Entwined Soars to PS3 and PS Vita Today

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Entwined Soars to PS3 and PS Vita Today

Hi, Dom here. A few weeks ago in our look back at Entwined, we mentioned that we were hard at work on the PS3 and Vita versions of the game. Well, we’re thrilled to say that Entwined is available on PS3 and PS Vita today!

We’re very proud of both the PS3 and PS Vita entries and have put a lot of love and care into them. They both contain all of the content found in the PS4 version, and because they are cross buy it means that if you already bought the PS4 version you will have immediate access to the other two versions for free! Not only that, but Entwined is also cross save, meaning that you can play while away from home on Vita and your progress will automatically update on your PS3/ PS4 versions of the game.

We wanted to thank all of the gamers who have already got hold of Entwined and given such wonderful feedback about their experiences with the game.

And that’s all for now! Thank you once again for all the amazing support, and if you want to stay up to date with Pixelopus and what we get up to next, please follow us on Twitter at @Pixelopus.

– Dom

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  • Looks cool, but when will the Store publish?

    • Justin Massongill

      We shoot for 2PM Pacific for the weekly PS Store update post — and we almost always hit it. :)

  • Better news that what santa monica has to offer for the Vita.

    Thanks a lot. I dont have a PS4, i wanted to play this game… On vita it is, tomorrow

  • Oh man, you just made my day! This was my number one “Want to Play This Now!” game coming out of E3. And now that it’s available for Vita, I can!

    MUCHAS gracious!

  • This is great, thanks for supporting the vita guys!

  • Thanks so much! Are trophies separate for each version? Have a great rest-of-the-summer!

  • Cool

  • “” We shoot for 2PM Pacific for the weekly PS Store update post — and we almost always hit it. :) “”


  • That’s 5 o’clock eastern a not except time. you guys should do the work on Monday so then on Tuesday morning you could just release it. Just a suggestion

  • Why no demo is beyond me. I’m not a risk taker in buying a game I’m forced to keep forever.

  • Entwined is a lovely game. Get it. You won’t regret it.

  • Update shouldn’t take to 5pm EST to update the store. The store should be update by 12pm EST at latest.

  • Great! I wanted to play Entwined but i cant affort a PS4 just yet.

    So, thanks for releasing it across all PS consoles :D

  • Just checked out the video for this one.
    Looks intriguing for concept, but much like flower or flow, a game I seem to pay to support than play for fun.

    When there is a good sale, I’m in.

  • The magic of Playstation is entwined!

  • Hello. Sony Team, serious question:
    What is your criteria at the moment of choosing the console that an indie game is going to?
    I mean, there are tons of PS4 indie games that could have been on PS3 too, but you chose exclusivity over it for “some reasons” that make no sense.

    On the same subject, I’m glad this game is coming to PS3 too, but I can’t buy a game like this without a demo.

  • Can’t believe you guys gave up on VIta.

  • This game looks like beautiful peace of art

  • I was really looking forward to play this on PS4 where it looks incredible but to hear that its going to be on Vita just made my week. Theres some great content coming out for the Vita. now and in the coming weeks, you can do no wrong Sony. That PLAY deal looks good. Really looking forward to Rogue Legacy and Counterspy. Might pick up all 4 titles, just for the Vita compatibility.

  • YES so excited for this!!! Does cross buy work in reverse? If I purchase on PS3 today will it still be available free on PS4?
    And thank you very much by the way for doing a cross buy in the first place :)

  • I’ll be happy to pay for it when you release a physical version on physical media.

    No disc, no sale.

  • Awesome. Maybe I’ll knock out those extra trophies now. :p

  • Tell me the trophies list aren’t separated for each platform….btw where is the demo?

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