Begin Transmission: CounterSpy Comes to PS4, PS3, Vita 8/19

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Begin Transmission: CounterSpy Comes to PS4, PS3, Vita 8/19

Hey budding C.O.U.N.T.E.R agents! David Nottingham, (Dynamighty Creative Director) here with some exciting CounterSpy news!

Yesterday, the good folks at Sony, along with our co-conspirators at C.O.U.N.T.E.R declassified the Release Date information for CounterSpy. The day that you will be able to get your hands on CounterSpy (and hopefully prevent this crazed superpower plot to destroy our moon), is August 19th in North America.

For those who are not familiar, CounterSpy is an Action Stealth side-scroller from Dynamighty (that’s us) set during the Cold War. You play as an agent for C.O.U.N.T.E.R, whose singular goal is to prevent the superpowers from accomplishing their crazy race to destroy the moon with nuclear missiles.

The August 19th PSN release is for PS4, PS3 & PS Vita and the price is $14.99. As a reminder, the game is Cross-Buy & also Cross-Save, so purchase it once and you’ll have a copy on all three devices!

As we count down to that date, we’ve also got some help from some talented folks at PlayStation, who helped us by putting together this launch trailer. Enjoy!

We are really excited to finally be close to getting the game into your hands. Starting a new studio has been a big journey for John and me, starting from when we left LucasArts back in 2010.

We’ve been joined along the way by some awesome talented folks. We have two Marks, a lot of Chrisses, only one Ryan though (you don’t want more than one Ryan at a small indie studio — trust us). Grace & Devin, Ed & Jamie all helped bring life into this game… plus many others! We may have to start assigning agent names to people in future.

Also a huge thanks to our friends at PlayStation. They’ve all been big believers in the world of C.O.U.N.T.E.R.

So purchase on August 19th, or if you can’t wait, you can also pre-order! Thanks to the wonders of PlayStation technology, the game will preload on your shiny new PS4 so its available right on launch day.
Stay tuned on Twitter for further announcements. Also, our tumblr continues to post bits and pieces about the development process, including groovy espionage artwork coolness.

So start the clock ticking for August 19th. Meanwhile, read up on your espionage techniques, eat your vegetables and take that yoga class. We need able-bodied C.O.U.N.T.E.R agents. Because if C.O.U.N.T.E.R won’t save us from reckless moon destroying superpowers then who will?

David/Agent Claymore (Diabolical Plot Division) signing off…

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5 Author Replies

  • The more I look at this game the more I’m interested. I’m really excited to check out the story and get enveloped in the over all style of the game. It’s looking good folks!

  • But will there be a platinum trophy for a master spy like myself Agent Nottingham?

  • I’d like to know, wasn’t this title a Vita exlusive? I’m very much interested in this game, can’t wait to play it. Willa demo be available b4 launch?

  • Vita again for this one… Loving every annouced game today

  • I wish it wasn’t cross-buy because all I care about is the Vita version and I always get this ugly feeling that I’m paying extra for versions I’ll never touch.

    Still, this game looks sweet. And I must say, I thought the game looked good at E3 2013…then I saw it at E3 2014 and was blown away. You really took the time to make it even better!

    Any chance you can tell us how many levels are in the game? Are they linear or do they have multiple paths to choose from?

  • @Shedagilos (3), No it was never a Vita exclusive. It was originally announced for PS3, Vita, and Mobile. PS4 was then added for obvious reasons.

  • A spy version of Shadow Complex? Yes, please!

  • This game looks better and better. You can count on my wallet.

  • Platinum Trophy???

    I’ve already decided to preorder this. Looks awesome. But I really hope there’s a plat.

  • Really wish a demo was being provided I don’t like buying digital games without trying them first. It looks like a fun game but there is always that chance that I might not like it after purchasing.

  • Too pity it’s not a Vita exclusive and available on mobile phones,I even don’t know buy and support it or not,a15 USD game on Vita would be 4 USD on iOS.

    I even have a Moga controller for my iPhone.

    I guess I won’t support it.

  • Looks really fun. Can’t wait to give it a shot!

  • Hope there’s a platinum.. but I’m not gonna preorder until there are some reviews. Might be a short game… etcetera etcetera.

  • I love everything about this game, and definitely plan to pre-order. The only question I have is if there are options for melee combat. Everyone knows that a proper spy is a master of both gunplay and hand to hand combat.

    • David Nottingham

      Hi MakoSoul, there are melee moves! You can run up to an enemy and take him out with a quick style knife strike to the throat.
      A key strategy for the stealth component is sneaking up behind bad guys to take them out using a stealth kill. Or even better, hide in cover and let them come to you….

  • My first preoerder…..Ever.
    Not sure why but after watching a let’s play episode on Gamespot, it seemed the right thing to do.

    Hope this game is only the begining for what you may have in your future.
    I know thats alot to be sai for so little info, but I just have a feeling this one is in the right direction.

    BTW… is the avatar preorder only? I also can’t seem to find it though it was downloaded, but may be on my end somehow.

    • David Nottingham

      Hi Rezolution77…..aww jeez thanks so much! It’s our first game as a studio. We are super proud of it and we feel like it reflects our personality as a team. We hope people enjoy the playful light-hearted take, visual style and accessible gameplay. Excited to get it into peoples hands and thanks for the good wishes for our future! :)

  • Been looking forward to this game for a long time.

  • To the guy behind this video: Genius

    Will buy it for sure.

    Power to VITA!

  • David Nottingham

    The launch video is a mix of music & stylized sequences from the game, and was cut together by some uber cool video edit folks at Sony. We really enjoyed working with them on it. Glad you like it! :)

  • looks interesting…

  • Looks fantastic, will fill the gap nicely until Destiny.

  • Looks fun.

    I’ll happily buy it – when there’s a physical release.

    No disc, no sale.

  • Lovely game, I wonder about it though. Hmm… to get or not.

    @5: Never mind that the standard game price was $15 before cross-buy was a thing…

    @21: Sony, ban this spammer already. Sheesh.

  • Hello Mr David Nottingham, but for me, I buy that it takes(brings) out in version cartridge!!!
    Please a physical version for my psvita.
    Beautiful work! Congratulation to the team dynamighty.

  • Any chance to release on PC or other platform? dood?

  • The game has come a long way. I already preordered and I am really looking forward to playing this! Thanks!

    • David Nottingham

      Thankyou! We are really happy with how it turned out! :) C.O.U.N.T.E.R will also appreciate your service in preventing the moon’s destruction at the hands of the superpowers!

  • Are you guys puppets?….or are you trying to warn people?…..I’m not sure and asking won’t do much good either but…whatever….if puppets I’ll wait until Counter Spy goes free on Plus.And damn I was really looking forward to play this game.

  • hello i wanted to know if the game has special for music for different areas and also if you can change difficulty in the game please answer!

    • David Nottingham

      The music kicks in depending on whether you are in a stealthy situation or if action kicks off. Also to warn you when the DEFCON goes up.

      There are 3 different difficulty settings you can play the game on. It starts on Normal setting. The game will get tougher as you play through which is where unlocking and mastering some of the more advanced weapons will help.

      A pro-tip will be to watch your DEFCON and get officers to surrender is a key way to bring that rising DEFCON back down!

  • srry no for between special and music

  • Unfortunately, I figure I’ll still be tight preceding some new work’s paychecks by the end of the preorder/prepurchase, so I’ll be ducking out of this for now (goodbye, XMB theme…). Rest assured, though, that participating on the PLAY promotion has this game on my radar when it otherwise may’ve flown under it, so it must, in time, be mine.

  • Hi. I was about to hit the pre-order button but then I came across the IGN preview article (24 August 2013) by Colin Moriarity in which he expressed extreme disapointment in the way the game controls. I realize that preview is almost a year old but the concerns he raises (looks great but plays poorly) has me hesitating. Any chance you can address some of the concerns he raised so many of us here are confident in buying the game before a review comes out? Even better, any reviews you can share with us that address these concerns? I want you and your game to succeed!

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