Pure Pool Coming to PS4 Today

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Pure Pool Coming to PS4 Today

We at VooFoo Studios are intensely proud of our games – and our next game in the Pure series is no different. We’ve been working our socks off to bring you Pure Pool in all its shiny glory. Just like we did with Pure Chess, we’ve taken great care to not only give it our trademark stunning visuals, but to perfect all the details to make Pure Pool as immersive as we possibly can. And we’re certain we’ve achieved the goal of creating a bustling pool hall in the comfort your own home!

Pure Pool on PS4

The whole team has enjoyed creating this game and developing features specifically for the PS4 has also been a blast. We’ve been able to implement features such as the use of the DualShock 4 touchpad, which allows you to glance about the table right up to the point of taking the shot. There’s also the inclusion of accolades and Trophies for those Trophy hunters out there.

Since our new pool game is very much focused on the “Pure” part of the title, we’ve gotten rid of the artificial features and mechanics such as a power bar and top-down views to create a more authentic game for both beginners and masters alike. Pull back on the right analog stick – just like pulling back the cue before taking a shot in reality – then push forward to take your shot. Need to check another angle to ensure you get the perfect pot? Press the Square button and walk around the table as if you would in real life. Pure and simple.

Another part of the VooFoo portfolio that we’re particularly proud of is the ball physics from Hustle Kings. We’ve built on that for Pure Pool, pushing the hardware to see how realistically we can make the balls bounce off each other and around the table.

Pure Pool on PS4

Pure Pool on PS4Pure Pool on PS4

As well as pushing the hardware to gain better physics, our wonderful artists have had a lot of fun pushing the graphics to achieve the realism that we’ve made our trademark. Blurring the line between game and reality is something that we’re best known for.

In regards to gameplay, we’ve included 40+ hours of single player careers of varying difficulties for each game mode (varying from 8-ball pool, 9-ball pool, Killer, mini-games and the VooFoo designed game of Accumulator). That’s a lot of pool – and that’s without covering the multiplayer options. Speaking of multiplayer options, we wanted to get you competing against other players from around the world in a fully synchronised gameplay within seconds of booting gameplay, so we built a streamlined online multiplayer system to make live gameplay virtually indiscernible from offline play.

We’re also excited to introduce our new online DNA profiling system to everyone. After you’ve played a few games of pool, your DNA profile is created. This gathers a wide selection of information about how you play, from the type of shots you take, if you go for pots or play it safe, if you often put heavy spin on the cue ball – and creates a DNA profile. This essentially means that when you’re offline, your friends are still able to play against you and vice versa! There is also two-player local play which is fully supported.

There’s a buzz around the office as the release to Pure Pool gets closer, and we’ve been really encouraged by the excitement people have expressed through social media, forum comments and in person at events like E3. We hope that everyone enjoys playing the game as much as we’ve enjoyed making it! Pure Pool is now available for $12.99.

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  • So, any idea when the store updates today?

  • Any news about a demo? Really looking forward to try it out.

  • I hope this is better than the chess game. Online is really buggy and nobody ever online :(

  • May I know the price

  • You may have a buzz in your office, but there’s nothing in the wild. This might as well not exist, no on knows about it. Someone isn’t doing their job of getting word out.

    Why have there been no reviews?

    Why the silence over the price?

    Why aren’t you linking to the game’s page on the PS network? Oh wait, you haven’t even made a place-holder page.

    Don’t expect prospective customers to do the leg-work.

  • I skimmed the website and this post and did not see anything about Move support. Will it be available or maybe in a patch? I loved playing Hustle Kings with the Move Controllers on my PS3.

    • There are no current plans for Move support, but if there’s enough interest we may patch it in at a later date.

  • @moog comment #5

    I have been eagerly awaiting this since I first heard about it 7 months ago at least. There was not only a teaser trailer on the store, but also a blog post announcing it.

  • game looks good and has multiplayer but i too wonder about the pricing as well.if the price is too high then i will pick up this sometime later.hope that the price is right…wished that pure chess had online multiplayer

  • yeah, what the price for pure pool, better be around 14.99 or 19.99 anymore then that im not interested.

  • A blog post no one sees unless they’re polling it and a “teaser” amounts to zero exposure to the gaming market unless you’re massively successful like R* or Naughty Dog, where it’ll be covered by all outlets and go viral.

    If someone has to search for it, almost no one will know of its existence.

    The summer is the quiet period for releases, all information for this game should be in the wild already and a number of sites should have reviewed it. So you have to ask, are they epic failures in marketing or do they no want the press to get ahold of it?

    I’m very interested in a decent pool game, I’ve yet to actually play a good one on any playform. But the lack of information makes me very suspicious. If you think about it, why didn’t this blog post state the price? Will it be PSN only, or will a disk option be available?

    Pure Pool doesn’t return anything on Steam either.

  • What will be the UK price for Pure Pool, anyone know yet?

  • Why isn’t it on the store yet? LOUR is there.

  • 9.99 is a heck of a deal and i just have the money to pay for it.thank you very much :)

  • Awesome price, dudes ! I’m a French YouTuber and I’d love to show this PURE POOL to my subscibers. Keep up the good work :D

  • First of all, congrats on getting this game to the PS4. It looks amazing! At $9.99, this is a steal and a must have for anyone that loves pool and owns a PS4. I will be getting it as soon as the store updates. I would love to see move support for Pure Pool. Many PS users already have the camera and a couple of Move controllers. Also, who did the music in the game? It really nice! I would love to have the Pure Pool sound track!

  • Any idea when pure pool is on the store?

  • $9.99 is a great price so will be buying it. Also, is there going to be private match rooms as well for the online matches?

  • Ooh you little fibber it’s $12.99. Not pleased I just put a $10 code in

  • In fact I’m a little upset. I know it’s only $3 but I got a $10 card instead of a 20. Now I don’t have funds to get another $10 card. All because you said it was 9.99 you liar.

    • We apologise for the confusion guys – the prices we were given yesterday had the currency signs mixed up. The actual prices are £7.99/ €9.99/ $12.99 .

  • I guess 9.99 $ is the PS+ price.

  • I saw on Voo Foo’s page that Pure Pool is being released today for EU and tomorrow for the US….any truth to this? And for those out there who want a GREAT pool game with the BEST physics in town, Virtual Pool 4 for PC. Granted, it’s not as pretty as I expect Pure Pool to be, but the physics are extremely realistic and loaded with a ton of options to suit every need…not to mention that it has just about every pool/billiards game ever invented. It even has the newer 10 ‘ x 5 ‘ tables for those sharks out there looking for more of a challenge. Sadly, however, the online community is nearly dead….no more than 30 or so players online at any given time. So that’s why I’m all stoked for Pure Pool. I played Hustle Kings into the ground…loved the online community. So I can’t wait to give P.P. a try. Peace.

  • Pure Pool is already out here in the USA. I have it now. It looks stunning. I am a bit confused about the pricing though. The blog says $9.99 but I was charged $12.99. Either way, well worth the money. I was actually prepared to pay $19.99.

  • There’s no ps plus price. Just $12.99

  • It happens sometimes. We have to wait few hours before the PS+ price appears.

  • Yes, I see it is up now in the North American Central time zone for a price of $12.99.

    Is this an error or is the PS+ discount just inactive at the moment?

  • It’s best to wait till 6pm or so on Tuesdays . They update the store bit by bit instead of all in one go. The PS+ prices are usually the last thing switched on.

  • $9.99??? The game is showing $12.99.

    • We apologise for the confusion – the prices we were given yesterday had the currency signs mixed up. The actual prices are £7.99/ €9.99/ $12.99 .

  • And I thought only SCEE could screw things up, know I realise it’s probably the whole of Sony, reassures me somewhat. Why not release the PS+ price at the same time, oh yeah to mug off buyers for a couple of hours. Tut tut.

  • Yep, $12.99. Up in the store now. So what is the correct price?

  • She never mentioned ps plus. She said it was $9.99 about three times

  • Looks like if you add the game to your cart, it shows up as $9.09 now.

    So try that, guys.

  • Ps plus or normal?

  • PS+ is showing up as $9.09.

    Does anyone know how to invite friends to your league? I created a league but I don’t see anyway to invite friends.

  • So. no demo. Those who already bought it ¿Is it worth it?

  • I haven’t tried the online play yet, but I’d say pick it up if you’re a fan of pool. There seems to be lots of single-player content.

    I would like to know how the league play works, though.

  • @maxcoronel2014. It’s worth it. Great visuals and physics.

  • Streaming now for those who want a look at the game:


  • OK so ive got this, where is UK 8 ball pool I cannot seem to find it?

  • I have to checkout the game 1st and hopefully a demo to try this out first.

  • I just tried the online play and it works great. No lag.

    So for $9, I give this game my full recommendation if you have an interest in pool.

  • Are there going to be any trick shots and crazy tables like Hustle Kings has?

  • I was charged 12.50 and I have ps+ WTF

  • Dear” sony it would be good if when you put PS4 controller the light flasing two let you know that changering up like ps3 does would be a good i deai please work on this please sony if it can be done thank you.

  • Dear sony it would be a good i deai when you win on FlFA14 the controller flashing red green blue and a sound saying you win
    Please work on this thank you.

  • I see a $12.99 price, not the $9.99 said over and over in the comments?

    • We apologise for the confusion, we had accidentally been given prices with mixed up currency signs – the actual prices are £7.99/ €9.99/ $12.99 .

  • So what is the online difficulty set to?

    It feels like everyone I play against is making amazingly tough shots.

    Is everyone set to Amateur online?

  • How come I can’t invite my friends to come and play an actual game with me? I can’t invite friends into my league or anything. Is this going to be fixed?

    • Hi there, this appears to happen if your friend is not in Pure Pool at the time, they won’t receive the request. The team are aware of it and will be fixed for the first patch. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • FKStillmatic1985

    When will it be rolled out?

  • Any word on the PS Plus August line up?

  • It looks like the in-game friends list feature is broken right now. It just shows up blank.

    • Hi there, this bug appears to happen if there are a very large number of people online. This is something we are currently fixing. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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