Samurai Warriors 4, Special Anime Pack Coming to PS4 10/21

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Samurai Warriors 4, Special Anime Pack Coming to PS4 10/21

Greetings! Hisashi Koinuma here with the first of several Samurai Warriors 4 news posts for PlayStation.Blog. As for my role on the series, I am the producer for not just Samurai Warriors 4 but also the third release. Talking a further walk down memory lane, I joined the Samurai Warriors series as director for both SW1 and SW2, so I’ve been with the series since its inception.

Samurai Warriors 4 on PS4

For the first time in four years, the series will make its return with Samurai Warriors 4 on PS4, launching October 21st.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Samurai Warriors, we are thrilled to announce the collector’s edition, “Samurai Warriors 4: Special Anime Pack”. It includes the anime “Samurai Warriors: Legend of the Sanada,” the official soundtrack for the game and lots of DLC content we hope you’ll enjoy!

Samurai Warriors 4 on PS4

Samurai Warriors 4 on PS4Samurai Warriors 4 on PS4

If you’re not familiar with the Samurai Warriors universe, it is a strategy action game series with strong ties to a period known to have existed in Japan during the Warring States (Sengoku Jidai) era. Samurai Warriors 4 is set approximately during the 1600s, drawing players into these conflict-driven years and reliving the human strife experienced by all involved. Battles were waged within, as generals, officers and warriors fought to realize their ultimate vision of leading a unified country. This era was filled with betrayal, even between the most trusted alliances, with the outcome of powerful human emotions resulting in both beautiful and horrible consequences.

Samurai Warriors 4 on PS4

Samurai Warriors 4 on PS4Samurai Warriors 4 on PS4

Here’s where you, the player, relive history by taking on the role of various warriors, eliminating all who stand in your way. Specialized attacks are key as you find yourself in the exhilarating one against a thousand action the Samurai Warriors franchise is known for.

Before signing off for the day, we wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to the loyal fans who made it possible to reach the series’ 10-year milestone. Stay tuned for more news on Samurai Warriors 4 leading up to its October 21st release date!

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  • Awesome! So when/where will we be able to order this?

  • Needs moar bewbs… then… sold

  • I don’t know this series, but found it very interesting. Will there versions for PS3 and/or Vita or is this a PS4 exclusive?

  • From what I remember it had a PS3 + Vita release in Japan first, so yeah there should be all Sony platforms.

  • Thank You

  • I had tears of joy when I saw this. Thank you so much for having a full retail release and localization of this game. Also, an awesome limited edition!? I can’t say thank you enough! It’s so good knowing my favourite game series is finally making a return to North America!

  • Can I buy this at Gamestop?

  • Can I buy this at Best Buy ?

  • Can I buy this at Walmart or Amazon ?

  • No dub, no buy, I’m afraid.

    Unless there’s a ton of customization/character creation. That would push me over the edge.


  • This is cool news, i will most likely get the game when its released on the ps3, i hope it also comes with the anime pack.

  • oversevethousand

    Guys, the article pretty explicitly says PS4.

    PS3 and PSV owners can suck it, I guess. Oh well.

    Shame Koei Tecmo is really losing their thunder here. After so many physical releases of their titles lately I thought they had turned over a new leaf from when I had to import games from Europe. Guess we’re going to go back to that soon.

  • I’m hoping the PS4 version doesn’t have the absolutely horrendous DOF and settings that the English PS4 version launched with(and still isn’t fixed unlike the Japanese version!).

  • I wanted the Vita version, but no retail is a deal breaker for me.

    *sigh* Such a bummer. Is a limited release really that hard?

  • Guys, the game’s coming out to PS3 and Vita too, but as digital exclusives.

  • I’ve always wanted to try this series. The Samurai series has always appealed to me more than the Dynasty series. That is a pretty sweet retail box!

  • oversevethousand

    I guess it must me. XSEED had to jack Senran Kagura’s price up $10 to do theirs, while Bandai Namco has to do exclusive deals with retailers (meaning money isn’t going all the way one place like it normally would, I imagine) to do the ones they want to.

    That said, I do think it’s a shame we can’t get these games physically. KT’s been doing a real fine job for the most part with their Vita titles, but it seems like that won’t be the case in the future.

  • It seems like I remember PS Nation guys saying it was going to be on all three platforms. If there is a Vita retail version I’ll buy it day one. If not it will get added to my Soul Sacrifice Delta Ratchet and Clank coulda woulda list.

  • And when is for Vita Version?

  • Meh, this game will be riddled with DLC after release like Dynasty Warriors.

  • I know Sengoku Basara is a different series, but does the Anime in this package have anything to do with the Sengoku Basara seasons of Anime?

    Probably not but the two series share a lot of characters. (I have Sengoku Basara 4 import and plat’d 3)

  • How much?

  • If the Vita version were to get a retail release, I would buy it at full price.

    A digital only version will just be included below Soul Sacrifice Delta on my list of digital only games that I will buy when the price is at $20 or lower, if not all the way closer to $5 (like Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z).

  • Amazing!

  • @ Drew_Croft: And exactly ZERO of it will be important to playing the main game and enjoying the story, just like in every other Warriors game. What’s your point?

    Still nowhere near finishing DW8:XLCE, but will almost certainly be getting this. That Collector’s Edition just looks too nice to pass up.

  • Sharingan_itachi

    Digital strikes again for Vita…. thanks a lot tecmo, will wait for $1 sale.

  • I think this is the nicest Warriors physical release I’ve ever seen in NA. I had nothing planned in October was just going to buy some model Gundams, but this is DEFINITELY on the radar now.

  • Hi everyone!

    This is actually Sonia (North America PR for Samurai Warriors 4). As it’s not quite morning yet in Japan, I thought I’d answer the FAQs through this account so that you don’t have to wait :)

    Is Samurai Warriors 4 coming to other platforms aside from PlayStation 4?
    Yes! The PlayStation 3 ($49.99) and PS Vita system ($39.99) versions will be available digitally through the PlayStation Store.

    How much is the Samurai Warriors 4: Special Anime Pack going to cost? How much is the standard edition?
    Samurai Warriors 4: Special Anime Pack will be available for a suggested retail price of $74.99. The standard edition will be avialble for $59.99.

    Where can I get the Samurai Warriors 4: Special Anime Pack?
    It’s not on the game product page yet but will be available at Amazon and GameStop. Other retailers are to be confirmed.

    The official press release is located here in case you’d like more details:–SAMURAI-WARRIORS-4-10TH-ANNIVERSARY-COLLECTORS-EDITION–EXCLUSIVELY-FOR-PLAYSTATION-4/

    Hope that helps out a bit!

  • Digital again, if the cost to release a physical copy is that much. Make it so that those of that want one split the cost or add the cost on top and serialize them.
    Wait for sale on digital version for vita again or import.

    Does anybody know when we’ll be able to order this? I check the gamestop website, and nothing :(

  • Oh BABY I want this!!! Where can I pre-order it?? I checked Amazon and Gamestop and they only seem to have the game, not the Special edition? Please let us know! Can’t wait to pick this up!!! :D

  • Oh and I know he isn’t answering posts (& might not speak english) but Hisashi Koinuma, THANK YOU for the work you did on the Samurai Warrior games! I played SW1 and SW2 to death on my PS2 and loved them both so much!

  • I never heard of this series before, but now I might have to check it out.

  • This game looks really good without a doubt. When the released version is out I plan on making this mine. Keep up the good work!

  • Digital only and still $39.99 on Vita.

    Total nonsense. If you’re cheaping out on your release, then make the game cheaper to buy. That’s the only good thing Sony did with PS Vita Pets in NA, they dropped the price to $20. I still imported from Europe for over twice that.

  • so.. when can i pre-order it on amazon?

  • I have played A LOT of Dynasty Warriors since 3 on… never even touched Samurai Warriors. Will I like this game? Has anyone played both and would be able to tell me how are the franchises are different?

  • So the Special Edition of Samurai Warriors 4 comes with a Soundtrack CD, yet the PS4 cant play CD’s

  • @DutchMaester – If you enjoy Dynasty Warriors that much, then chances are, you’ll enjoy Samurai Warriors just fine. That’s as far as gameplay is concerned. If you’re a big fan of the Three Kingdoms era and it’s characters designs in DW, just keep in mind that SW is from a different period and country. The designs and characters will differ.

    As a fan of all things Warriors, I can safely recommend playing Samurai Warriors. Maybe give Warriors Orochi a shot, though. 3 Ultimate is coming out soon. but vanilla WO3 is good too. That way you’ll get introduced to the Samurai Warriors characters while having access to the ones you already know in Dynasty Warriors.

  • I’m buying this.

  • I’ll keep drilling this in until Tecmo Koei finally listen to ALL their fans, it would be advisory to have dual languages, right now, having Samurai Warriors 4 in the PS3 and Vita as digital download basically the company is not considering adding English voice. I really don’t understand when it started that it’s alright to not include English voice for English speaking supports of the Musou series and have the courage to sell it at full price. If Tecmo Koei refuse to put English voice because they think it’s irrelevant for English Speaking supports, then at least make the PS4 version $50 and no English Dub digital only for $40 and maybe some would support this. Sorry, but keep this up and you’ll going to loose some supports, I have bean a supporter of the Musou series since it debut in the PS2 and this is my reward, to sell the game at full price w/o English voice. Overal I really hope Tecmo Koei would consider 1 of 2 things, make it dual language or provide a paid English Dub DLC, or you’ll start loosing supports. Sorry if I sound frustrated, but I am FRUSTRATED, and I hope I’m wrong about this, if not then good luck to you.

  • Any update on when Canadian retailers will be able to preorder this? I’ve been waiting for the standard edition to go up on EB Games but it’s still not happening. Not on Best Buy either. So far it’s only up on Will definitely get this CE once it’s up!

  • KOEI. I will never forgive you for have not released Samurai Warriors 3 on PlayStation platform. I feel betrayed because i gave support to the serie since the first game on PS2, and your fan base has always be on PlayStation platform. Because of this i will never have the pleasure to play SW3. Nobody deserve to play SW on the terrible Nintendo consoles.

  • Hey guys, just a couple of questions either for KOEI to answer or somebody who might know.
    Will this particular edition come out for Europe or is it a US exclusive? And if the answer is yes, then will the anime BD disc at least have english subtitles? Thanks.

  • Will it have Japanese dub?

  • I can’t find this “SAMURAI WARRIORS 4: Special Anime Pack” anywhere . Amazon usually shows this as not available if its sold out.Game stop as well yet both of these retailers only the regular version. also checked best buy. Nothing on tecmokoei’s website linking to the special anime pack.

  • A great PS4 Exclusive

  • Still waiting for the Special Anime Pack to get into GameStop’s/Amazon’s system so I can actually preorder!

  • I absolutely love the Samurai Warriors series and I am very excited to play this on my PS4! I was thinking about also getting Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate on the PS4, but I already beat it on the Xbox 360… so I think I will pass on that. Hopefully they release a TRUE NEXT-GEN warrior’s game sometime in the near future… however until that happens; Samurai Warriors 4 will tie me over!

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