This Week in PlayStation: I’m Your Density

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This Week in PlayStation: I’m Your Density

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

We’ve got details on Destiny‘s impending PlayStation-first beta and its collectors’ editions (look at that Ghost Edition!), beloved indie rogue-lite Rogue Legacy lands on PS4/PS3/Vita this month, 2D fantastical fighter Skullgirls is headed to PS4 and Vita, Driveclub’s dynamic weather systems ensure that no two races will play out the same way, Alien: Isolation’s pre-order bonus lets fans play as Ellen Ripley herself, cheesy platformer Mousecraft is out on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, and experimental puzzler The Talos Principle hits PS4 later this year.

This week in Final Fantasy XIV: I just ran Syrcus Tower for the first time and rolled on a belt for my Warrior (my main is a Black Mage), forgetting that you can only get one item per week. D’oh! At least when my tank gets to 50, she’ll be well-equipped. I’m still Atma farming to upgrade my Stardust Rod, and I’m saving up Soldiery tomes to replace the weakest link in my current equipment loadout: my i55 Master Thaumaturge’s Ring.

Let’s hear your gaming stories from the past week! Any big accomplishments?

  • I’m playing: Final Fantasy XIV
  • I’m watching: World Cup Finals, Persona 4 Golden Animation
  • I’m listening to: PlayStation Blogcast 126, Virt

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PlayStation Blogcast 126

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