This Week in PlayStation: Prelude to TLOU

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This Week in PlayStation: Prelude to TLOU

Just a couple more days until 2013’s Game of the Year makes its rebuilt, 1080p debut: The Last of Us Remastered hits PS4 Tuesday, and we’ve got plenty of stories from the past week to prove it. Sid went hands-on, the photographically inclined will want to give Photo Mode a spin, we got a rundown on the game’s multiplayer enhancements, and the cast is taking to the stage Monday evening for a special, one-night event.

The Destiny Beta is drawing to a close this weekend — if you were on Saturday afternoon, you just may have gotten to take a crack at a Moon-set story mission! Is it September 9th yet?

My week has been split between the Destiny Beta and Final Fantasy XIV (of course). Still trying to nab those elusive BLM drops from Syrcus Tower. What are you playing?

  • I’m playing: Destiny Beta, FF14
  • I’m watching: Workaholics
  • I’m listening to: PS Blogcast 128, RX Bandits

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