New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

Featured Releases Now Available, Week of 7/15/14:

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Music Unlimited Highlights:


Listen to these new releases on Music Unlimited this week.

  • Rise Against, the Chicago punk band, is back to take on the ills of the world with its latest, The Black Market.
  • British crooner and Disclosure collaborator Sam Smith delivers his soulful debut, In The Lonely Hour.
  • “Weird Al” Yankovic returns with his 14th album of pop parodies, “Mandatory Fun,” which includes his take on Pharrell’s “Happy,” entitled “Tacky.”

For further exclusive access to Music Unlimited new album releases – see details here.

Video Unlimited Highlights:

If you’re looking for an escape this week, then look no further because Video Unlimited has an exciting collection of films to transport you to a different world – whether real or imagined. From the post-apocalyptic world of Appleseed: Alpha to the pre-recession bloat of a Long Island neighborhood in Affluenza, this New Release Recap has it all.

Appleseed: Alpha: This highly anticipated action-adventure prequel to the Appleseed franchise features the director Shinji Aramaki and music from Skrillex.


Set in a post-apocalyptic world, two mercenary soldiers, Deunan and Briareos, embark on a mission to the outskirts of their war-torn city. During their quest, the missionaries encounter two citizens from the utopian city of Olympus who might have the key to help save humanity.

Noah: The Academy Award winners Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Connolly star in this stunning and action-packed film which retells a well-known Biblical story.


An enchanting film score and breathtaking scenery, act as a backdrop to this Biblical tale. Noah is chosen by God to undertake a momentous mission: create an enormous ship to save the world’s creatures before an apocalyptic flood cleanses the Earth.

Affluenza: This film recounts the tale of the bloated and unfulfilled feeling of trying to keep up with the Joneses.


Set in pre-recession suburbia, the aspiring photographer Fisher Miller (Ben Rosenfield) finds an escape from his middle-class life by moving to a wealthy Long Island neighborhood in an attempt to brush shoulders with the young, beautiful elite. He soon realizes that his entitled reality is spinning out of control.

Want to get more Video Unlimited scoop on all the new releases? View further details here.

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5 Author Replies

  • Ok, Where is the new MU App update at? Only thing I want fixed is the server message I always get on my PS4. That thing drives me crazy.

  • I like the service but it needs a lot of work on the server side & the iOS app sucks. Its over due for a big update. like ASAP

    • Hi CaruthK – In case you’ve missed the Music Unlimited UI update on PS4 news today, here’s a glance at: Kindly reach out to our PlayStation support center if you continue to receive server error message here: They’ll be happy to directly trouble-shoot with you.

  • Spotify app please for PS4 !!!!

    And local media playback capability!!!!1

  • I like the Music Unlimited service, but the database is a mess. I’m in school for business information systems and this database that is used for Music Unlimited goes against almost every rule for databases.

    Look up Xzibit and see that there is no need to list the same album over and over again. Also you guys still have two explicit versions of the Restless album listed, but they are both edited.

    You also need to work on the search engine. I can type in an exact song name and it will not bring it directly up.

    I do like being able to listen to music while playing games and my wife loves to make playlists for offline play for her long car drives for work. These work great. Now just clean up the database and your service will be hard to beat.


    • Hi Clocktowe015 – Yes, PSN Gift Cards and any store cash cards (that have dollar values to fund your Wallet on PSN) can be used for Music Unlimited. Hope this helps!

  • Hi, Elina Chen I know, Music Unlimited is owned by Sony but can we expect other music alternatives?

    Can we expect, Google Music? or Spotify or iHeartRadio? on PS4 :)

    • Great question — thanks for asking, Clocktowe015. :) We will not be expecting Google Music, Spotify, or iHeartRadio apps available on PS4 anytime soon. They are ad-based streaming services that does not provide similar user experience you receive on Music Unlimited. As you’re aware, our app service allows you to enjoy over 25+ million(**) tracks without interruption from 3rd-party sponsored ads not only on PS4 but also available on a wide array of other mobile devices like PlayStation®Vita, Android™ smartphones, tablets, and iPhone® while you’re on-the-go at any time.

      (**) Number of tracks available from catalog varies by region

  • Thanks for listening, I really do enjoy Music Unlimited on PS4 :)

  • please update Video Unlimited its a big mess when looking for any content you own. I been looking for a ecosystem to jump into the digital age and I cant say Video unlimited is a choice till they fix the little details. Not being able to download HD on my pc or phone is a biggie. No mac support is a another. Looking for anything you own is really terrible having it organize by name instead of series makes it tough more so when you own the SD and HD version…..I just see a sea of stuff with no structure. Subtitles would be nice too. Oh well I hope you take this feedback I really would like to be in the sony ecosystem since i own a ps4 /ps3/vita but i fear by the time things get working i would have found something else like itunes.

  • Thanks for your work on the new update. I’m hoping that the search feature has been updated. My biggest problem with the current version is that I would get kicked out of Music Unlimited about 60% of the time whenever I would do a search. Has this been fixed?

    Again thanks for the new and improved interface! (^_^)

    • Hi Kerasthimanes – I’ve gone ahead and reached out to our Music Unlimited development team on your feedback for the Search feature. Stay tuned for further updates here. Thanks!

  • You guys should consider a free version of Music Unlimited kind of like spotify play a 30 second ad every now and then. I think a lot more people will jump on board and download if you do this

  • Thanks, seems much better now. Hope to see some Yuzo Koshiro and DJ Assault added to the roster. I love them!

    A couple of ideas:

    – Allow PS4 users to hear Music Unlimited during your broadcasts if they also have a subscription. Maybe UStream could sync that or something, and then just provide regular game audio for everyone else.

    – A random button that jumps to ANY track in the collection, or software that guesses what you might like next.

    – integration with “What’s New” or your profile (people could see what you’re listening to, unless you don’t allow that with privacy settings)

    – a way to jump back into MU when at the volume control part after pressing down on the PS button. Sometimes I start to change a track, then wish I could press triangle there (or another button) to jump back into MU — wish it was faster.

    – share playlists with Share button or PS4 messaging

  • Well, Elina Chen… to be fair Spotify offers the same experience as Music Unlimited if you pay the same monthly fee. There service is miles ahead of Music Unlimited. I really wish you guys would allow 3rd parties in because they would be cash cows and you would certainly make your buck, probably more than what Music Unlimited pulls in.

  • Hi Elina

    Is there will be offline mode in the PS4 ?

    and thanks so much for your replies :$

  • im having problem logging onto ps3 i keep getting a error 8002a548 and idid connection test it keep showing psn failed

  • My PS4 won’t play mp3’s, CD’s or mp4’s. Why take away features that were there in the last generation?

    Also, not even allowing third party subscription services for music is even more shady.

  • Thanks so much for this new interface! This is a major improment, and exactly what I was hoping for after the Walkman update a couple of weeks ago. Things are deffinetly getting better on PS4. Hope this interface is brought to the Video side as well.

    Looking forawd to MP3/MP4 support and DLNA sometime in the future. This would make PS4 the ultimate music hub thanks to its ability to multitask much better than PS3. It would also be nice to have an option to buy albums or tracks for offline play. I know the Vita and Mobile app support offline play, but they still require syncing with the server. I would love to own the music so I can access it when I go on vacation.

    I would still like to know what happened to the majority of Tim McGraw and LeAnn Rimes discographys.

  • never mind now i finally got log back on and ik know no one would help me with this problem or if anyone else having this problem this be last time i post on this psn blog ik they not help me

  • drakenbutch :

    This post is for Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited.

    Why would you think someone is to assist you with a logon error here ?

    You should call customer support at :
    PHONE 800-345-SONY
    Mon – Fri, 8:00AM – 8:00PM Pacific
    Sat/Sun, 7:00AM – 7:00PM Pacific
    Average Wait Time: Up to 30 Minutes

    I checked the PS4 Knowledge center, which is online for your error message and this is what I see:

    PlayStation Knowledge Center
    Advanced Search
    Support RSS Feed
    8002A548: Issue connecting to PlayStation Network
    Was this answer helpful?
    [PS3™ system] Updated 05/06/2013

    Step 1: Check on the status of the PSN.
    Step 2: If the PSN is online, use the PS3 Internet Browser and try to visit any website. If you can, your Internet service is running correctly, go to the next step. If you cannot there is an issue with your Internet service. Click on the type of connection below for troubleshooting steps.
    PS3 Wireless Connection
    PS3 Wired Connection
    Step 3: Try accessing the PlayStation®Store. If you can, this means that the PS3 can connect to the PlayStation Network and the issue is with the game. Try contacting the software publisher for additional assistance.

  • drakenbutch

    This will take a bit to post as it’s a link.

    It’s the link to the PS4 Knowledge center….if you have error codes you can see if there is any message with the error message you are receiving.
    If you don’t find it listed, or the action it describes doesn’t help, then you should call Sony Support for assistance.

  • +1 to what this guy said!!!!

    “to be fair Spotify offers the same experience as Music Unlimited if you pay the same monthly fee. There service is miles ahead of Music Unlimited.”

    Elina Chen: I’ve been a Spotify user ( and paying customer ) since they first opened in North America and I’ve never ONCE heard an advertisement. I don’t know what you are talking about……

    Let’s be honest, MU sucks in comparison. The catalog is not as good, and neither is the UI.

    It’s pretty clear that people want to be in control of their media experience ( choices!! ) on the PS4, and thus far, that hasn’t happened.

    Still Awaiting Greatness…..

  • ” We will not be expecting Google Music, Spotify, or iHeartRadio apps available on PS4 anytime soon. They are ad-based streaming services that does not provide similar user experience you receive on Music Unlimited. ”

    As opposed to the user experience you’d receive if the PS4 was capable of playing all the mp3s that people already own?

    Thanks for another week of completely missing the point. Mp3 playback and DLNA support, or admit that you don’t give a **** about what customers actually want.

  • Well said Trekari !!

    the lack of media support on the PS4 is truly unbelievable!!

    can you imagine Sony employees sitting around, having meetings about the design of the PS4 and somebody said ” let’s drop support for CD/MP3/JPG/MPG/etc” and they actually AGREED??? Some manager said ” yeah, that’s a great idea!! ”

    i’m STILL shocked at this news!!! haha although its really not that funny!

  • @SCoopat,

    I’m pretty sure the meeting was more along the lines of. We failed to plan well for the features of PS4, What won’t take long to implement, and settle the crowd down until we can take the time to program it after we launch.

    I agree it’s bonkers to skip features your blu-ray players even have. I’m just not sure why they skipped the features they did.

    I’m not sure I believe Sony when they say they are not popular.

  • Noah

  • Instead of holding down the PS button to get to the volume/track name, you could see that somewhere on the home screen. Have the option to display that instead of the clock. Also would be handy to press Options there or something to add to Library, or a playlist, instead of having to reopen the program (slow).

  • Also an open to continue playing music where you left off when you start the machine would be cool. It could be like you rbackground music whenever you use your PS4

  • Also an option

  • Wow, someone get GGCan a Can Do Pill!

    Number one Sony employee is still number one employee!! Do not be so harsh, enjoy life, and stop defending bad policies by corporations!!!

  • Honkayjeezus:

    I’m just tired of people posting falsely and not doing anything themselves.

    I don’t mind helping.

    My god, Sony put up a Knowledge center to assist us and some people don’t even check.

    So many people getting errors should look there first instead of blasting Sony……the Knowledge center has helped me so many times previously.

    I work in IT, so I kind of know how frustrating it is when your users can’t do anything for themselves.

    Oh well.

  • Kind of like Thursday July 17/14 afternoon when the Destiny Beta became available.

    So many rumors on this site that Sony was doing maintenance again and people were complaining saying why do maintenance when a Beta is coming out.

    There was NO maintenance.

    If people would have gone to the Knowledge center, it told them there that Sony realized there were intermittent sign in problems (mostly on the PS4).

    With that many people trying to download the Destiny Beta at the same time, you can expect this type of problem to occur.

    Actually, in an article today that I read, it stated that both Xbox and PSN were having issues yesterday.

  • By the way, I know it’s off topic, but the Destiny Beta is amazing !

    Even better than the Alpha was.

  • I agree about the beta.

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