Abyss Odyssey Out Today on PS3

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Abyss Odyssey Out Today on PS3

Abyss Odyssey

ACE Team and ATLUS are back again with the procedurally generated adventure game with fighting game elements (EVO shoutout!), available today on PlayStation Store. The look of the game all draws from an incredible combination of Art Nouveau and Chilean folklore, which is where many of the awesome enemies come from.

Speaking of awesome enemies, most of them have full movesets — meaning that every time you face an enemy, your combat strategy might change. And you’ll have to be mindful of that, since the three main characters, Katrien, Ghost Monk, and Pincoya, will have to earn their skills through combat. These skills can only be changed at certain points in the procedurally created abyss, so there’s plenty of strategy to work around.

Abyss OdysseyAbyss Odyssey

Another strategy, and a personal favorite of mine, is capturing the souls of fallen enemies. Assuming your experience level is high enough (it doesn’t reset if you die), you can use your ultra attack to capture the very soul of the enemy and then use it to take their form in combat. Which actually is a viable strategy at higher experience levels, since it essentially provides you with extra health (once the form you take dies, you revert back to one of the main characters).

The best part about Abyss Odyssey is the community aspect of the warlock at the bottom of the Abyss. There’s an overarching meta-game to Abyss Odyssey — when the collective player base beats the warlock enough times, his mask will get destroyed, revealing an all new mask and filling the abyss with new enemies. And of course, the warlock’s soul is capturable as well.

The abyss is now open to everyone on PS3, and as a special launch promotion, Abyss Odyssey will be on sale for $10.49 for the first week! See you in the depths of the abyss.

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