Abyss Odyssey Out Today on PS3

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Abyss Odyssey Out Today on PS3

Abyss Odyssey

ACE Team and ATLUS are back again with the procedurally generated adventure game with fighting game elements (EVO shoutout!), available today on PlayStation Store. The look of the game all draws from an incredible combination of Art Nouveau and Chilean folklore, which is where many of the awesome enemies come from.

Speaking of awesome enemies, most of them have full movesets — meaning that every time you face an enemy, your combat strategy might change. And you’ll have to be mindful of that, since the three main characters, Katrien, Ghost Monk, and Pincoya, will have to earn their skills through combat. These skills can only be changed at certain points in the procedurally created abyss, so there’s plenty of strategy to work around.

Abyss OdysseyAbyss Odyssey

Another strategy, and a personal favorite of mine, is capturing the souls of fallen enemies. Assuming your experience level is high enough (it doesn’t reset if you die), you can use your ultra attack to capture the very soul of the enemy and then use it to take their form in combat. Which actually is a viable strategy at higher experience levels, since it essentially provides you with extra health (once the form you take dies, you revert back to one of the main characters).

The best part about Abyss Odyssey is the community aspect of the warlock at the bottom of the Abyss. There’s an overarching meta-game to Abyss Odyssey — when the collective player base beats the warlock enough times, his mask will get destroyed, revealing an all new mask and filling the abyss with new enemies. And of course, the warlock’s soul is capturable as well.

The abyss is now open to everyone on PS3, and as a special launch promotion, Abyss Odyssey will be on sale for $10.49 for the first week! See you in the depths of the abyss.

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  • thought there was going to be a demo for this game or was that a typo?

  • Neat! And this game should be on the Vita, too. It is a great game!

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Looking forward to playing this. The launch-week sale is nice, too. :)

  • I hope to see this come to PS4 and Vita as well.

  • I saw the trailer on Steam (why isn’t there a trailer on PSN store, especially on the product page?), quite interested in it. The “EVO shoutout!” here made me think twice though. How much of the gameplay requires fighting game skills (like Street Fighter)? Or does it play like an action game (like God of War)? And how heavy is the platforming element (way too many indie games are hardcore platforming)?

    • It plays kind of like smash brothers. You have 3 skills that you can assign to different inputs (standing/neutral attack, up attack, and down attack). No crazy quartercircle back, charge for 2 seconds, etc.

      There’s a lot of synergy between skills too. I think you start off with the fireball, but I quickly dropped that for a spinning attack when I started out.

      In terms of the platforming, it’s not too hardcore, I don’t think? You’ll mostly be dealing with the enemy fights.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ GummyCore

    Watch the gameplay video on YouTube.

  • Vita pleaseee! I’m tempting to buy it for ps3 if there’s no confirmed Vita release but i’d really prefer it on a hand-held. Vita is amazing!

  • I think this looks great and would also love to see it come to the Vita! Thanks!

  • I agree with those above, the game looks amazing and would love it on the Vita. Is there any talk of it coming to Vita down the road?

  • Vita or PS4 would be nice, I’m done with PS3 digital games. Only games I’ll buy on it now are exclusive JRPGs

  • I checked some vids and this game looks so dam cool. You guys will be getting my money eventually.

  • I appreciate the response, John. thank you! (:

  • Darn you guys at Atlus! It’s like you are the greatest magicians publishing wonderful games, and then I end up with an empty wallet!

    This game is AWESOME everyone.

    Playing it now, feels like Smash Bros had a baby with Dragon’s Crown/Metroid/Castlevania it’s simply amazing AND launched with a sale you would be crazy not to buy buy buy!

    Simply amazing game hat’s off to ACE.

  • Feedback:
    Make it so that friends don’t hit each other, it’s annoying in co-op.
    Make Gold shared, all players receive the same amount.

    That’s it for now.
    Great game though.

  • @John Hardin, Thanks for your reply on the gameplay. I would still like to try it out before buying though, but I am confused about the demo.

    On the “The Drop” post in this blog a couple of days ago, it was mentioned that there will be a “Abyss Odyssey — PS3 Trial”. Your original reply to the first comment here said that no demo was planned, but you later edited it to say “Trial + unlock!”.

    Regardless, when I am at the store (on the PS3 or at the web store), I only see the “Add to Cart $10.49” button. There is no option to download a demo or trial (or an unlock package sold separately). There is no PS Plus 60-minutes full game trial either.

    Is there supposed to be a demo/trial or not?

  • @15 Just add the $10 man im telling you it’s like the greatest thing I have played since the first diablo. :P But as far as I know there should be a demo :P

  • there are trophies on the game? I know it’s annoying asking this to some people, but I really love my trophies =D

    If there are trophies, is a instabuy right now… if not, will wait till 20th…. there will be more money that day xD

  • Dude…. this game on the vita…

    Show some Vita love, bros S2

  • Being able to hit each other in co-op is something that I feel absolutely MUST be patched ASAP. It nearly ruins the entire co-op experience. I frankly don’t understand how this was even put into the game to begin with as any amount of play testing would have resulted in frustration during a co-op session I would think.

    I guess some people might get a kick out of such a thing but at least make it an option to turn it on or off.

    Other than that, it’s a great game so far and at a great price to boot.

  • Looks interesting, but sorry.

    No physical release, no sale.

  • Would like to add to my previous post.

    Make it so that the camera follows their respective players, don’t limit / lock it because another player is falling behind / too far apart.

    Eliminate the death cutscene dialogue of the other player. It caused me to receive damage &/or die in some fights because it interrupted me.

  • @20 (Einhander), How many indie games get physical versions? This is a $15 game (currently $10.49). It would eat their small profit margins to make a boxed version.

  • Looks okay

  • There is a demo, but it’s not accessible at the moment. When you buy the game, you get the demo and the unlock key. Seems like it’s one of those where they planned to release it a week or two after releasing the main game. This has been occurring more and more often lately.

    Also, there are no trophies. Well, there might be, but they must have forgotten to put them in. This also happened with the Year Of The Snake DLC for Sleeping Dogs, except in that case, the trophies showed up on the server side, but weren’t present in the actual game code and never got written to the HDD. Eventually, those were patched in and all was well… hope that happens here, too.

    Great soundtrack, by the way.

  • Quite often when a game is newly released, PSN is not updated to recognize the trophies. So when you sync your trophies to the server, the server side does not reflect the trophies you just earned from the game. But as you play the game, you should still be able to earn trophies locally and see them locally on your PS3.

    I have seen a trophy list posted by someone on pst org:

    Once upon a time – finish prologue (bronze)
    Thief – defeat shopkeeper (bronze)
    Dance with the Devil – defeat Pagnini (bronze)
    Assassin of Kings – defeat verbum dei (silver)
    Lion Tamer – defeat the living creature (bronze)
    Lord of sleep – defeat the warlock (gold)
    Wishing well – unlock the pincoya
    Dream catcher – capture a level 10 enemy (bronze)
    Dream hunter – capture a level 25 enemy (bronze)
    Dream master – capture a level 40 enemy (silver)
    Persistent adventurer – Uncover the warlocks secret (bronze)
    Ultimate katrien – equip katrien with 3 fully upgraded special attacks (bronze)
    Ultimate monk – equip monk with 3 fully upgraded special attacks (bronze)
    Ultimate pincoya – equip pincoya with 3 fully upgraded special attacks (bronze)

  • @ GummyCore

    Yep, you’re right.

    Update on the trophies – They are there after all, but they weren’t showing up until I logged out. I noticed this because when I clicked on trophies again before booting another game, it tried to sync again. That’s when it dawned on me that the trophies hadn’t been updated on the server side – the opposite of what happened with Sleeping Dogs DLC.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, everyone. I forgot all about the differences between online/offline mode during trophy viewing.

    For anyone who’s interested, there are 11 Bronze, 2 Silver, 1 Gold. No platinum.

  • Dear Play Station Network my wishes are for this xmas:
    1.Support playstation 3 games
    2.Play station 2 games
    3.Play station 1 games
    so we can enjoy the classics like ratchet and clank and spyro, and lets not forget crash bandicoot

  • Not 2 double post but a post editing feature would be nice as well as information on the new game like rockman from capcom or was that just a conspiracy aboout it coming to playstation?

  • Can’t find the trial on the ps store.

  • Great game! Just found out about it yesterday when the store update was posted. I’m surprised I hadn’t heart about it prior as this is exactly my favorite type of game (I love my old school type side scrolling games). That was nice it was on sale for $10.49 and while I didn’t get to play it a lot last night, what I did play was tremendously fun. Is it true however that when playing a second player, you can hit each other? That could be problematic though.

  • *heard* (not heart) :)

  • The game is basically unplayable in co-op since you will spend more time killing your partner(s) than actually taking down the monsters. You don’t really do that much damage to one another with a basic weapon but once you pick up anything elemental, your partner is in deep trouble. We literally had to take turns fighting enemies while the other just stood there and held block as to avoid killing each other. It’s probably one of the worst missteps I’ve ever encountered in any game and frankly I think co-op should have been removed from the final release.

    If your main reason for buying is in fact co-op, you may want to avoid it completely until they patch it. As a single player game though it really is fantastic minus a few minor issues here and there.

  • I have $16 in my wallet. I really want to buy this game…but Dark Souls II DLC next week. Hnnnng decisions

  • Hi Atlus man! Is George and his crew still there? If he is, please relay the following message: need…more…dragon’s crown!!!!

  • Now this seems to be very interesting I think I’m going to have to check this out just may buy this.

  • Kinda saddened people think quarter circle or charge back are hard or crazy.
    Also taken aback by some comments. A) buy the game
    B) there is a difference between offering a suggestion, and straight up telling the revs WHAT TO DO

  • I accessed this post just because in the image there is a skeleton with a violin that looks like Brook from One Piece!!

    Then after reading the article and to YouTube ti check gameplay and more about the game, and automatically I found this video:



    You must insert that video in this post, the video itself automatically sold me the game!!

  • Vita version. please, PLEASE. :-)

  • Wow this game looks really good….it slipped by my eyes….you guys should release a demo ASAP.

  • Forgot about the demo…just saw a gameplay on YT and damn this game looks GREAT….I’m buying it soon.Good job to the devs,looks pretty neat too.

  • Can’t believe this game slipped under my radar. I’ll need to figure out a PS3 solution so I can play it (or maybe it’ll come to Vita and solve my problem ;D).

  • nice game , waiting for a vita version.

  • First of all, I really, really like this idea of giving special discounts to early buyers. I saw Another World doing this too and I think it’s great. With so many awesome games going on sale all the time, and piling up in everyone’s backlog, doing something like this makes those sitting on the fence like me want to take the plunge on a game we really dig.

    With that being said, this would have been an instant buy for me were it not only for the PS3. A Vita version certainly would have been nice, as others have pointed out, but after seeing a lot of gameplay footage of how intense the combat is, and smooth the animations are, I think this game deserves to be played on a PS4 (or PC). I think if you were to promise to deliver a PS4 or Vita version at some point and have them be cross buy supported, so that people won’t have to buy the game again later, this game would be a no-brainer for many people at this price.

  • Also am I the only one that thinks having friendly fire in a co-op action game incredibly refreshing, and awesome? Y’know, you don’t HAVE to play on co-op if you don’t know how to, well…. co-operate.

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