The Unlikely Hero of Styx: Master of Shadows

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The Unlikely Hero of Styx: Master of Shadows

Styx: Master of Shadows is a stealth game set in a dark, mature, fantasy universe. Our goal was to return to the roots of the genre and revisit it through a unique character: Styx — a nimble, sneaky, sarcastic goblin.

We want to offer a real challenge to the player, with a game requiring strategy and reflection. Players really have to take care of many details to progress in a level. But to make things fair, players have powerful tools at their disposal that they’ll have to use wisely.

Who is Styx?

Fragile and far removed from the brute hero that kicks butt, our goblin is a skillful assassin that excels at hiding.

Obsessed with the Amber, Styx would do absolutely anything to reach the source of this substance — the Heart of the Tree. Extremely cunning, he’ll always find a solution to achieve this objective, by whatever means necessary.

What is Amber?

The Amber — a powerful and rare substance — gives Styx a wide array of magical powers, such as invisibility, enhanced senses, or even the ability to summon and control disposable clones of himself. But, these powers come at a significant cost…

Styx’s addiction to Amber brings with it unending mental torment, causing him to sink slowly into madness.

Styx: Master of Shadows

About the World

The Heart of the Tree is well protected within the human Tower of Akenash, a fortress built with the help of the elves living around the tree. Over time, the tower became a center of power, knowledge, and mystery.

The upper levels contain the apartments occupied by the ruler, the embassy where humans receive diplomats from the four corners of the kingdom, the great library, and the “docks” (served by airship). The upper levels are the only ones that receive sunlight.

Below, built around the dome that encloses the World Tree, are the military quarters, prisons, and alchemy labs where humans try desperately to master the sometimes destructive power of Amber.

The further players descend into the depths of Akenash, the closer they get to the world Tree and the elves that protect it. This is a dangerous zone where unpleasant creatures are lurking.

An Open-ended Journey

The verticality and the level design of Akenash will provide the player with a large range of possibilities to outwit the tower residents and reach his or her goal.

There isn’t a single path to go from one point to another, but multiple solutions. Styx is made of open areas. Players will find a lot of different ways to go, just by looking around (And above!) them and as the player is a small creature, there’s some options that are only available to him or her.

But be careful, the most obvious paths are not always the safest.

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5 Author Replies

  • Hey this looks pretty cool

  • I am not normally into stealth titles, but this game has a style I cannot ignore. I will definitely keep my eye on this. Is this a disc-based game, or a PSN only game?

  • Is it possible to complete the game without using any Amber powers?

    Please say yes.

    • Julien Desourteaux

      Hi FearMonkey,
      Even if it’s pretty difficult, yes it is possible to play without using Amber powers. Except some moments where you’ll have to use your clone to achieve a mission.

  • the game looks great! Will it be Retail or Digital? Release date?

  • Just watched the E3 gameplay video at the official website and the maps are huge! I love how you can maneuver in so many ways and use that clone of yours.

  • Now thats really is pretty cool.
    Reminds me of dota 2 riki though :)

  • Lemme guess a 2015 release? can we get some surprise titles that are action based and not tiny top down shooters etc?

  • Wow, this looks really awesome. Can’t wait to see more of it in the future!

  • Official website has gameplay video and mentions September release date.

  • Dear sony team
    Some of My content from psn store does not show up and the games i have would work but say that content is not paid for which i already paid for it 5 minutes ago, can guys help me out ?

  • Can’t say I want to play a goblin slipping into madness due to an addiction.

    But your graphics and gameplay look amazing, and definately a genre I love.
    Something about using your wits, and having multiple approaches to the same situation.

    Definately one I will be keeping my eye on, even if it has to be PC.

  • @jadefader

    I’d suggest going to customer support about this, and not on a PlayStation blog post completely irrelevant to your problem at hand.

  • Hope you guys do a discount on Orcs and Men so I can play that first before I devour this one, Styx looks like an awesome stealth game.

  • what platform? Vita? PS4?

  • I’ll put this on my list of games I’m looking forward to this year.

  • Honestly.. never heard of this before and it is now a title I will follow. Thanks.

  • now i need to play of Orcs and Men

  • @Mando44646

    If you look at the trailer’s title, it says PS4.

  • Is there any combat?

    • Julien Desourteaux

      Yes, but Styx have much more better sneaking and assassinating skills, than combat skills. So when you’ll face more than one enemy, it’s safer to be wise and patient, and think about a good strategy to kill or avoid them, without alerting all the people around. ;)

  • I will be getting this.

  • sorry for last post Q:

    does this game have any co-op or muliplayer

  • Why is it that so many games lately are “challenging” players instead of just being fun?

    I don’t know about others but the reason I started and continue gaming is to have fun.

    Seems like every other game post on the blog now is a Rogue/Harsh/Designed to be challenging game.

    We have to “take care of many details” to progress in a level?

    Please everyone who makes games remember there are people who like to have fun and not just frustration/hard gameplay.

  • I was making the name Styx cool long before this guy! Game looks interesting and I have to get it for sure based on the name alone!

  • @22 – there are plenty of games like that …just about everything made last gen minus the souls series comes to mind. All the Cod games after mw1 especially… All easy mode. A lot of us miss the days of old where hand-holding was not there and you had to experiment or read a manual to figure something out. I know I miss that. Today’s easy mode linear games are not what I am looking for. So we differ in those regards, but there are games for both sides. Roguelikes are my favorite genere btw (with the old theif series being a 2nd favorite)… and there was nothing on console except in Japan until the last year or so. So I am glad about that. You had a whole gen of easy hold your hand games with minimal depth. I for one am glad that devs are finally starting.
    Oh and how do you know this isn’t fun? Looks like fun to me!

    As for this game… it looks like I need to look up some vidoes, and will probably add to my “to get list”. \Thanks.

  • It’s unlikely anyone in charge will read this (and even more unlikely anyone would act on it), but wouldn’t it be great if all blog posts about a game had a header that gave at least the following information:

    1. Platform(s)
    2. Format (disc and digital / digital only)
    3. Expected release date

    (I didn’t include price as (A) the format gives us a pretty clear idea of the likely cost, and (B) price may be subject to last-minute changes / PSN discounts etc.)

  • Ooh, this looks fun! It’s good to see a game with decent production value where you don’t have to play as action hero cliché A-E.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ midnightshade

    Yep. I agree.

    I can’t stand games that hold your hand through the entire story. It’s kind of insulting, actually. It’s sad that people can’t handle a little challenge here and there, and need constant catering to.

    Games have ALWAYS been about challenges/tests of wits, skills, reflexes, etc. I don’t know know what ol’ gloomstick is talking about, but I’m not surprised. Inane comments are common from him…

  • Please In The Net Update Improve Your Download Manager On The Ps4 It Took Me Years To Download The Beta… what am i gonna do if a 50 giga bite game came out and i can’t download it so please please improve the download manager or make this pc app function with the ps4 as it did on the ps3 and thank you

  • blah don’t be posting hacking sites on this blog please and I have a commet is sony ever going to have a update where you can have power notafaction when your remote batter is going to get low so it reminds you plug in and recharge your remote because sometimes the remote might be unplugged and you forgot its unpluged

  • Something tells me that this is gonna be a haloween release

  • Nice! Goblin’s Creed!

  • For anyone who is interested in this game look up Of Orcs and Men (I own it on Steam). I loved that game on PC though I wish I had it on a console as the controls feel more console oriented (Port over please :). Also, Styx is the Goblin you meet in that game who helps you. Can’t wait for this game on PS4!

  • Just wanted to pop in and say that I think it’s cool that you’ve made a game with a non-human protagonist. We need more variety. Thanks.

  • Game looks cool….there is a potential there,but you guys should bring it to PS3 and with a demo.

    @ 22 boomstickbhg – Wow dawg…I bet you always choose easy difficult to play.

  • This looks interesting but you’re only getting my money with a retail release.

    No disc, no sale.

  • Is it an indie?


    So it’s not coming out for he Vita.

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