SHAREfactory Update Coming Soon, Adds The Last of Us Remastered Theme

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SHAREfactory Update Coming Soon, Adds The Last of Us Remastered Theme

Since the launch of SHAREfactory in April, we’ve seen so many creative videos that PS4 fans have shared with the world and it’s been truly inspiring. Today, I’m pleased to announce some new updates we are adding to SHAREfactory through a patch that will be released tomorrow. This includes new features, as well as some improvements based on your feedback.

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect:

New SHAREfactory Patch Out Tomorrow, The Last of Us Remastered Theme Included

  • The Last of Us theme: Just in time for the launch of The Last of Us Remastered on PS4, the new patch will add a custom theme from the critically acclaimed action-adventure game, so you can spice up your captured gameplay moments with SHAREfactory. The new TLOUR theme includes 39 new stickers, six new transitions, two new background images plus new intro, outro and title clips.
  • Import screenshots into projects: You’ll be able to import screenshots from your capture gallery to the SHAREfactory videos you create. This is a feature that many of you have requested, and we are really excited to bring this to SHAREfactory to make it easier for you to create your memorable moments. Keep those requests coming!
  • Additional updates: With this patch, you’ll also notice some newly added filter effects and stickers, as well as UI improvements. We are always trying to give you the players more fun tools to make your video projects that much better!

New SHAREfactory Patch Out Tomorrow, The Last of Us Remastered Theme Included

Protip: Starting Tuesday, you can also include photos captured using Photo Mode, which is available for inFAMOUS Second Son and will also be released for The Last of Us Remastered. Photo Mode is a great way to enhance your gameplay screenshots and add your artistic talents to make the photos much more mesmerizing.

So who’s ready to start creating their next SHAREfactory masterpiece with The Last of Us Remastered on PS4? Be sure to share your videos using #PS4share. We love seeing what you guys come up with.

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  • Nice! The first image isn’t displaying in the blog post, but is working when you click through.

  • Wow Sharefactory updates are pretty awesome!

  • fix the Share bug. this app is useless when I can’t save my video clips properly

  • PathogenicKiller

    Okay. It’s almost 12:30am est. I purchased the day 1 digital for The Last of Us. Were the hell is the download option? Man we live in 2014, get your stuff together Playstation.

  • Until you guys come out with a “make vids that are less than 15 minutes” it’s useless to me.

  • One more ShareFactory update and lots of people still affected by the “Share Video Bug”.
    Great tool, but no automatic “last 15 minutes” for us, people keep losing great moments that they wanted to share.

    The topic on Playstation Official Community has newcomers every week, affected by the bug, and some users started to send the PS4 back to Sony because, if there is no fix after 6 firmwares updates, it can only be faulty hardware.

  • One more ShareFactory update and lots of people still affected by the “Share Video Bug”.
    Great tool, but no automatic “last 15 minutes” for us, people keep losing great moments that they wanted to share.

    The topic on Playstation Official Community has newcomers every week, affected by the bug, and some users started to send the PS4 back to Sony because, if there is no fix after 6 firmwares updates, it can only be faulty hardware

  • Awesome, but I have noticed problem after I export my SHAREfactory projects to my USB. I have reason to believe that exporting projects to USBs negatively affects projects’ volume. I set my projects to 100% volume or above at times in the PS4 SHAREfactory before exporting them, but the volume is still low after importing them to my computer(Mac).

    Please investigate this. It’s keeping me from using the SHAREfactory as a video editor.

  • That “Photo mode” started in Infamous needs to become standard in all PS4 games!

  • Another waste of an update. Thanks Sony, couldn’t be more disappointed. How about some friend online notification? Or that suspend/resume you guys promised? (And not the current “suspend/resume you guys try to pass off). What about play as you download? Wasn’t that supposed to happen for all games? DLNA??? PS3 around this time in its life was sick af but ps4 is boring and static. But No we get 3-D blu ray (wtf is this ****??) And an update to a feature only streamers and people who have too much time on their hands use.

    How about you learn something from Xbox and deal out proper monthly updates with useful, WANTED features and not this ****

  • Capturing footage needs to be fixed. It might be my console but a lot of people are also experiencing the problem when footage is not recording. The only way I can record footage is by doing it manually.

  • And I agree that photo mode should be in every game, or at least every first party game.

  • @Scott McCarthy What you think of this new UI >>

  • Nice on the update coming.

    Off Topic PSA : Careful when going to pre-order games at the last minute. Customer Service rep stated the cutoff time for Pre-Orders is Midnight Eastern. I tried from about 11:30PM to about 11:55PM to Pre-Order Rogue Legacy and it kept giving me the error “Unable to purchase or download this content”. Sure enough 5 minutes after midnight, on the first try no less, it finally goes past the error, but of course it gives me the non Pre-Order PS+ price of $16.99.

  • When do sub-accounts get to enjoy these features? Share functionality is extremely cumbersome for sub accounts not to mention that we are arbitrarily not able to stream either. Sharing for sub-accounts or even better sub-account to master account upgrade any time soon?

  • I appreciate the Sharefactory update, it’s a great app, but I don’t use it much because so much of my footage doesn’t get saved. There is nothing and I mean NOTHING worse than hitting the share button to save the last few mins of epic footage only to find it WASN’T RECORDING! It only happens a quarter of the time but that it still a LOT and there’s absolutely no way to avoid it or figure out what’s causing it not to record sometimes. I have lost so much once-in-a-lifetime moments because of this damn bug.

    Worst of all, it’s been almost a year since the PS4 launched and we’re still stuck with major game-breaking bugs like this.

  • Nice. I really love the app. I definitely want to see continued support for it and to see it evolve through the PS4’s lifespan. Really nice app for people who don’t have editing programs on their computers.

  • Yeah, love the share app, but you guys have GOT to fix the video clip saving bugs. I have lost so many amazing clips because it saves whenever and whatever it feels like. Love the system, just really gimps one of the best ideas.

  • + LazHimself and anyone else talking about the video clip saving “bug” try this out. As soon as you start the game go into the share menu. From that point on it should work right. I’ve had this happen a LOT to me and I noticed this while playing AC4. I’d see something I wanted to record, but when I went into the share menu it wasn’t there. From that point on though it would record and give the option to save the clip when I went back into the menu.

    I’ve set my controls to double tap to start video, single tap to screenshot, and long press to enter the menu. I’ve gotten into the habit of just double tapping to start a video. Once it hits the limit for the length you set it will automatically save the video. Each time I’ve gone into the share menu after that I get prompted to save the video clip. If I don’t manually start the clip or go into the share menu first thing it won’t record ANYTHING at all.

  • While this is a nice addition to the theme, I would have LOVED having a Destiny theme. Please say you will at least have one for when the game launches.

  • yes! i love sharefactory. i just finished one video, and i still have a few more that need to be worked on. any update for sharefactory is exciting news for me. i’m also very happy that i’ll be able to use screenshots in my videos. i have quite a bit of neat screenshots saved, but not much to do with them. eagerly awaiting this update as well as the psn update tomorrow! thanks sony.

  • This will go well with the 80 pieces of DLC you chose not to include on the Remastered version that arrived on PSN before the game did.

  • Scott McCarthy, the SHAREfactory is GREAT but the its functions mean little to many of us because of the lack of 1080p for screenshots and 1080p@30fps video clips. Both inFamous SS and TLOU are magical & gorgeous 1080p for every frame you see is an art. But when you capture them the magic is gone. Captures are 720p with not enough bandwidth. Soon Youtube is going to have 1080p @ 60 fps and that 720p @ 30 fps look like old gen.

    I don’t know if the ARM CPU or you have One of the 8 AMD Cores or if it has a separe decoding chip doing the background recording of that 15minutes 720p @ 30fps, but I am sure it should be able to handle 1080p, as a 5$ ARM can do 1080p@30fps decode nowdays. I don’t know if the 15 minutes clip stored in the HDD or the RAM of the console ( most likely its always recording that last 15 minutes on the HDD) but if you find the physical avalability for upgrading that 720p to 1080p would make ALOT of us happy.

    p.s Thanks for always working for us to bring us new functions and stability on the system software.

  • @npng80, you already can capture videos less than 15 minutes.

    Press Share, go to Share settings, and you can change it to 10, 5, 3, or 1 minute lengths, instead of the default 15 minutes.

    Please do research before you complain about something online in the future. Thank you.

  • @livingnightmare, sorry, but that method doesn’t work all the time either. Played some Lego Marvel tonight, and opened up Share menu as soon as I started the game.

    Maybe 45 minutes later I wanted to save the last 15. Nope, no option to press square to save. The feature is still broken probably 80% of the time. I really hope Sony fixes this in time for the youtube app.

  • Love the updates! Share factory is becoming an awesome editor, but I agree with the others, the share button functionality is broken. A large percent of the time when I press it, the option to save the video is not available. This has been a problem since 1.71 for me and it’s very irritating, I’ve lost so many awesome moments because of it.

  • Now only is the video record for share function actually worked properly………. can we get an update for that first maybe :)

  • Nice additions. :3

    Hope we see more in the future. And hope most, if not all, first party games have a photo mode included… oh please DriveClub…

    While I don’t record myself playing much, so don’t have a noticeable issue with it… it’s apparent many people have issues with the recording feature on the PS4, so hopefully you guys are working on fixing that.

  • PSA: PS4 Firmware 1.75 is live. Just installed it with no problems.
    Due to the video capturing bugs and glitches that appeared after one of the first few PS4 updates, I’ve never been able to save any footage that I actually wanted to use for anything, so I haven’t bothered to even launch SHAREfactory yet. Hopefully these issues get sorted out soon.

  • When will there be a fix for the bug that doesn’t allow me to save video clips? Can’t use SHAREfactory if I can’t save video…

  • This is unrelated, but is there going to be any ps now news in the next few days? The beta launches really soon and we still don’t know the pricing or the games included in the beta. Thanks sony, please respond to me, I’m really looking forward to ps now.

  • Thanks for the update, keep ’em coming!
    May I suggest in a future update to add an option for changing playback speed (both faster and slower)?

  • I would also like to chime in with the share button not working properly. There have been many times that I wanted to save some awesome gameplay from Kill Zone SF. I will press the share button and wait while the menu loads up (which makes the PS4 almost freeze) and then I get no option to save the video. I can upload it, but I can’t save it. What good is Share Factory if I can’t save the video to edit it later. Anyways hope this gets fixed so I can make some good videos to put on Youtube.


  • I can’t get into SHAREfactory with that 20 minute time limit. It’d be ideal to have it at an hour, but unless I’m able to put at least two clips into it, I can’t see myself using that instead of just streaming.

  • Please release a physical copy for ORESHIKA: TAINTED BLOODLINES!

    And also make a Special Physical Edition for Soul Sacrifice Delta and release it for the holidays!

    I can’t and won’t so please, don’t try to convince me to pick them digitally!

  • I notice with the share recording feature,
    -Don’t Pause the game before hitting the share button or you will lose the last recorded video other than the last few moments of action!
    – Same if you hit the share button during or after a cut scene
    – Also I notice if im playing a game like Sniper Elite 3 and your camping out a lot the recording feature only records the actuall gameplay of me in action! Not 15 minutes of camping to snipe out my foes!

    Thanks for the update though! I’ve made a few vid’s so far!

  • I’m excited to see how PS4 is going to improve in the future. Apps like Share Factory are a great start! I’d also like custom themes and more sports gamer pics

  • The video does not save when I press Share. Sometimes it will. Please fix, thank you.

  • Add the Month and Day on the PS4 Main Menu on the next update

  • Where’s the update that allows me to delete Sharefactory & certain other apps that I’ll never use & are just taking up space on my hard drive?

  • This will be a feature that will get me into this and with the new updates I will have to check this out.

  • Will there ever be a slow motion update?

  • Keep them coming with all first party games, and even some 3rd party games like Metal Gears Solid 5 and Destiny.

  • Does this update fix the problem with adding transitions causing the affected clips to automatically be extended? I hate that. But the worst problem is when moving a clip, which causes all clips in the whole project involving a transition to get their trim points all f-ed up. This problem is an extremely frustrating pain in the @$$ because I like to edit my videos so that the action matches up with the music, and so whenever I move a clip, it makes the timing of everything go all to hell, and putting it all back together takes a lot of time and it never ends up the way it was before. PLEASE tell me these problems have been fixed.

    Another problem that needs fixing is when adding more than one piece of music. If the first piece of music doesn’t start at the very beginning of the project, then the new piece you’re adding gets added to the very beginning and the existing piece gets shoved aside. Annoying.

  • Also, a feature that I would LOVE to see added is the ability to adjust the playback speed of a clip, so that you could play it in slow mode or fast forward. And another one: Being able to fade up and down the music to a different volume other than 0, so that you can tone down the music (but not turn it off) for a certain part so it’s easier to hear the clip audio, then turn the music back up when the clip is over. Currently, you can only split the music and turn the split part’s volume down, but during playback it is a rough, awkward, and obvious transition that does not work well at all. Fade-in and Fade-out options for clip volume would be useful too.

  • Also don’t like how all clips must always be adjacent to each other with no space in between. Sometimes it’s useful to have some blank space between clips. But since you can’t have blank space between clips, there should be a “blank” clip that you can add that is nothing more than a blank screen, but you can adjust the color of it and add effects to it like stickers and text. (The theme-based “title” clip doesn’t cut it for this purpose.) This feature would be great as a way of setting up a clip with some kind of introduction, or to use as an extended “fade to black” transition, or even as a credits screen. Default duration could be 10 seconds but it can be trimmed/extended up to one minute. Need it longer? Add multiple ones back-to-back.

  • Just used sharfactory for the first time. Check it out. video on Destiny Beta

  • Next update you guys should add like dubstep music and stuff that sony vegas 12 has then it would be better but I think more music would be good!


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