Watch The Last of Us: One Night Live Monday, July 28

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Watch The Last of Us: One Night Live Monday, July 28

Update: Tickets to attend the show in person have sold out. Thanks for your enthusiasm! That doesn’t mean you can’t watch though — tune in July 28th on Twitch, YouTube, or the Live Event Viewer on PS3 to be a part of this one-time-only event.

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I love great video game stories. Today, the narrative potential of our medium has never been greater. The best video games blend world-class acting, writing, music and gameplay to create art that rivals the best works in other entertainment mediums.

To celebrate that point, I’m excited to announce an experimental project I’ve been working on with Naughty Dog and PlayStation.

The Last of Us: One Night Live

On Monday July 28th, one of last year’s most acclaimed games, The Last of Us, will come to the theatrical stage in Los Angeles for a special one-night-only performance.

One Night Live will highlight the artistry behind The Last of Us with a live reading of select scenes by the principal actors, under the direction of Neil Druckmann from Naughty Dog. Scheduled to appear are Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, Merle Dandridge, Hana Hayes, and Annie Wersching. In addition, Academy Award winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla will perform selections from his score. How this all fits together will remain a bit of a mystery until it happens, but trust me when I say it will be a very special evening.

Watch The Last of Us: One Night Live Monday, July 28

This one-time-only performance will be staged at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica on Monday, July 28 at 7 PM PT. PlayStation fans who will be in the area that evening can secure free tickets to attend the performance in person. Check the PlayStation Facebook page for details on how to register.

If you can’t join us in Santa Monica, select portions of the program will be streamed live around the world on Twitch, YouTube and PlayStation Network’s Live Event Viewer. And while it goes without saying, the event will include some story spoilers.

I hope you’ll join us on July 28th to celebrate The Last of Us and the creativity of the people behind it.

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  • Nice :-)

  • That’s pretty awesome guys! Congrats! Just wish I didn’t live on the opposite coast so I could see it.

  • Nice! Any chance there’s an update on when the Live Event Viewer will make it to the PS4? Would love to stream on there.

    • I don’t believe the live event viewer will be available on PS4 by the time of this event unfortunately. But you can watch it on the web/mobile on Twitch or YouTube.

  • Very , very nice looking forward to it. Haven’t Pre-order yet !, but will next week.

  • This looks like it will be great

  • ANNIE WERSCHING!?!?!? Awesome!

  • ChaoticAssault31

    Awesome, I can’t wait until the game is released again on PS4. :) I’ve been forcing myself to not play it on PS3 for a while since I am getting The Last of Us Remastered. :) I can’t wait until the 29th. 1 more week.

  • WISHED we lived in CA!!!! :(

  • What!? So is this a play? Unreal, and oh so clever! Geoff, this is genius and if so imagine doing Bioshock or something? Cant hardly wait!

    • What we’re creating here is something new, so I wouldn’t exactly describe it as a play. It’s a big experiment. The actors will be reading select scenes from the game, and Gustavo will be performing selections from his score. There are some other twists to how it is all being staged, but tune in to see more.

  • I’m not going to watch this. This is going to be for those who are on the fence about this game. Not for us who have already pre-ordered it. Can’t wait til the 29th to play it, tho^-^

  • Sounds like a fun event, wish I could be there in person. Glad to see you guys still mixing it up and keeping the fun coming from every angle.

  • I live only about one hour away!

  • If only I could be there in person… (UK)

  • Nice! ^_^

  • Yes! Just reserved my ticket looking forward to this and only a week away!

  • it’s on the100 year anniversary of WW1

  • Reserved two tickets for my girlfriend and I, can’t wait for this!

  • you can count on me to be on that live stream :)

  • This looks pretty cool for people who happen to live in that small area of North America.

    If you’re only going to stream “select portions” then I see no reason to watch the stream.

    I will be buying this game (again) on release day though.

  • Awesome!! This must be one hell of a experience.

  • What a great idea! Have never seen anything similar to this. Attending in person and to meet all these great people would be so awesome! :-) But I guess a livestream must suffice – looking forward to this!

  • My question is if its a free event, why not stream the ENTIRE thing, not just “select” segments? Everybody doesn’t live in California.

    • Most of the event will be streamed, but there is a part of it that is reserved just for the live audience that came out to the theater. You’ll find out why next week.

  • So Awsome!!!! tried to register but it sold out quick :(

  • Tickets already sold out. :(

  • “……select portions of the program will be streamed live around the world on Twitch, YouTube and PlayStation Network’s Live Event Viewer”

    Please, please, PLEASE record the entire thing for later viewing, even if you’re not going to stream it all that day. It’s cool to give the fans that are going to be there and purchased tickets “their day” , but the rest of us would like to see it all eventually. God I wish I lived in CA. :(

  • this is off topic but I’m hoping someone from sony sees it anyway
    is there any chance of a return of the monday posts showing sales ? wince the monday + posts are no longer needed we have lost the sales posts from mondays and that was the main reason a lot of people waited for those + posts , so they could see what sales were coming in tuesday and decide if they wanted to add funds or not

    a return of the monday post showing sales would be much appreciated by all I;d imagine

  • I’ll be watching the stream. Should be very interesting to see the actors interact. Thanks for doing this, Geoff.

  • I have the money to buy a ps4 but Sony is taking it to fare with the cost to have fun + tax + online fee pay to play lol with all the money we put in psn you guys are Crazy. if is free to play online maybe ill buy one PS. Sony your trying to hard or just being to hard and hard is not for me ;)

  • I can’t wait to see this!!! To bad I will just have to settle for watching it online though…

  • To all the fans who got tickets… If you are unable to go please cancel so those of us who are able to attend can go?
    Also is this an option to whomever can answer that question?

  • Hell people, I tried to get a ticket but no luck. I’m living in Peru but I would definitely go all the way up there if you can get me tickets. Let me know! I’m dead-serious. For real.

  • NO! its sold out, i wish i saw this sooner. live stream it is.

  • Will it be on play stations twitch or naughty dogs? Or both? But most likely I’m going since it’s a 20 min drive from were I from.

  • Sold out?!:( oh well. Twitch here we go.

  • Lestatdelioncort

    @33 what game were you playing

  • I’ll be watching on the Live Event Viewer :) Very excited for this.

    “It’s the little things…”

  • No Nolan North? too bad, David was the only character I liked.

  • This is such a great idea. I wish I could attend in person–I’ll definitely watch it live online.

  • This is the most legitimate idea since bread.

  • Instead of making a mockery out of a Sony first party drought for PS4…

    Why not just show gameplay footage?

    I agree with neuropunk above me, these writers and leads that want to make movies should go do that. Fifty bucks for a year old movie is steep.

  • That is a great way to promote your game, and provide an awesome fan service.

    I hope the game does well on PS4

  • Is Nolan North going to be at the event? Will we be able to meet the actors at the event? I would love to personally meet everyone!!!

  • Yo guys, this is an incredible event by the sounds of it but sadly cannot be there as I live in England and all ready it’s sold out, my question is would what is the twitch channels name that it will be streamed on?

  • congrats Naughty Dog and Playstation……

  • I would love to see this. It’s possible to watch twitch streaming from the twitch website on PS4, so i’ll be watching it form my own PS4! ;)

  • from*

  • Will it be available somewhere for later viewing for those who miss it?

  • pc release when?

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