Watch the MLB 2014 All-Star Game Simulated in The Show

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Watch the MLB 2014 All-Star Game Simulated in The Show

Major League Baseball’s biggest stars will descend on Target Field in Minneapolis, MN next week for the 2014 All-Star Game. With the 85th Midsummer Classic around the corner, we felt it was only right to try and predict the outcome of tomorrow night’s game using the highest rated and most realistic baseball simulation available, MLB 14 The Show for PS4. Here’s a look at some of the video highlights from the game, courtesy of The Show.

It took three and a third innings for the scoring to start, and with back-to-back doubles from Carlos Gomez and Andrew McCutchen in the top of the 4th, the NL got on the board first. The AL responded in the bottom half of the inning when Andrew Jones singled, stole second, and hustled home on a Josh Donaldson base hit.

After trading runs in the bottom of the 6th, Alex Gordon scored on an Andrian Beltre triple to tie the ballgame at 3. For the first time since 2008, it would take extra innings to determine who would get home field advantage for the World Series.

The Reds’ Todd Frazier was the hero for the NL in the top of the 10th as he launched a two-run home run to straight away center to put his team on top 5-3. In the bottom of the 10th, Frazier’s teammate Aroldis Chapman shut the door and earned the National League a 5-3 win, and home field advantage in the 2014 World Series.

Tune in tomorrow night at 8:00PM ET on FOX to see if our prediction holds up.

Additionally, San Diego Studio is constantly working on improving your gameplay in MLB14 The Show. Therefore, we want you all to know that we continue to work on improving online stability. We have just completed a patch and are working to get it through final testing for public release. We plan to have more information soon.

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  • It’s tonight – July 14th @ 8pm…. not tomorrow

  • Cueto’s not pitching in the ASG, your simulation is flawed. I’m sure you must have other All-Stars who aren’t participating in the game in your simulation. Weak!

  • and it’s on ESPN…. not FOX

  • I’m all talking about the HRD… nevermind…. ignore me

  • Are we getting a ” home run derby edition ” this year?


    These words “We have just completed a patch and are working to get it through final testing for public release” are just as suspenseful as the MLB’14 Allstar Outcome.

  • @ JayBizzle311

    Tonight is the Home Run Derby, on ESPN.
    Tomorrow is the All-Star Game, on FOX.

  • Think you mean Adam Jones – Andruw Jones is currently playing over in Japan :)

  • Not sure where to post this, but what has MLBAM done to the MLB.TV app on PS4? I logged in this morning, and I can no longer look at player stats during a game, I can’t look at individual player stats at all. There are some players that are not league leaders that I like to fallow. Hope someone can rely this inoformation to them. I want all of the old features back.

    The new interface is nice, but the removal of features is appalling.

    @Sony San Diego

    Thank You, this first year PS4 game is amazing, and I look forward to what else you guys can do with this new hardware. Your work is very appreciated.

  • How come almost every player in MLB 14: The Show has facial hair? Is it some kind of fetish?

  • Id like to watch a patch go live to fix the multiple issues across game modes in this game first.

  • Can you please lower the price of the MLB 13 HRD from $5.99? I want a game to swing my Move controller like a bat but don’t want a full baseball game like The Show, I just want to have fun with my Move but $5.99 for this game is too high. I have sports champions 1 and 2 and they are awesome and sports is the best thing motion controllers do especially simple tasks like swinging a bat, a golf club, a racket, throwing a bowling ball, etc. If there was a baseball add-on sports champions 2 that would be cray amazing.
    But this HRD is the next best thing and I really want it but refuse for a year now to pay $5.99, so a price-cut is truly necessary Sony and San Diego Studios.

  • thx for letting us know about the patch that is coming. hope its sooner than later. football season is around the corner and i will not care about this patch or this game[mlb14 ps4]once the season has started. and i will move on thinking what a waste of time and money.

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