PS Store PLAY 2014: 4 New Games, Big Discounts

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PS Store PLAY 2014: 4 New Games, Big Discounts

Summertime on PlayStation Store means it’s time for PlayStation Store PLAY, our annual summer program featuring a diverse lineup of new games and special offers. PLAY 2014 officially kicks off today (following the PlayStation Store publish) when this year’s lineup of games becomes available for pre-order.

Now it’s time to get to the new games coming to PlayStation because that is what PS Store PLAY 2014 is all about. The lineup features four unique indie games including two stunning PlayStation exclusives, Hohokum and CounterSpy, as well as Rogue Legacy and The Swapper. Got a PS4, PS3, or PS Vita? Have all three? Well good news: all four games are Cross-Buy across all three platforms. That means you get all three versions for one price!

PlayStation Store PLAY 2014

And if you are a PlayStation Plus member, you will receive a 20 percent discount on PLAY 2014 games when pre-ordering. The pre-orders for all four games will be available today with the first PLAY game launching next week. Here’s the lineup calendar and prices:

Launch Date Title (Platform) PS Plus Pre-Order Price Retail Price
7/29 Rogue Legacy (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) $13.59 $16.99
8/5 The Swapper (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) $15.99 $19.99
8/12 Hohokum (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) $11.99 $14.99
8/19 CounterSpy (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) $11.99 $14.99

That’s not all. If you end up picking up two or more of these great games, we’re giving you a bonus PlayStation Store credit. You can take advantage of these great bonuses based on PLAY 2014 games purchased or pre-ordered from July 22 through August 25:

  • Pre-order or Buy any 4 PlayStation Store PLAY 2014 games to get a $10 credit later*
  • Pre-order or Buy any 3 PlayStation Store PLAY 2014 games to get a $6 credit later*
  • Pre-order or Buy any 2 PlayStation Store PLAY 2014 games to get a $3 credit later*

*Voucher code redeemable for credits will be delivered by 9/5/14. Voucher code expires on 10/3/14.

Phew. That’s a lot of information. So don’t forget: all four games are Cross-Buy, PS Plus members get a 20 percent discount when pre-ordering, and if you buy more, you save more. Check back each week for more information on each of the games launching over the next month.

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  • Yess! I was wondering when the yearly PSN Play would be announced. I want all 4 of those games too! August is going to rock!

  • I get it indies need money, but their prices have been on the rise lately

  • I’m missing the “Get $10 For Every $50 Spent” promotion. Can we expect it to come back some day?

  • Excellent! A great lineup!

  • Counter Spy look interesting t obuy

  • I wish Rogue Legacy didn’t come out the same day as TLOUR. I really want to play Rogue Legacy, but I need to play TLOU since I have yet to play it and I’ve heard it is a decent game

  • Rogue Legacy and Counter Spy interest me so i may get them.

  • Hohokum, and mayyybe Rogue Legacy, here i come!

    So excited for Hohokum. It looks like it will be amazing.

  • I’m sure these will be free for Plus soon, so I’ll wait. Very excited for Rogue Legacy.

  • Very interested in all 4 of these games. And making them all Cross-buy makes them all triply appealing. Not sure if I’ll get them all Day 1, but rest assured, I’ll own them all sooner or later.


    Definitely in for Hohokum and CounterSpy, but I might just have to get all four.

  • Wow! I am more excited to play Rogue Legacy and the Swapper than any other full retail game coming out soon.

    Not only is there a ps+ discount, but Ill save by buying 2!


  • All of these titles are definately welcome, althougth the only title worth the price I think would be CounterSpy.
    Of course if I didn’t have a budget, or fear of sales down the road, I would pick them all up now.

  • I’ve been wanting to play Rogue Legacy for a while, so I’ll be picking that up. I’m not sure about the other games, I’ll need to see more.

    It also seems like the cost of some of the games has gone up while the credit amounts have remained the same. Hmm…

  • Indie games are getting too expensive

  • Crossbuy CounterSpy? Count me in Chieh Chen! :)

  • For everyone complaining about indie games being too expensive. This has to do with two factors. One, more resources and time are being put into them, and that contributes to the rising cost. Two, these games have been created for THREE platforms, that’s three times the testing, optimization, etc.

  • Oh wow, this year’s selection is a grand slam: I’m going 4/4 this time!

    Having all of them be Cross-Buy titles is a masterstroke…now do all of them also feature Cross-Save? (not sure about Counter-Spy.)

  • Crazy lineup. Actually the first time I’m excited for all of them. Gonna have to make room on my 64GB since its already full of choice vita games. Decisions decisions

  • #Suikoden2onPSStore

    Please, don’t tell me that Putter Golf is going to be added to the library of PS Classics, but Suikoden 2 won’t be there!?

    My heart won’t handle that.

  • If you have PS+, preorder four overpriced games, get one half off (kind of; actually, not really, you just get a $10 credit which you don’t even receive immediately)! Probably worthwhile incentive if you planned to get them anyway. No “incentive” for me, though.

    Let’s hope the normal PS+ sales are good. You know, the ones that we used to be able to prepare for on Modays when they were listed? Remember those? Start giving us a headup again.

  • I am all in on 3 of these. Can someone sell me on The Swapper?

  • It is a shame that by the time rogue legacy comes out on PSN, it will have been on sale several times for 3 or 4 bucks on steam sales

    But its worth it, since I have more fun playing these games optimized for consoles and TV

  • Disappointed that Rogue Legacy and Swapper are charging a premium over their PC prices. One of the advantages to cross-buy is that you were supposed to get the game on multiple platforms for the same price to make it a no-brainer to buy on Playstation.

    I still might give the exclusives a shot but I can’t support devs who upcharge for cross-buy.

  • Swapper is crazy awesome and counter spy is ex-Pixar so the style has me sold already hope the gameplay loves up to the visuals! Any news on Starbound and Starwhal those were the games I was really hoping to see on this list.

  • The only one that I’m not really sure about is Hohokum. It’s too bad they don’t release demos early for these games, because that is definitely one that I’d want to play first before buying it. Anyway, the best one there, to me at least, looks like Rogue Legacy as I’m always partial to old-school RPGs.

  • @23 the swapper is excellent I have it on Steam. It is a cool puzzle game with some very strange concepts. Puzzles are fun but it really makes you think about the conceptual stuff, kinda reminds me of the movie Moon with Sam Rockwell, an instant classic IMO.

  • Overpriced indie garbage again.

  • Rogue Legacy (which I’ve played on PC) and Hohokum (remember when PS Home did E3 events?) would be definite for me, with The Swapper coming recommended and CounterSpy looking nice…whatever it is. Doubt I’m in a position to foot for any of ’em right now, but since there doesn’t seem to be any extra goodies (past PLAYs had XMB themes for PS3), I’m okay with waiting myself out.

  • When does Helldivers comes out?

  • @29 theXsilentXchild, have you even played Rogue Legacy, or are you just showing your hatred for indie games?

  • @OnTheBus666 Thanks for the info. I will marinate on that one.

  • Darn it. I’m going to have to buy all of these.

  • Hohokum? Is that was Santa Claus does between the sheets?

    Sorry, I had to. Forgive me.

  • Hohokum and counter spy look nice but I always get scared to pre order a game without trying it first. No need to waste money on a game when potentially it might not be my cup of tea.

  • And remember folks, Rogue Legacy is not a roguelike… its an arcadey tough as nails action rogue-lite.

    I’d kill for a true turn based roguelike RPG on PSN.

  • Cross-Buy Play!

    Awesome. Was going to buy 3 of these 4 for sure anyway. Might have to make it all 4 now.

    –Just watched a review of The Swapper and it looks excellent! All four it is!

  • @ElektroDragon

    The PSP game, ZHP has roguelike elements and is turn based. Have you tried it out?

  • Pre-order prices are good, but I can’t commit to 2 or 3 of these games without reading reviews first.

  • rogue legacy for me so far

  • wubwubwubwubwubwub

  • Thanks bacon, I know there’s probably tons of games like that for PSP, but I’ve sort of moved on from that platform thanks to Vita. But I’ll look into it.

  • This is a very strong lineup… better than some previous years. And if you Plus preorder all 4, you’re essentially getting one of the lesser known games almost for free, making it a no-brainer.

    Thanks Sony, for the right combination of games, at the right prices.

  • @ElektroDragon, I only mentioned that because it can be played on the Vita. I find it actually looks better on my Vita than my PSP.

  • Really great games in the PLAY promotion this year. I’ve been looking forward to CounterSpy and Hohokum for the longest time. The Swapper looks cool and I am debating whether to buy that as well.

  • CounterSpy! Yes!

    I’m also interested Rogue Legacy, but when I could have picked it up for much cheaper on Steam ($3.74), I’m going to hold off for a bigger sale.

  • I wish there was an option with cross-buy titles where we can just buy individual versions for less – I’m not talking a third the price, but even $5 less would be great. I only care about the Vita version for all these titles, so especially compared to what I can pay on Steam for the first two, it seems like I’m forced to pay extra just to have extra copies I’ll never play.

  • This worries me a little. Rogue Legacy is pretty pricey compared to the PC version. Is this small price bump a glimpse of what to expect in the future? And having to preorder digital titles to save on them while being on PS+ rubs me the wrong way. I don’t understand why it needs to be that way.

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