Killzone Shadow Fall: 2 Free New Maps Out Today

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Killzone Shadow Fall: 2 Free New Maps Out Today

Today sees the arrival of The Terminal and Stormgracht, two freely downloadable multiplayer maps for Killzone Shadow Fall. The Terminal is situated inside the Wall on the New Helghan side while Stormgracht is set in the toxic industrial area of the planet.

The Terminal

Killzone Shadow Fall: 2 Free New Maps Out Today

Set inside the vast partition wall on the New Helghan side of No Man’s Land, The Terminal is not the kind of station you would ever wish to find yourself in. Part defense facility, part prison complex, this foreboding place is linked by a series of rail systems, through which the trains run relentlessly at breakneck speed.

Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4
On one side of the station lies the armory control center, from where the entire station’s defenses are monitored. Nearby, huge automated AA guns watch constantly over the bridge that leads to the Vektan side of the city.

On the other, a series of grim and foreboding holding cells await the unfortunate detainees who arrive at the outside platform. Here, their goods and personal effects are stripped from them and dumped carelessly before they are either imprisoned or taken for further “questioning”.

Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4
With numerous platforms and floors to explore, this level will really test players’ navigational skills. Watch out for the precarious routes that line the train tracks themselves – these narrow ladders and staircases may be the key to your success or failure.

Above and beyond all, beware the trains… nothing that lays in their path will withstand their vicious velocity.

The Stormgracht

Killzone Shadow Fall: 2 Free New Maps Out Today

Carving its way through the toxic industrial area of New Helghan, the Stormgracht is a maze of broken and discarded junk that the floodwaters have washed down over the years.

Dominating the main central channel, the ancient spillway gates hold back a vast manmade reservoir, and can still be opened in order to flush the Stormgracht. The raging torrent that ensues will destroy anything and everyone in its path, unless safe ground can be reached either above water level or inside the Gracht’s walls.

Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4

On one side of the Gracht the interior space houses a network of antiquated treatment systems, which can still be seen churning away beneath the walkways. The wall on the other side of the channel has become so silted-up that it can no longer be used, and it is here that exiled citizens from Vekta City have retreated, desperate to escape the oppression of New Helghan rule. In these vile conditions they barely manage to eke out an existence, but have nonetheless managed to transform their surroundings into a shanty town where they may shelter.

Spaces within the walls are cramped, but multiple routes devised from tunnels and pipes provide plenty of opportunity for players to move stealthily throughout all the interior areas. In stark contrast, the central channel itself is largely exposed, and those players willing to take the risk will find plenty of great spots for sniping. However, the deliberate lack of cover means that they may in turn leave themselves vulnerable.

Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4
The Stormgracht will challenge player’s tactical abilities to the extreme, as the gameplay continually shifts with every opening of the floodgates. We hope you remembered your bathing suit.

We’re excited to hear what you think of these additions to Killzone Shadow Fall’s expanding multiplayer map lineup. Try them out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • Awesome thanks

  • Stormgracht looks awesome. Will play this tonight after work :)

  • looking good, thanks for the free maps!

  • Good Sony thanks but need deals for PS4

  • Can u pls add the link when store is updated pls. Thanks for a great work looks nice.

  • i appreciate the free maps guerilla and im looking forward to playing them later. is it possible to rollout a patch that would increase the field of view in KZSF. it feels that my tv is set in zoom when playing the game. also, i appreciate the free maps, but i wish most of the the maps were larger,flat and more open. it seems hard to enjoy playing when the FOV is narrow and youre killed shortly after spawning because of the smaller maps. larger maps would yield more tactics and a overall better experience..

  • i hope these maps are big! i like playing the scout class! so far im very impressed with this game! tonight will be good im sure

  • Singhb13 ki haal a bai.. Add me in psn

    Playstation plus next month got any freebie for ps4?

  • Dang Stormgracht looks great. Guess I’ll have to play some Killzone tonight. Good timing with everyone waiting for Destiny to come back up. Appreciate the free maps! Every dev should do this.

  • I will be streaming the maps when they come out! Make sure to follow in advance. Thanks GG for the maps!

  • I will be streaming the maps when they come out! Make sure to follow in advance. Thanks GG for the maps!

  • Will these be available in the Intercept “Co-op” mode??

  • Dang was sorta hoping Park Terminal from KZ1 made a return, hope we get that a map pack sometime soon.

  • Thank you for continuing to support the game with the free maps. Even though the maps are free I bought the season pass and a bunch of the smaller dlc to show my support for this philosophy of not splitting the userbase. Keep them coming.

  • Still hoping for PS Move support and local Co-Op.

  • Some DLC for KZM will do! Please!

  • anything new for killzone mercenary for the ps vita

  • Cool I’ll jump on in a few min and download them.Is anyone even still playing this game? The people I did play with only like 2 or 3 play out of the 20 – 30. Seems like all the people on my friends list are playing the Destiny Beta or jumped to Call of Duty. I hope this pumps people up to get back on the game.

  • This was the worst killzone game ever, sold my copy 2 weeks later and didn’t even finish the single player campaign. If they ever make another killzone please reference killzone 1,2 and 3!

  • This game is great, despite what most ppl say. It looks beautiful, the multiplayer is great and it has a loyal fan base. The free maps are always appreciated :)

    Most ppl who dislike it it, I would assume have never played it. Shadow Fall is always on sale at retailers, so it’s a no brainer if you own a PS4 and need a game to tide you over for the summer drought.

    I wish I was better, so I could finish first and use my spotlight moves, but none the less, it’s a rewarding experience.

  • Please, please, pleeeease make more maps and/or modes for co-op. It’s super fun, but playing the same mode over and over on the same 4 maps gets old pretty quickly.

  • What about getting more people to actually play this game. At this point it only seems that a good 1,000 people or so are active players. Every game I get into are usually names I already played with before. I guess everyone else is too busy playing battlefield 4 and ghosts.

  • More co-op maps, please!

  • US or UK store too?

  • Bring back exos, jetpacks, move support , the darkness of killzone 2 and 3 and you got yourself a game!

  • Would gladly pay for a Killzone Legacy Map pack ( The Best 10 Mp Maps from Kz1, Kz2 and Kz3 ) along with New or classic weapons / attachments and a New class… The Shadow Marshal.

    The inclusion on of Exo suits, jet packs or intruders would make Killzone SF multiplayer more fun. I wan to Give guerrilla games my money… They don’t want to take it :(

  • Just wanted to say thanks GG for all the awesome support for Shadow Fall! Putting out free maps and letting the season pass cover other content is a genius move as well. It keeps the maps in the lobby rotation and ensures they will be played for the life of the game. Too often paid DLC maps get hard to find in lobbies after the first few weeks or so. I love the dynamic nature of the maps as well. Thanks for the great work!

  • In this Video from IGN it states the maps will be available on the 23rd of July.

  • Thanks for the free maps guy, i love that you guys brought 2 killzone2 maps to killzone mercenary as well.

  • where are they i can not find them to download!@!

  • Can 2 or more players play co op online using only one console?

  • I love KillZone enjoyed playing the multiplayer, still playing the campaign, but my plus has ended and I can no longer play onlien, and that sucks. -__-

  • Awesome,free stuff is always welcome….those graphics….btw the song in both videos is the same song used in the launch trailer right?….that song is awesome.

  • Free maps! thanks :)

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