The Last of Us Remastered Out Today on PS4

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The Last of Us Remastered Out Today on PS4

The time is here. The Last of Us Remastered in all its 1080p glory is now available in stores and digitally on the PlayStation Store! If you were lucky enough to log in late last night, you were already able to buy and download our game and start playing even quicker.

The Last of Us Remastered Out Today on PS4

We’re extremely proud to launch the definitive edition of The Last of Us. We’re looking forward to reading and watching your reactions as you play the game for the first time or revisit the world again with all our new features and technical improvements.

If multiplayer is your thing, we’ve got a new bundle – the Killer Bundle – available today as well. You can check out details on this bundle of nightmarish head items on

The Last of Us Remastered on PS4The Last of Us Remastered on PS4

As you boot up your copy of The Last of Us Remastered, be sure to check out our videos on the Photo Mode and Audio settings that are unique to this PS4 release:

We also have a New Features and Audio FAQ available that should help answer some questions you may have. The FAQ and the videos will help you get the most of our copy of The Last of Us Remastered.

If you’re new to the game, welcome! Please play the single player campaign before your jump into Left Behind. If you’re a survivor of the PS3 version, welcome back! We’re looking forward to seeing your clan in Factions and seeing how quickly you can platinum the Remastered edition. And let’s see your Photo Mode screenshots!

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  • Just have to wait for the mail man to bring it to me. :)

  • Picking up my copy at Gamestop tonight!!! Can’t wait to play it again on PS4!!!

  • Yay, Last of Us!
    This is unrelated, but is there going to be any ps now news in the next few days? The beta launches really soon and we still don’t know the pricing or the games included in the beta. Thanks sony, please respond to me, I’m really looking forward to ps now.

  • Also I received the pre-order code from amazon. It says page not found, I’m guessing I have to wait for the store to update?

  • If we owned all of the mp content on ps3 with the season pass, the bundles are not going to cost anything right? I hope I don’t need to pay for that content. Just clarifying.

  • My friends a really big cod fan, and he is going to buy ghosts instead of The Last Of Us, even though I tried to convince him. We watched some gameplay vids for the intro, and he didn’t really care. How can I convince him to get the last of us? Thanks!

  • Woooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • @4 Oh nevermind the pre-order items appear in my download list.

  • Like 10 Last of Us Articles in the last week, not even 1 ever of the Ratchet Trilogy on Vita smh, no info at all, just random release out of no where.
    On another note: I won’t be getting this remaster until later, maybe August, if not. Then like boxing day. Great game, hope Naughty Dog can do platormers again too. Like Jak 1 or Crash

  • I’m going to pick up my game in a little bit
    As I have it pre-ordering and it’s already there waiting for me
    It’s a good day

  • Thank you, for bringing TLOU to PS4

  • Now if we can only get on uncharted trilogy remastered ;-)

  • Speaking of audio, with The Last of Us Remastered have a custom setting in the Headset Companion App?

  • So far, I’m seeing HUGE improvements. As a huge fan of the ps3 version, I’ve been so excited for this version. When the 60 FPS caught my eye, it was a little strange from playing the PS3 version in preparation. Now I’m all for it. Character models and lighting/shadows are hugely improved. I noticed that the flashlight no longer shines right through walls. It shines just as it should only blocked by actual objects. During the left behind water fight, this time, the characters actually appeared wet, whereas they were unaffected on the ps3 version. Little touches like that make remastered very much worth it. Photo mode is quite addicting. Great job naughty Dog! I know people complained about the $60 price tag and even the $50 but I was prepared for the $60 because it is well deserved. I also watched One Night Live. I literally thought Ashley was going to cry a few times, she did great, just like everyone else, Gustavo and his band were fantastic, Troy was really into it. The “Dirty Magazine” Goof by Neil was Hilarious as well.

  • Thank you, for bringing The Last of Us to PS4 ;D

  • Have to wait till tomorrow or thurs to play since mine is coming from gamefly. Figured since I have it ps3 I would just rent it from gamefly and then buy it later when its under 20.00

  • Not to be a killjoy, but Last of us is great and all, but it is not a new game. How many more news are we going to have about it ?

    It is really a little crazy, not a single new hot game ever had such a coverage…

    Sony should focus on promoting special and hard to market type of games, not using all their media plan for a 1yo game re release…

  • I haven’t bought a PS4 yet, but when I do The Last of Us Remastered will be added to my collection. Maybe I’ll pick up a PS4 this holiday season if there is a bundle that’s too good to pass up. If Uncharted 4 was out I would already own one without a doubt! Can’t wait to see what you guys do in the future.

  • If we were lucky?? Luck shouldn’t play a part in getting things we purchased. I really wish Sony would let us know immediately when we’re able to download our games. They have an app, is it really that hard to create notifications like that for it? Or does Sony only do “innovative” things after someone else already does it?

  • The UPS tracker says it is out for delivery, so it should be there when I get home from work. I am really excited. I never had a PS3, and saw almost nothing about this game except what they showed at the VGAs before it released. I have managed to avoid all of the spoilers, but saw all of the game of the year awards. I can’t wait to sink my teath into this game. Should pretty much keep me through the whole rest of summer!

  • I used to want to buy this game.
    But after all the hype, the constant waste of space with promotions over other equally deserving titles, or the comments about all the problems they merely corrected from the PS3 version, I am going to reconsider.

    If the first game was so good, I would fail to see the need to spend an additional 50-60 bucks to play it again.

    Well, I guess if you got money to burn, it maybe worth it.

  • @17 – I believe the reason for the crazy amount of adverts… is that Sony knows that it has basically gained a whole new market with a huge number of 360 users transferring to PS4. It’s a good plan to advertise the heck out of a game they already know is awesome to people who haven’t purchased it. Those have already experienced the game should leave this alone, honestly.

  • Going to wait on this, but I’ll surely pick it up eventually.

  • My download has completed but I have to wait to play it. Hopefully this afternoon I can start enjoying Left Behind and the MP! I will then go through the main campaign later on. What a great day for Playstation Nation!

  • Gamestop ad yesterday – bring in PS3 Last of Us and get 50% off PS4 version. I was waiting for that sort of deal so will be doing that after lunch

  • I pre-ordered the game on PSN a week ago, but it’s not showing up as purchased or in my download list on the web store (I’m at work right now trying to set up the download to start). Is there anything that can be done about this?

  • Counting the hours at work today. 7 more to go… Coming home to The Last of Us waiting for me in a package will be nice way to unwind this evening.

    Thanks Naughty Dog for bringing this to PS4, and the Live event last night was great.

  • I made my pre-order like a week ago but somehow it didn’t get in the mail till last night so now I gotta wait till damn Saturday too play, Let me know how good it is everybody >_>

  • @21 I am among those that never played the game, and i certainly will wait until i get it on PS4 to enjoy this obvious masterpiece. But the amount of comunication is just out of nowhere.

    I havent played Ratchet 1, 2 or 3, do i have the right to get some news about it on Vita ( available today…FYI ).

    What i mean is that 2-3 news is ok, 5-6 in 2 days, and close to 10 in a week … i found it really too much, especially when games like phantom breaker, or WRC4 didnt have a single airplay.

    After sony will complain about sales on certain plateform, but if they never do any effort to promot and sell the games that come out, even when the info in on their own channel, it is really hopeless

  • Lol there’s already dlc you have to pay for. Nice job Naughty Dog, 50 bucks for a year old port wasn’t enough?

  • Already playing. Amazing job!

  • What happened to the season pass? I no longer have it and its not on my download list! Has anybody else experienced this?

  • Hi, question, I bought the game 1 hour ago and thought it is still before the store update and thus pre-order.
    But I didn’t get any pre-order items.
    Did I just loose out on those bonuses by bad luck?

  • The game released at midnight so yeah you missed out on the preorder dlc’s.

  • Game plays and looks beautify on PS4. Now, Uncharted 1-3 remastered please!

  • TLOU:One Night Live was amazing!!

  • when are you letting us know about the free games for august?

  • After playing this for 2 hours late last night, i can say i have total faith in Naughty Dogs to make UC4 better than the trailer. The graphics, gameplay, voice actors and sound effect in TLOU Remastered are stunning as ever. This game is and forever will be a masterpiece . 11 out of 10. Please, remaster Uncharted Trilogy and golden abyss for PS4. That might take 2 blu rays lol. Thank you!

  • I can´t wait for play it again on PS4!! \m/

  • 50 bucks for a year old game aint that bad if ya that broke and bitter there are tons of ways to get extra money on the side legally nowadays and if ya owned it already on ps3 and absolutely need to have it be patient in a couple months will probably be 30 bucks. I never owned it borrowed from a friend and beat the sp story loved it and wanted to buy it for left behind which i never played so im glad i held off.

    Also to those complaining about all the news and footage its clearly for the newer players but seriously? *****in over that and demanding news for a ps2 game vita port is like who cares. Sucks that vita is going down hill but doubt ratchet and clank will matter i rmote play on mine cant wait to see if last of us shares this feature

  • Can someone help, I can’t purchase injustice for ps4, says not eligible…? The sale still shows

  • Are the new head items free for season pass owners?

    @ 17 Benzitor – I agree but they have to feed the sheeps.

  • I believe that a demo could convince the skeptical audience (as me) to buy the same game AGAIN. It will be available in future?

  • It’s awesome that you guys put forth the effort to bring this to PS4! Looks great :D

    What is also awesome is that someone decided that a new FW absolutely needed to go out right before the store updated, and now this won’t download until I get home from work and update the FW. Thanks SCEA!

  • Im kind of disappointed, naughty dog should of did what square enix did with tomb raider, And that is rebuild the game then it would of looked amazing. Right now it just looks like a small ps3 upgrade. Honestly for how great and important this game is and the fact alot of people are paying twice for this, Nughty dog should of took the time and rebuilt the game insted of beeing lazy.

  • I’ve already been playing the Last of Us all morning and most of the afternoon. After playing through it on PS3 a few times, I can definitely see the improvements. Great job! I also had a chance to play Rogue Legacy while the Last of Us was downloading. Good game, however the difficulty level is going to take some getting used to. I probably died about 10-12 times in the half hour that I played it!

  • @35 Uncharted 1-2 Remastered defo. But not Uncharted 3, that game was a total mess. The game should of been titled Uncharted 3: Drake Holds Your Hand.

  • Does anyone know how many add ons in the survival pack (preorder edition)? When I first downloaded it, there was a specific file but it was corrupted and wouldn’t download, so I deleted it.

    After that I re-downloaded the game again, but this time that survival pack wasn’t included. When I check how many add ons I got with this game, it says I have 7 add ons. So I’m just wondering if I missed any.

    Can someone let me know.


  • Playing the game for the first time on PS4 today, been playing for almost 5 hours straight simply amazing. Really hope for a sequel in the future.

  • Whenever I get the PS4, I’ll be sure to get this. It was great on the PS3, it will look much better next gen.

    @Stupid_Croft Is insulting Sony wasn’t enough for you? You keep getting more stupider every day.

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