Table Top Racing Coming to PS Vita on August 5th

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Table Top Racing Coming to PS Vita on August 5th

Table Top Racing on PS Vita

Hi, I’m Nick Burcombe, head of Liverpool-based indie development studio Playrise Digital. We’ve joined forces with publisher Ripstone to bring our award-winning game Table Top Racing to PS Vita on August 5th.

I was part of the original team that created WipeOut back in the mid ’90s for PlayStation, and I have always loved combat racers and driving games above all other genres — games like Micro Machines and Mario Kart. So when we were looking at building a new racer, it felt natural to reference those classics when crafting Table Top Racing. We set out to capture some of that essence of what made them so much fun, and I think we’ve done a pretty good job on that front!

Table Top Racing features a host of crazy tracks complete with shortcuts, over-sized obstacles, jumps, and all manner of other hazards. As the game picks up speed, you need to understand the best racing lines and drift momentum you can get with some of the later cars — it’s pretty frantic.

Table Top Racing on PS VitaTable Top Racing on PS Vita

We’ve included one shot weapon power-ups which give players a temporary advantage, be it a speed boost, missile launch, EMP strike, or dropping a bomb out the back for someone else to drive into. We think you’ll find some cool ways to seize the advantage to win races!

Some of you may have already heard of Table Top Racing as it’s available on mobile devices. The biggest improvement that PS Vita has enabled us to make is the addition of a controllable accelerator and brake. PS Vita has really opened up what we can do with this game and we fully believe Table Top Racing PS Vita is the most pure and fun version of the game we’ve ever made.

On top of the better controls, PS Vita technology has allowed us to include the new “Rear View” glance-back by touching the rear panel. We also re-created all the race tracks with twice as many polygons — meaning it looks awesome and still runs buttery smooth. The PS Vita has shown itself to be a handheld powerhouse.

Table Top Racing on PS Vita

With the four-player multiplayer feature, you also have the ability to play against four of your friends in both ad-hoc mode or via PSN, not many PS Vita titles do both. Ad-hoc mode helps re-capture that Micro Machines social and intensely competitive experience which I was so keen to recreate.

Back in the day, me and my mates would huddle round a PlayStation playing Micro Machines all vying for victory. The banter and torment was just brilliant! We used to have sessions that went on until 4 AM and still end up with no clear winner. I really think we’ve managed to capture some of that fun with Table Top Racing on PS Vita, particularly with Ad-hoc mode.

We’re really happy with the PS Vita version — its great fun, highly competitive, and pretty brutal sometimes. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think, so leave your comments below.

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  • Thank you for ad-hoc!! Will definitely add this to my must-buy list, I’ve always loved Micro Machines on psx.

  • Why no video? Sounds neat, as long as it’s better than MNR and LBPK. I think people who enjoy those games have never played a Mario Kart game.

  • Micro Machines on PSX was a great game, so I like the looks of this. Unfortunately no VITA for me but I would suggest this to anyone if it’s anything close to micro machines of old. Had similar multiplayer adventures that lasted hours, cheers!

  • This looks great. :) Price/Platinum?

  • This looks really fun. Wish it was on PS4 though. Micro-machines is a video game classic.

  • Your description sounds a little like Sonic Transformed, its racing style. Not a problem though, sounds like a lot of fun! Any info on price, drop date? Will this title be PSN only, or retail as well?

    • PSN only. It will be available to download on for £4.99/ €5.99/ $7.99. PS Plus subscribers can also look forward to discounts at launch!

  • As a fellow starting up iOS dev congrats on moving on to bigger things and as a previous customer I been waiting for this given you guys pedigree. To anybody who hasn’t played the other version this is definitely a must buy.

  • Looks nice any news for official release date?

  • I loved Micro Machines back in the day – used to play it on PC with my friends!

    But I don’t have any friends near me with a Vita where ad hoc would be useful. How is the AI? Are there different difficulties to choose from?

  • #7 – release date is in the title

  • Is possible to remap the rear view function to another button/front touch ? Is possible to resize the input area of the rear touch? I enjoyed this game at the first sight. It looks more fun than “Sonic racing transformed” because you are not obliged to make drifts all the time to have a chance to win the race. There’s any PS Vita gameplay (on-screen) video of this? It will have a downloadable demo? Thanks a lot!

    • The rear touch is only the middle half of it if you know what I mean – there’s 25% dead zone either side to prevent accidentally touches. You need to reach into the middle to use it. I tend to only use it for gloating in the slower races because in the faster ones you don’t get a second to take your eyes off track ahead.

    • Its not really like Sonic – no Water or Aircraft, but I saw it described once as “the perfect love child of Mario Kart and Micromachines”…it definitely falls into that canon. There’s isn’t a free demo planned at the moment.

  • YES!!! AD-HOC!!!!! Will be getting this!!!
    Need more games with this option. Not everyone has access to Wi-Fi all the time.

  • Yeah guys, AD-Hoc is the way to go!!!

  • Reminds me of Micro Machines. Speaking of which, can someone just remake that game already. The top-down racer might be my favourite racing game of all time. I’ll have to check this out to fill the void.

  • I have this on iPhone, but it’s totally worth the purchase on Vita! Very fun, cute and challenging – also a deeper experience than you’d think.

    • Aha!! A mobile fan too! Sound like you got pretty far into it. I guess you’ve discovered the hidden depths required to get three stars on all the events? :) Weapon Wheels are essential. Ice Cream Van vs Corvette – 11 seconds?….Its not easy, but with a bit of lateral thinking….. :)

  • Well thank god SOMEONE is bringing us new games for the Vita, unlike Sony who just wants to be a peripheral for remote play and PS Now.

    I’m really bummed at the complete dropping of AAA first and third part support after Killzone came out for it.

  • Looks really fun. About time we get a kart racer on the Vita. Any word on price and trophies?

    • It will be available to download on for £4.99/ €5.99/ $7.99. PS Plus subscribers can also look forward to discounts at launch!

  • man this takes me back to the old school micro machines games with a bit of Calling All Cars thrown in! would love to see this in HD on PS4 in the future.

  • Micro Machines flashback AWAAAAAY!

    Been a bit of a dry spell, but finally a worthwhile addition for my Vita.

  • I know there’s online MP, but I wanted to know about single-player against bots. I hope we can do that too!

    • Of course – there’s a full single player mode and it’s quite a challenge. 4 multi-event championships where you unlock cars and then over 30 special events and Drift mode. I want to see one of you guy beat 400,0000 in a minute on drift mode! NOT easy. :)

  • on ios its free is it going to be a free to play on psvita to.

    • Absolutely not! And here’s why – “Free sucks and free isn’t free at all”.

      There are basically 3 reasons why this shouldn’t be free and you shouldn’t want it to be free either…

      Firstly free devalues our work to zero and this game is worth more than that I promise you.

      Secondly, the ‘free’ mobile version is heavily laced with advertising (someone has to pay right?), these adverts in our view compromise the experience for players and we don’t want that for “real gamers” like yourselves. On mobile, ‘some’ people are real gamers and have been very supportive, but you also churn through millions of downloads to find those fans and this means that in general most of these people people are not good customers, nor stay for very long. Mobile gamers are a lot more fickle and don’t want to pay for anything. We want real gamers to enjoy our everything our game has to offer and then follow our story for future releases to become real fans and valuable customers.


    • … the mobile game, the cost of all the cars, wheel weapons, paint schemes and performance upgrades are twice as much as in the Vita version and so the amount of grind required to get everything in the game is twice as hard. This is a compromise again, purposefully added to act as a motivator to push people into buying the coin packs, which some do, but most don’t – most just delete the game because they don’t care about developers or games as much as you guys – there’s a shed-load of free content on the way next week…..these are not gamers -they are dabblers.

      We didn’t want that for Vita players at all so everything in the games can be won through gameplay and skill alone and of course there are NO adverts. If you wanted to donate more because you love the game or you wanted to upgrade every single car to the max (which you won’t do I’m pretty sure), there are still coin packs available if you choose to use them, but you’re not forced to. I prefer to think of them as a way of saying thank you to us. They are completely optional and you won’t NEED them.

    • For the asking price, you get a full solid single player game – probably 10-12 hours gaming for most people and thats still less than a buck an hour. We have some players on mobile with XP levels over 250 and literally 100’s of hours play under their belts. On top of this, Vita players get Ad-hoc multiplayer, plus Infrastructure multiplayer (which I think we might be one of the few racing games to offer both? Maybe Motorstorm RC does it? Correct me if I’m wrong).

      Free sounds great at first, but for the best player experience, always go for premium. That’s what keeps indie developers like ourselves in business. :)

      Thanks for your question – the free/premium debate is an important one


  • 4 players online multiplayer you said? Ok then you have 2 copies sold!!!!! Im getting one for me and the other for my 11 years nephew.

  • I’ll be happy to pay for it when you release a physical version on physical media.

    No disc, no sale.

    • You’ll have to bring that up with our publisher Ripstone :) It would be great to have a retail presence, but there are a lot more costs involve for everyone.

  • Wipeout… sold. :P

  • First, I want to say thank you for responding to me about single-player.

    Second, thank you for the very thorough and open response to #21 about “free vs. paid” – too many developers aren’t open about that type of thing and I agree with everything you said.

    Third, ignore Einhander138 – he literally posts the same exact thing on every blog post, seemingly oblivious to the costs of creating physical copies for $5-15 indie games. Maybe when he takes a business course or decides to conduct some research, he’ll stop posting that garbage.

  • Wow you was in the crew that developed the 1st Wipeout…damn how nice is that…..anyway Nick…you gave some pretty good answers here…I’m looking forward to Table Top Racing…any word on a demo?

    • Thanks for that xClayMeow ;)

      Hi Welmosca – yeah that was some time ago but Wipeout and Wipeout XL/2097 were part of my story. Great times indeed. We don’t have a demo planned at the moment.

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