VizionEck on PS4: First Gameplay Revealed

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VizionEck on PS4: First Gameplay Revealed

I’m Michael Armbrust, the creator of VizionEck: a first-person shooter unlike any other. I’ve hinted aspects of the game, but now it’s time to wipe away the mystery. I’m here today to reveal all and premiere the gameplay video.

VizionEck on PS4

VizionEck is a competitive first-person shooter, but its core mechanics have been rebuilt from the ground up. Spawning is different, weapons are different, cover is different, etc. This new and innovative gameplay is centered around VizionEck’s art-style.

VizionEck on PS4VizionEck on PS4

These cubes and mathematically exact outlines provide incredibly deep and competitive mechanics. Every situation can be approached in multiple ways, with no inherently bad choices. Destroying enemies and surviving is generally good, but in VizionEck nothing is black and white. Even self-destruction has positive outcomes depending on the player’s circumstances.

What you just witnessed was the beginning a 1V1V1V1 “Ranger VS Ranger” match. A detailed explanation of these mechanics and more can be found on VizionEck’s gameplay page.

VizionEck on PS4VizionEck on PS4

Also as stated at the end of the video, I’m happy to announce that VizionEck will be releasing exclusively on PlayStation 4 towards the end of 2014. In the meantime, you can follow @VizionEck on Twitter, like VizionEck on Facebook, add VizionEck on Google+, etc. In addition you can check out our website and discuss the game on our forum. I’ll be checking and updating these sites as development continues.

VizionEck on PS4

As a closing remark, I’d like to invite you to post any questions you have. I’m here to answer all of them.

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  • Mind = Blown. Bravo!

  • Cannot wait for this game! That COLOR!!!!

  • This is great. I love this kind of innovation. This is what I want from indies, not just SNES graphics. I want new ground! This is a day one buy, definitely.

  • Sharingan_itachi

    I fell asleep.

  • Sigh… indiestation.4

  • @5 there are plenty of AAA titles out and coming… personally I enjoy the love Sony is giving to indie games as it will give us plenty of options of games to play at usually lower cost than over hyped recycled material that offers almost nothing new to gaming.

  • Ummmm….what?

    Is this a joke? I’m seriously asking! I guess I need to do some reading.

  • I am going to be honest. What the hell did I just watch? I’m still trying to figure out how it’s played. Not my cup of tea. But not a bad game. Game’s like this are good for the gaming community. While I find it weird and strange, others find it fun and addicting. It also shows that Sony isn’t afraid to try new things. I don’t think I’ll be getting this game, but for those who do get it, enjoy it to the max and send me a video on how to play lol

  • Did anyone else read this as: Vizio Neck? This looks like a game I played on Commodore 64!

  • The visuals remind me of the PC game AntiChamber. This looks pretty cool, though cant wait to try it, but is the multiplayer only split screen? Will there be a single player mode?

    • Up to 24 player online multiplayer, with splitscreen working for these multiplayer matches.

      There is actually a very large single player mode, but it has separate game mechanics and is not an FPS. It’s an open-world, story-based, first-person, puzzle-platformer based in the same universe as multiplayer.

      I’ll try to reveal as little as possible about this mode pre-launch, since most information would be spoilers.

  • Well, that video was useless. Except now i know i dont want this. Thanks, sony, these are just the kind of exclusives ive been waiting for.

  • My god, ty. A game. A game i see and would love to play. Old school gamer here. Play everything. Am looking foward to this. Great concept guys.

  • So how hard is this game going to be to play? Can my kids play or are the controls say, more adult…?

    • The controls are pretty simple and can be fully customized. Players do not need to worry about managing a lot of inputs. Just movement and shooting.

      As long as your kids/inexperienced players don’t expect to be winning against other players online, they should have no problem having fun and ignoring any advanced mechanics.

      Also thanks for the feedback!

  • I see blind people.

  • Confused, yet intrigued. I couldn’t see the other players,so perhaps stealth is a factor to this unique FPS. I want to hear more about this. Always down for something new/different and interesting.

  • Don’t worry, there is still plenty of mystery. I have no idea what is going on in that trailer.

  • Watched the trailer before reading the post and I am so glad I did. For the first minute before the rewind I was like what is going on. Then when you split the screen it just clicked. This is Goldeneye, but you’re a bunch of boxes. And everything in the trailer started to make sense. What a neat idea for a shooter. Local play must be awesome with this. Man, I wish I was still in college when I see games like this. Not sure if I will pick it up right away, but I promise I will look for excuses to do so. Keep up the great work.

  • @16 stealth is definitely a factor in the game, and actually as your health diminishes so does the white lines on your box to help you hide better. Also the yellow things are power ups that help you jump better and you can walk on any surface!

  • Hum…in the 1st post this game seemed interesting now it looks like a joke…..this is the kind of game that would make my belly go crazy and make me feel dizzy and queasy.

    Well good that its coming to PS4.

  • Looks really unique. I’m excited for this!

  • M4 #6 – neat

  • Well, went and read the website, and it gave me more questions than answers – but color me intrigued! I am always hungering for new experiences in gaming, and I love to see this kind of creativity. It’s actually really refreshing and hopeful.

  • Ummm… The gameplay might be good but graphically it looks just awful. The movement, the colors that look like artifacts. I understand this was probably what they were going for but why? …. Smh.

  • @24, That’s Youtube / video compression artifacts. Visual fidelity should look much better in the actual product.

    At any rate, this certainly looks bizarre, but I’d definitely give it a shot.

  • I don’t know what I just saw (only had a quick glance) but I love it.

    Also love that you’re actually doing online multiplayer, which is something that most indies seem to think they can do without (even when the game begs for it).

    Good stuff.

  • Any plans for a demo? I really like the look of VizionEck, but like a lot of people I’m still not sure what to make of it. I imagine it’s hard for you to see it through the same, confused eyes since you created it. :P

  • This looks like bullcrapi mean damn sony can’t we get something a bit more interesting that i don’t have a be an MIT scholar to play. I don’t mind games being different but this looks like some bullcrap!.

  • What the hell did I just watch?

  • Suggestion for people that are leaving pointless, non-constructive criticism: Move along and find something that interests you. If you don’t like something, why not keep it to yourself?

    This is an independent developer making a game with their own vision. Sony is not publishing it or funding it. They have opened the platform up to smaller teams by allowing them to self-publish. If you don’t like a game, you don’t have to play it. Some of these indies are games that would probably only exist on PC, or not at all, if the PS4 was only open to big publishers. The big publishers will still bring the AAA games. There is no reason to complain about games that you don’t care for, nor is it necessary to make rude comments to the developers. These are real people who have something that they are proud of, and there are plenty of people who will enjoy and appreciate their work.

  • Looks good, something different! The fact that it has split-screen makes it an instant buy and free dlc always a good thing. Look forward to hearing more about it later on!

  • Feels like something out of the 80’s but mixed with something else.

    *ps4 growls out of hunger and anticipation*

    *looks at console and caresses it while watching gameplay*

    Soon my pet, soon.

  • I seriously think Sony should let you do an open beta and equip you with the resources necessary to do so.

  • Looks very cool, but if there ever was a game that wasn’t for me, this would be it.

  • Oh, thanks that clears things up.

    Best guess – it’s a drug simulator being labeled as an FPS to get the kids hooked early. Clever.

  • Most boring game I have ever seen’

  • Maybe I’m missing something here, but all I see is boxes and weirdness.

  • I think it looks awsome and I can’t wait to buy it but people are tearing this game up in other articles because they don’t understand it. You almost need to do a video where you explain what’s happening so people understand. Hopefully the final product will be great and will speak for itself.

  • This is one of the top 10 ****** video game trailers. I mean they claim online is a new fps but the vid Doesn’t show gun play, so gun play ur i will never buy a game ur sudio makes

  • I have absolutely no idea what it is I just saw. I’m in a WTF state. Just saying.

  • First thought, you should have hit up Disney for sponsorship with some Tron rights. :-) Looks awesome! (Although, I have to admit I was a bit confused until the rewind.) While I’m not really an FPS type of guy I think you guys have done an outstanding job here. If you guys can manage a Beta, please try and include a snippet of the single player campaign.

  • I’m sorry but this game looks like garbage

  • No physical release, no sale.

  • digital release? Sold!!

  • No Vita version? Im surprised…

    Is it an indie?


    So it’s not coming out for the Vita.

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