

  • Looking forward to playing this tomorrow!

  • Actually kinda gives me a “thomas was alone” vibe in it. I dont know. Maybe cuz of lots of rectagular shapes as the platform. Just sayin.

  • @MarinoBrea This is the game you are looking for.

  • List of reasons I need to get me a Vita now hosts “Metrico”.

  • Just not enough to get me to resubscribe this month.
    I’ll try to grab it when a sale hits down the road.

  • I don’t know what to expect from this game but I really want to play it. Since it is free though, it won’t hurt to try. Plus, this should hold me off until Hohokum comes out. Been stuck on that soundtrack for a while now.

  • I feel like this game supports synergy and product integration by use of Microsoft Office, which will speak volumes for supporting our overhead. Hopefully with its release in the 2Q it will increase revenue enough to subset the cost of licensing and the junk bonds and blah blah blah I cant wait till tomorrow!!!!!!!!

  • Doesn’t Vita already have too many junk indie platformers?

  • Sad for those who only owns a vita, ps plus have become an indie subscription this past 9 months.

  • I wonder if all the games of psplus are going to be free tomorrow? I mean, in the post of The drop it says that only metrico and road not taken will be on stores from tomorrow, but what happens with the other ones? /sorry for my english.

    • Justin Massongill

      Yep, as a couple commenters below pointed out, the whole PS Plus lineup goes live tomorrow. Metrico and Road Not Taken are new games, which happen to be free from day 1, which is why they’re listed in The Drop.

  • @13

    All PS+ games now go up on the first Tuesday of the month. They must’ve missed it in the Drop.

  • @13 The games in the Drop are just the games that launche this week. The other PS+ games have already been release.

  • Great video Justin, please do more like these more often

  • look forward to it, look so cool.

  • So this is what we get to play in a console that can do much much better..
    Anyone played Crush on PSP? Same concept, so nothing new here…

    Keep praising this kind of game, and this kind of game is all we (PSVita-Only owners) will get.


  • Wooo! Been waiting for this for a while. Can’t wait to play!

  • Sometimes it feels like you make those kinda games just to make it free for PS+ because no one would pay a dollar to play this. There are better games for free on the cellphones.

  • The only thing that turns me off of this game is the amount of pyramids….but anyway I was looking forward to try out this game…can’t believe its going to be free right in the release.

  • @ 20 trum3n1 – Then what is your objective being stupid here in the comments?…..go play those better games in your phone.

    “because no one would pay a dollar to play this”

    What are you?…..the voice of people?

  • So pumped for this… Tried the demo for a minute in Gamestop the other day and was blown away!!!

    Love my Vita just because of games like this!!!

  • @22 you’re an idiot. Cause of people like you we still get many crap games for PS+.

  • @ 24 trum3n1 – Me? an idiot?….who is you to say that?….you’re surrounded by foolishness…..the only crap I see is what’s inside your brain….we barely got any bad game on Plus…real gamers know how to appreciate good games.But spoiled people like you….are what makes our community rot.

  • I’ve been playing Metrico a little less than a week now and I’m amazed by how addictive and fun it is, I also enjoy how segmented it is so I can pick it up for a couple of minutes at a time if I feel like it and then continue right where I left off later. reminds me if the PSOne game… I think it was called iQ? anyways kudos to the developers. Also looking forward to trying Dragons Crown just as soon as I find myself a bigger memory card at a good price!

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