New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

Featured Releases Now Available, Week of 7/22/14:

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Music Unlimited Highlights:


Listen to these new releases on Music Unlimited this week.

  • 5 Seconds of Summer, the scrappy Australian boy band that got its start on YouTube, convincingly rocks out on its new self-titled release.
  • Nobody’s Smiling, the tenth studio album from rapper Common reflects on the grim reality of crime and violence in his hometown of Chicago.
  • Former tween heartthrob Jesse McCartney is back with his retro leaning fifth album, In Technicolor.
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    Video Unlimited Highlights:

    Explore a dystopian action-adventure in Divergent, see a sassy sleuth back in action in Veronica Mars and much more. See our full New Release Recap below.

    Divergent: There seem to be a lot of dystopian action-adventure films as of late—from adaptations of young adult literature in the Hunger Games to the visually stunning film Oblivion, this genre never ceases to amaze, shock and entertain us.


    Based on the worldwide bestselling novel, Divergent is set in a dystopia where people are divided into different factions based on their human virtues. Protagonist Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) discovers that she is Divergent and will never fit into any group. It’s now up to Tris and other Divergents to find out what makes them so dangerous before a government conspiracy wipes them all out.

    Veronica Mars: A critically TV show made its way to the big screen and now it’s our 99-cent rental of the week! That’s right, it’s the theatrical adventures of our favorite small-town sleuth, Veronica Mars.


    After finishing graduate school, Veronica Mars has put her private investigator career on hold. While interviewing for law firm jobs, she receives a call from her ex-boyfriend, desperately in need of her sleuthing skills. Veronica finds herself drawn back to her past that she had tried to put behind her.

    Want to get more Video Unlimited scoop on all the new releases? View further details here.

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6 Author Replies

  • There seems to be something wrong with the Common album. The first two track only play for 3 seconds and then goes to the next song

    • Hi JMBlakk – What device are you playing ‘Common’ album on? Our technical team will be able to look into it for you. If you would like immediate assistance to directly trouble-shoot, kindly reach out to our Music Unlimited support team at:

  • Bundle 3D, HD & SD movies so I don’t have to buy blu rays

  • MusicUnlimited needs another PS Plus discount! Please make it happen!

  • @ JMBlakk.

    The whole database for Music Unlimited needs to be redone. Look up Xzibit’s artist page. It is comical how unorgainized it looks. One album is listed five times while another has two explicit versions of one CD that play edited tracks. And this is a paid service.

    @ Sony.

    Please clean up your Music Unlimited database. I pay for this service and would like to be able to use it properly. Songs skip to the next for no reason. Artist pages look cluttered and unorganized. Albums will not play the correct songs. Where is QA on this?

    It is not all negative though. I love being able to make a playlist and listen to it while playing PS4. My wife loves the offline play that you guys offer for her rides to work. I also like that MU is a place to find Video Game Sound tracks. Thanks for giving us this service. Now let’s make it the best service available.


  • Support mp3

    We’ve had enough

  • Bring media playback and media ownership to PS4!

  • Mp3 and DLNA.


    Your hubris and avarice is pissing your customer base off immensely. Proportionally, nobody gives a **** about paid subscription services when we have music which we’ve ALREADY PAID FOR that we cannot listen to.

  • The tracks do it on my playstation devices and my Xperia phone

    • Thanks for the heads-up, JMBlakk. Our Music Unlimited experts are currently investigating both of the devices for you. Please check back with your PlayStation console and Xperia mobile phone in the next few days. If the issues continue to persist, kindly reach out to our Music Unlimited customer support team to help you trouble-shoot at: Thanks for you patience!

  • Music Unlimited is way overpriced.
    Now it’s required that you have the “Music Unlimited Premium Plan” in order to access your songs on a Vita or smart phone app.
    This service is $10/month… $120.00 a year just for music.. and not even the music *I* like such as THE BEATLES or LED ZEPPELIN..

    I barely thought it was worth it at $4/month so there is no way I would consider $10/month for the same service.

    I really wish Sony would stop this nonsense and give us the ability to do basic functions on the PS4 such as listen to mp3 files or connect to our own PC via DNLA.

    My PS3 has my entire music collection on it. Much of is is Sony label music that I PURCHASED… Why are you limiting your fans with this?

    Not to mention you promised everyone, weeks before the PS4 launch that this was something that could be easily added and they were in talks about it. THIS WAS NINE MONTHS AGO! Jeesh..

  • As always Sony…

    Thanks for concrete answers about media ownership and playback on the PS4. I am so glad I never direct myself to a Tweet from last Fall anymore.

    – Sony PS1, PS2, PS3 (two consoles), PS4 and Vita owner

  • any chances of a free option of Music Unlimited?

  • Not sure how valid the post I saw was. (posted on Joystick)

    However, it stated that Sony will update the PS4 so that 3D blue ray movies can now be played next week.

    Hopefully it’s true.

    • Hi GGCAN – Not sure where Joystick had receive the information, however the source is not true. Our Video Unlimited experts have confirmed there are currently 400 movie titles available on the PlayStation Store for PS3 in 3D. We are always looking for new ways to expand content categories on PS4, perhaps there will be considerations for 3D titles on PS4 in the future. We will definitely keep you posted if things further develops!

  • PS3 features we loved: mp3 downloading, mp3 playback, mp3 reading/download from USB, custom soundtracks using our mp3s and especially our PODCASTS.

    Sony’s proprietary subscription music scam is a slap in the face to early adopting and loyal PlayStation fans. I consider my PS4 a console in beta, full of potential but functionally broken.

    You’re sticking it to those of us who stood by you through the disastrous 2006-2011 PS3 window. The loyal PS3 fanbase loudly advocated the PS3’s potential. Sony would not have had the best system from Welcome Back to 2014 had we not pressured you and demanded your best.

    Allow music, video and photo storage/playback NOW. A PS3 should NOT embarrass and outperform a PS4.

    Fix the web browser NOW. Not being able to watch video on a PS4 web browser in July 2014 is despicably ridiculous. Fix the broken typing input. I am writing this on a PS4 and even the onscreen keyboard is terrible and a regresssion from PS3. 1 out of every 5 characters simply won’t input. Fix the cluttered and regressive XMB.

    Shame on you Sony. Stop releasing consoles you are able but unwilling to support until they have been out for a number of years.

  • I remember a few months ago I tried out MU and the song Break the Bank by ScHoolboy Q off the Oxymoron (Deluxe) cut out after the first verse and I msged here and it never got fixed. I choose not to actually sub to MU after that for that actual case. It maybe fixed now, but it definitely was annoying trying to play battlefield and the song goes silent for like 3 minutes out of no where smh.
    Now, how long will it take to bring all the videos over to PS4, It’s kinda bad that Video Unlimited is stream only on PS4 but you can’t even watch everything

  • Hi Teflon02 – Thanks for your feedbacks. Music Unlimited song access should be fixed in our last service maintanence release. If you would like our Video Unlimited experts to look into your PS4 video access issue, please directly email to us at: Make sure provide us the following information:

    1) Your user name and email address.
    2) List of Video Unlimited titles that you watch available on PS3, but not on PS4.

  • How do I delete Music Unlimited off my PS4?

  • Okay, thank you I will do so :)

  • Elina:
    Can you, or someone else please respond to the questions about what happened to Sony’s proposed FW update with mp3 playback and DNLA support?

    Sony used to respond on here that they were in talks with their FW development team and it’s something they “could easily add” if there was enough people who wanted it.

    I believe there are a lot more people who want this than 3D Blu-Ray playback. Both are welcome of course.

    It just doesn’t seem right that the PS3 is a much better system when it comes to handling media playback.
    While I know I can connect my iPod to a 1/8th” stereo Y-adapter and then wire that to my headphones, it’s sort of ridiculous that I would have to resort to that. A new video game console in 2014 should be able to do the same things that they were able to handle many years ago.

    PS1: Audio CD playback
    PS2: Audio CD playback
    PS3: Audio CD playback, mp3 playback
    PS4… DENIED.

    Not cool. :(

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