The Last of Us Remastered Canada-Exclusive PS4 Bundle Announced

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The Last of Us Remastered Canada-Exclusive PS4 Bundle Announced

Hey there Canadian gamers! Are you excited for The Last of Us Remastered? In celebration of the PS4 release of this masterpiece, we are releasing The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Bundle.

Canada: The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Bundle

That’s right Canada, for $449.99, this bundle comes complete with a PlayStation 4, Dualshock 4 wireless controller, and a downloadable copy of the Last of Us Remastered. Exclusive to PlayStation, The Last of Us Remastered offers the award winning game rebuilt to run in 1080p. It also features higher resolution character models, improved shadowing and lighting, and upgraded textures. And have no fear, the game comes locked and loaded with DLC material, such as the Left Behind single-player expansion chapter, the Abandoned Territories multiplayer map pack, and the Reclaimed Territories map pack as well as the Grounded Difficulty mode. Now that’s some serious bang for your buck. You can pick up this bundle at major Canadian retailers on July 29th — get ‘em while they’re hot!

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  • Wow, some love for Canada, I’m actually surprised.

  • This is glorious Sony. I’m Canadian and have not played The Last of Us nor own a PS4. It’s like it is made for me. But the problem is that I have such an intense backlog of games that I’d never use it until 2 years from now. I tend to buy systems 3 years+ after they are released so all the bugs are hammered out and the price drops and all the good games for it are dirt cheap. I may miss out on the fun of having first day games on the shiniest system but I love gameplay, not graphics (although they don’t hurt, but I can only handle so much).

    If I had to suggest anything is that you keep with the PS4 Naughty Dog bundles because I bought my PS3 a couple of years ago with all 3 Uncharted games and it was a big reason why I bought it. Have fun to all the new PS4 owners!

  • Oh I did have a question. Walmart Canada currently has a promotion on this week that states “Get a $50 Walmart gift card with the purchase of a PS4 system”. It’s the normal system 500GB at $449.99. Would this new PS4 bundle be covered under that promotion? I’m guessing not.

  • lightningfastpig

    I was gonna say “What’s the point of that Bundle? Everyone already have ps4 and everyone would have already pre-ordered TLOU ps4, as it is best game ever made out there.” Then I saw Ikusa02’s post. I guess there are ppl like that too, who are late for making decisions. So, I guess this is a good idea after all. It will help the multiplayer player base grow, hopefully. PS3 multiplayer was fun. Now I get to see and play it on PS4. See you guys on Tuesday! And further on!

  • I guess I don’t really understand the point of this. Can’t you just go out and buy a PS4 and a copy of The Last of Us: Remastered for the same price?

  • @Mel_run
    In Canada, the PS4 is now 450$ although the launch price in the beginning was 399$. This bundle basically gives you a copy of TLoU.

  • Woah, some love for us Canadians? This is great news for people who haven’t played the game and want a PS4.

  • @ Ikusa02
    Hey Canadian gamer here too. I had the same game plan when I got my PS3 in 2008. Let the bugs get fixed and wait until there was a bunch of games that I really wanted to play that cost at a very low price. However that thinking has lead me to have an intense backlog of games as well. So I got a PS4 on day one so that I’m up to speed with this generation. My advice to you is get this bundle asap. Sure you might not use it constantly after you have finished played one of the greatest games every but as you finish your PS3 backlog. all the PS4 updates will take care of the bugs and you won’t have as intense backlog if you play on it from time to time.

  • Yes, some of us are always late to the party haha. It just depends on your need to have the newest things.

    @5 It depends on where you’d buy it from. A normal 500 GB PS4 is $449.99 here because Sony upped it’s price a while ago. Certain businesses have had promotions with $40-$50 gift cards to try and lower the price back down to $399.99 because it sold well at that price. It’s worth noting that the Xbox One still sells for $399 here so the PS4 is actually higher priced than the PS4. If I were to buy the system with the $50 gift card from Walmart and buy say The Last of Us remastered then yes, it’d be the same price anyway I suppose. Maybe $5 more. But who doesn’t like having a shiny box?

    Anything to increase the amount of PS4s/bundles is a good thing really. Once the price lowers then people will probably buy this bundle or it will be a promotional item later on. The idea is to mass supply a popular title with the system to lower the costs of producing the game with the system in the long run while also devaluing the said game and thus putting it on the $19.99 rack faster.

  • Thanks mdotstarks, I’ll think about it :) Mind you what would have been even nicer if this system was white. Dat sexy Destiny bundle. Too bad I didn’t really like the beta that much.

  • Great, unfortunately I would have prefered a disc copy… Maybe later when there’s a price drop on the PS4.

    BTW, on the box it is written “Voucher/Coupon d’essai”… “Coupon d’essai” (in french) means that it is a trial/demo of the game…

  • Dammit. I just got the Watch Dogs bundle last month. I would have MUCH preferred this over WD.

  • @lightningfastpig – LOL, not everyone has a PS4, not even close. There are about 72 million or so people that owned a PS3 who don’t own a PS4 currently.

    Great deal for people who haven’t jumped on the PS4 train yet.

  • @EAB3yond – unfortunately words get lots in translation sometimes. That might be the literal translation but that’s not what it equates to in reality.

  • nice bundle but i already have ps4 and already pre-order The Last Of Us Remastered too

  • Will this be on PSNow to rent in a few days?

  • Aaand still Canadians are complaining or making remarks about being overlooked. Just don’t even bother, Sony. We (in the U.S.) still love you… usually.

  • Cool, now PS4 doesn’t seems high priced in Canada :)

  • That is so late man

  • Great deal for people that were waiting for this game to buy their PS4.

    But did you forget that a good portion of Canada has terrible data caps? Giving us a 50GB game is a bit of a tease, don’t you think?

  • I wish Sony could make a ps4 bundle that included Infamous: second son and a one year ps plus membership. Then I’d be able to overlook the 450$ price tag.

  • Why wouldn’t the game come pre-installed? Or at least a physical copy? It shows the game box on there.

  • @19

    Switch ISPs. Unless you’re in the middle of nowhere there should be at least a couple options available to you that have better bandwidth caps.

    I’m with Teksavvy, for example. 25 down, 10 up, 300gb bandwidth cap, unlimited bandwidth between 2 and 8 AM, if you do go over bandwidth overage fees top out at $20, and it’s under $50 a month.

    That’s not stellar or anything, but it’s more than enough for heavy downloading, gaming, and HD streaming if you’re a little smart about how you do things.

  • @22

    I’ve got unlimited data with Bell 50/10, I was just speaking in general.

  • Kaneda!

  • It’d be neat to see Sony offer more game and system bundles for $449.99 in Canada to try and counter the cheaper price of Xbox. Already bought my PS4 a few month back and will be picking up TLoU tomorrow since I never played it on PS3. Super excited for it!

  • @23 I was about to advise you do that exact same deal lmao.
    To the others, they should be upgrading internet if they want to upgrade to current gen honestly. Even if this game wasn’t DL every other day the systems downloading GB of data I swear. Well mine atleast lol.

  • Can you use your PS3 save game with the remastered edition? Just curious as I am not very far (maybe 1/3rd) through the game and wonder if I get this instead if I’ll have to restart completely or just can continue where I was.

    Wish Sony would upgrade that hard drove. with more game going digital with Ps plus subscription, that 500GB hard drive will not be big enough soon. Have to consider on top of that buying a bigger one so that raise the price considerably.

  • That is PURE AWESOME!!!! Thank you Sony ..I’ll be getting this a.s.a.p.!!!

  • @27 amazon and NewEgg has had a few 1TB drives for $60.

    Any chance we will see August’s PS+ content today?

  • Not coming to US?

  • Why No Love for America ):

  • Why No Love for USA ):

  • Canada deserves the love. We American gamers pay less for software and hardware, due to currency conversion. Enjoy it my bubs!

  • @ 31/32 Clocktowe015:

    No love for America (USA) ?

    Your PS4 and game prices are already lower than in Canada.

    Our PS4 is now 449.99 and most games at 69.99 not 59.99 like you people have in the US.

    I would say America (USA) already has the love.

  • @27 Why would you need a bigger hard drive? You don’t have to dld games when you don’t need them. When you buy games on consoles, the dld starts right away but you could just cancel it. The game is linked to your account and is not going anywhere. I just use the ps store website so I can buy without any dld starting.

  • Sure glad I didn’t buy the TloU bundle for PS3 when I bought another, instead of PS4.
    Funny people post things about buying one asap, when there are so few games for the system, and the one coming with it is just a remastered version.

    It makes me want to laugh so hard I almost want to pee.

    I guess I just live in reality, where everything I want can not be fixed by pressing a button.
    Wereas even if I could afford one, it would change so very little about anything else in my life.

    I would prefer an update for backwards compatibility of my old games, rather than showing me why they say it is not possible.

    Instead, I will just keep buying dirt cheap PS3 games, and finishing my backlog.

    *Not everyone has a PS4 yet, but if they do, I find how humerous the joke about our economies are.*
    -But maybe thats because so many put it on a credit card.

  • That’s a lame bundle, hardly even a bundle. The game isn’t even physical.

  • Wow what a joke….TLoU? and digital?… would be better to bundle the PS4 with a game that isn’t available on PS3….anyway…was that bundle of Second Son ever released?…….that you guys announced months ago before Second Son’s release.

  • Nice deal for those who don’t have a PS4 and want TLOU, but pretty late in the game for anyone who’s pre-ordered the game already and bought a PS4 separately since no bundle was announced earlier. This really should have been announced a few months ago like the EU bundle was.

    It obviously takes a while to get this stuff organized and into the retail channel, it’s not exactly something you whip up in a couple of days, so it makes you wonder why Sony would wait until the day before the game launches to tell people? They should have at least included a physical copy of the game in the box considering that all of the required items (PS4 + TLOU) are already sitting in the back rooms of retailers everywhere. I’m sure whatever the reasons are, they aren’t consumer friendly ones.

  • Canada getting preferred treatment as always… not surprised!

  • @40 – triple_lei.

    Hey, we would love to trade what we get for what you in the US get.

    You want to pay $10 more per game and 50 more for the PS4 ?

    You are welcomed to.

  • US people complaining if any. If you want this deal , it’s your natural price for both together for you, you guys have this deal every day lol.
    Canada $449.99 for PS4 and $54.99 for Last of Us Re = $504.98 and tax
    America $399.99 for PS4 and $49.99 for Last of Us Re = $449.98 and tax
    Canada’s bundle is technically a penny more expensive still lol. No reason to complain.
    I didn’t even buy inFamous yet because it’s like $80 after tax for games on PS4 in Toronto.

  • problem is the bundle is actually $469.99 as we are still paying for the “canadian dollar being stronger” excuse that never stabalized

  • Always with the complaining. Some of you should go live in a hen house where you could ba-gawk to your heart’s content.

  • It’s a shame that North America doesn’t get the Japanese TLoU PS4 decal console :(

  • This is great!~ I was always kind of sour after Sony raised the price of the PS4 in Canada to $450. But maybe they actually give a dam about us? Wonderful!! I’ll be picking this up.

  • @triple_lei
    Are you stupid? If Canada is always getting preferred treatment as you say, then why did Sony raise the price of the PS4 to $450 in Canada? Learn your facts before you open your big mouth.

  • Well, it’s hard to be excited about any PS4 deal for $450 with a free game when it launched at $400.

    This game is also a 50GB download.

  • This is nice and all and better then nothing. However, we would still like the $399 price point back.

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