Trials Fusion: Riders of the Rustlands DLC on PS4 Today

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Trials Fusion: Riders of the Rustlands DLC on PS4 Today

Rev up your engines, Riders of the Rustlands is coming to your Playstation 4 today! It’s time to continue your journey of racing dominance on the leaderboards by venturing into the fringes of civilization, leaving the cityscapes and high-tech regions in the dust.

In the Rustlands, you will encounter the home of people who have been ignored and forgotten by their government, people forced to scavenge through the shambles of once-thriving facilities in an effort to survive outside of the gleaming high-rises and vast cities. Warring factions, neglected laboratories and tetanus boosters are a way of life in the Rustlands.


Riders of the Rustlands brings ten new tracks to Trials Fusion, adding six medium-and-up difficulty classic Trials Tracks, two Supercross Tracks, one Skill Game, and one FMX Track. There are also 18 Track Challenges, with new secret locations, and additional squirrels to be discovered, as well as 5 new trophies to earn. Track creators will find a nice selection of new Rustlands pieces in the Track Editor to use in their custom content.

You can pick up the Riders of the Rustlands DLC for $4.99, or purchase the Season Pass for $19.99 and secure all six downloadable content packs that will be available over the next year at a savings of over 30%.


With over one million players, Trials Fusion continues to gain traction as riders strive for perfection and leader board position on each course. The team at RedLynx Studios has no plan to slow down; five more downloadable content packs are being created including Empire of the Sky, the next piece of DLC set in floating islands coming in August, as well as free Feature Pack updates coming throughout the year that introduce exciting new features to the game.

For the latest on Trials Fusion, visit us Trials on the web, follow @TrialsGames on Twitter, Trials Official on Facebook, and catch the official live streams on Twitch.

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  • Did they ever fix the issue with the Season’s Passes that came with the retail editions – that issue being they didn’t work at all?

  • I am glad that they can keep putting out DLC that cost money but still havent added ‘online multiplayer’ that they have been promising as “updated in the near future” since day one – wish i could get my money back but will never buy another trials game

  • Man, you guys should of had this out earlier, during the summer drought!
    I’ll grab it eventually, but TLOU and Rogue Legacy get the attention now.

  • hmmmm.. whats ’empire of the *******’ the next dlc?

  • psn plus august update or riot

  • This game rocks. It’s truly one of the most fun games that’s been put out so far. (And I’m not even very good at it).

  • Good thing I bought the season pass when this came out now I have to get back into the game and play this and all the great things with this game. Very frustrating but so thrilling when you accomplish each track can’t wait to get back into this soon.

  • It’s still not available to download any info on why that is?

  • So where is this? It’s after 8pm EST. I’ve been waiting all day.

  • So I boot it and my season pass has magically disappeared and I can’t access the DLC lovely.

  • Go to the PS Store, New Games > New this month. It’s only listed there for some reason. If you have the season pass, it should say free.

  • Wow that’s really screwed up. That’s the only way to download it and it still say’s that I don’t own the season pass. I hope they fix this It’s really screwed up and confusing.

  • Woo, more Trials! I still wish for the day all the Trials games get released on the PS3/4. I’d buy Fusion again in a bundle if it meant I could play the first two.

  • its nowhere to be seen on my ps4 store, absolute joke. can anyone tell me why i havent got it yet?

  • I can’t seem to download it for free with the season pass I got with the disc edition :(

  • It says purchased on the ingame Additional Content screen, but when I click the link it says £3.99 in the PS store :(

  • Hi everyone,
    Don’t know if this will help everyone but I have the retail edition with season pass and it was trying to charge me for the new content despite saying it was purchased so what I did was quit the game and shut it down reloaded it again went back into additional content and this time it came up with download instead of the price of the dlc this was for the ps4 edition I hope this helps still it shouldn’t have happened in the first place good luck everyone.

  • It says the dlc is out now on the game but when I try and download it says that “there is no content. It might not be for sale yet, or might no longer be for sale”.

  • It tells me I purchased it in game. But I have to hit X to Download. I press X. Nothing happens. I exit the game, go to the store.. It’s not there. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow it’ll magically work.

  • It says we purchased it but it won’t install. Could someone help me. I also used the promo code that was in the box

  • never mind figured it out

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