Destiny of Spirits Celebrates 500,000 Downloads with Discounts and Special Events

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Destiny of Spirits Celebrates 500,000 Downloads with Discounts and Special Events

Salutations Spirit Masters! Destiny of Spirits has reached over 500,000 downloads worldwide! To celebrate we are running a special promotional period from July 31st to August 12th!

Destiny Orbs Sale- 20% off Discount

All Destiny Orb packs will be sold on the PS Store at a discounted price from tomorrow! We are also introducing the 1000 Destiny Orb pack too!

  • 105 orbs: $7.99 to $6.49
  • 200 orbs: $14.99 to $11.99
  • 300 orbs: $19.99 to $15.99
  • 500 orbs: $29.99 to $23.99
  • 1000 orbs: $49.99 to $39.99

orbs icon

“Friend in Need” special raid event

Defeat the “Chaos” versions of each regions helper character. You have a chance of obtaining the helper character from each region! (Tsukuyomi – Japan, Iyatiku – US, Verdandi – EU). Rescue the Helper Spirits! Remember they are the ones who helped you to become a Spirit Master!



But you must defeat the “Chaos” alternate Spirits…

chaos spirits 3chaos spirits 2

chaos spirits 1

Supporter rental cost reduced

During the celebration period the rental cost for supports will cost 80% less Spirit Points!

Return of all previous limited summons

All previous limited summons are back during the celebration period. You can summons characters from Knack, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice Delta and Doko Demo Issyo!

knacksoul sac

grav rushdoko

*Patapon limited summons available until 20th August.

So don’t miss out on all of the above and thank you for playing Destiny of Spirits!!!

And just to add… Those of you attending Gamescom 2014, bring your PS Vita along! Use the HUNT feature at Gamescom and get the Super Rare Spirit OURANOS!


You can check out all the latest info at the Destiny of Spirits Player’s Information site!

That’s all for now. See you at Gamescom 2014!

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  • Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • Thank You

  • If the loading times weren’t so atrocious and often, I’d enjoy the game a lot more. Also, it’s frustrating trying to get that 30 day trophy when there’s a lot of days where maintenance takes all day.

  • Huh, I never knew each region had their own helper character. That’s pretty cool.

    I feel ya…(about that 30 day trophy)

  • Fun game, but I quit when I so close to getting the 30 Day trophy but couldn’t due to extended maintenance one day when I so was close to finishing.

  • Awesome!

  • 35 and 50 orb packs aren’t on the list. Are they not on sale also?

  • I’ve freed all areas (except the locked ones), and got 100% of the trophies. It’s a fun game, but I’m out of content — I don’t want to grind areas I’ve beaten in order to do Boss Raids indefinitely. Are their plans to add more end-game content or unlock those special areas?

  • Now this game a cool game to play and I have to get back in to playing this hopefully soon. But the game is very cool which i’m glad to see more content coming to the game.

  • I love this game, easily my favorite at the moment. Keep up the great work, looking forward to more updates in the comings months/years. More trophies, more areas to clear, more everything!!

    The 1000 orb pack seems like great value, I hope this time I get my hands on a Gravity Panther… and max Lady of the Depths. :)

  • oversevethousand

    I really did enjoy this game for a while, but the fact that they eventually stopped you from bring able to increase your party size/spirit limit (I’m a collector, sue me), the constant maintenance, the fact the devs seemed to only know how to conduct raid events (and pointlessly long ones at that), and so on really killed it for me.

    I wish this game the best, because it did a ton if things right for this genre, but I’m out for now. I do hope we see more titles like it on the Vita eventually – or that we can get some of the ones Japan has.

  • Last but not least congrats on the 500,000 DL mark. Surely a nice number on Vita, have you guys ever considered porting this game to PS4? Cheers.

  • I love playing this game every evening before bed, even if it’s just to log in and see what summon I get. It’s a really fun game. :D Great job!

  • I love this game. Hopefully in a future update they add even more spirit slots (584 spirits to date to get, but only a little over 100 slots to hold them) and expand the number of items we can see in the mail (50 is too low).
    I’m also trying to hold off boss fights until that 80% off rentals kicks in. Can’t wait for the event!

  • I could never download the game on my Vita, it would stop midway. Then my vita would lockup if I tried to delete the failed download. Had to reset my Vita to use it again. Never got any help on twitter with it.

    Which totally killed my interest in playing the stupid game. Bad taste.

  • I really wish the Dragon Slayer and Dragon Summit would have been a been just a tiny bit longer, I really would have wanted to get that Bahamut.
    I hope it comes back sometime.

  • Congrats! I can’t wait for the new event to drop. One thing I want in a future update is a better system for trading. I hate having to hunt and peck through all of my friends files to find out who is trading an orb spirit. It would also be great to have a database to show me which players are trading spirits based on group. For example, never once have I seen Doko Demo Issyo spirits up for trade but I know people who are trading these spirits exist, I just don’t know where to find them. Also, I feel like the SR drop rate in orb summons should be a bit more lenient. I don’t want to chip in $40 just to get left with an array of UC and R summons. There have been times I’ve been stuck with multiples of spirits that I didn’t want with nobody to trade with (Macha anyone…anyone?!!).

    Well, that’s just me on the soap box…nevertheless..congrats once again to all the dev teams including Q Entertainment, Bishamon and Matchlock. I hope you guys hit a million.

    PS….Please release an art book! It would be such a victory to all of us fans who have spent so much time and money believing in your outstanding product.

  • Much Appreciated

  • Artwork is top-notch.Unfortunately this ain’t my type of game….congratulations on the 500k download.

  • DOS is a pretty fun game, even with its long load times and (maybe its me but that glitched 30 day login trophy), but honestly congrats to all the DLs, can’t wait for this event!

  • I have been scrolling by this game on the PSN store and it has caught my attention so many times, but I never knew anything about how the game worked. All I want to know is, would it be good to start now?

  • LOVE THIS GAME!!!! Keep it up! >.<)/

  • great game, but please less maintenance or at least not all day.

  • Jon Yoshino. I don’t know how else to get some attention to the only other game you posted about HOT SHOTS GOLF WORLD INVITATIONAL. Can you please have some one look into the schedule. You can literally go all day without a single GRADED tour. So many people have quit playing the game simply because of the schedule Im sure a programmer could spend 2-3 hours writing code t change this. Its simply OUTRAGEOUS that this hasn’t been addressed earlier. HELP us please!!!!

  • Destiny of Spirits should be updated to be supported with buttons and analog sticks for the PS TV.

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