PlayStation Blogcast 126: One Piece, Two Piece, Red Piece, Blue Piece

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PlayStation Blogcast 126: One Piece, Two Piece, Red Piece, Blue Piece

Refreshed and revitalized after the July 4th break, the Blogcast team shares next week’s new releases, recalls favorite PSone memories, discusses the big PlayStation-first Destiny Beta (July 17!), and talks about elephants. Seriously. Elephants. Do listen in!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Destiny (Beta incoming on 7/17!)
  • Resogun’s new goodies
  • One Piece
  • Crunchyroll
  • Final Fantasy XIV’s new patch
  • Our earliest PlayStation experiences (what were yours?)
  • Resident Evil
  • Elephants

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The Cast

[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornFinal Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn — Neal and Friends
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn — Neal and Friends

Thanks, Neal!

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  • I know its probably not the place to write this but I visited the EU PSN Blog & saw they got some awesome discounts & the mod there even wrote they’re going to get sales later on as well, a lot of people have been asking for discounts/sales, why are you ignoring a lot of us?

  • Sony is giving EU ANOTHER SALE while the Japan games sale is still going on.
    Spending all my money on the Xbox game sale; Skyrim $10 Fallout 3 and NV $5, etc etc.

    Are we not even going to get one for helping you guys sell 100+ million consoles?

  • Still nothing about the Ratchet and Clank collection for Vita in North America? Remember the one that got released in Europe and Australia and barely confirmed for the US at E3, but whenever anyone asks or comments on the blog, it is promptly ignored? Oh well. Excited about the Destiny beta tho.

  • we need tekken tag tournament 2 in the igc

  • My earliest PlayStation experience was learning of the system’s existence and thinking “who is Sony to make a game system”? Then I played games like Resident Evil, Twisted Metal, and was hooked. I remember renting it from my Blockbuster a bunch of times — renting the system and whatever games they had. Twisted Metal, 2xtreme (which I liked), and Jumping Flash.

  • I’d watch a video of the podcast. Or even better make it a project Morpheus thing so I can sit in the room with you guys.

  • Oooh, this (^^) Morpheus idea is killer!! It must’ve came from the mooon!

  • Nice, back on the Thursday kick huh?

  • @ drew croft: I got both fallouts, arcana, skyrim(been waiting for $10 or less) dragon age 2 and witcher 2 and thinking about others. Looking everyday for their daily game sale. Had to scrape dust off the Xbox and put batteries in the controller. Now that’s a summer blast sale

  • Oh and by the way, happy birthday again Sid.

  • BLOGCAST! Lol, this will be perfect for my drive home tomorrow

  • Ratchet in NA on Vita please, can’t believe we don’t have a release date and EU already has the game smh

  • Great show guys. Justin, keep advocating for FF XIV! This is my first MMO and I love it. I also think it is the best RPG on PS4. Ryan and Sid, cut him some slack! I love hearing you guys discuss FF XIV!

    By the way, I also happen to have my primary character on the Midgardsormr server. My Summoner just hit Level 40. Feel free to friend me up!

    • Justin Massongill

      Thanks for the backup! I’ll keep you guys updated with my Eorzean adventures each week, even if I have to keep it brief. ;)

      Add J’yu St’yne!

  • Suggestions I have for the PlayStation 3

    1. Can we get the option to delete games in the trophy list especially the ones that are at 0%. I would also like to be able to delete betas that expired in my download list. They don’t need to be there and take up space.
    2. We need an easier way to find downloads in the download list. Please add some filters to help us better find what we are looking for.
    3. Some games I would like to request for PlayStation Plus in August are Resident Evil 4, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, Okami HD, Derrick the Deathfin, The Unfinished Swan, rain, Skydive: Proximity Flight, Cel Damage HD, Beyond Good & Evil HD, and Siren: Blood Curse.
    4. Can we get another 99 cent indie flash sale. Echochrome? Flower? Limbo? Cubixx HD? Journey? Papo & Yo?
    5. Are we going to see a Best of PlayStation Network Volume 2 in stores anytime soon? I discovered the amazing Sound Shapes through the first one.
    6. We need more games like Jetpack Joyride in the free to play section.
    7. Add a wish list feature to the PlayStation Store. We can organize future purchases this way.
    That’s all I got for now. Thanks for listening.

  • I don’t get why you people beg and complain about sales, release dates, patches and all that junk. The Blogcast team is not in charge of that. They can’t suddenly make an amazing sale appear, they can’t just say some random date for Ratchet Vita, so stop complaining here.

  • Hey guys I love the show, I wait all week for the new episodes to come out, keep up the great work. Regarding this weeks show #126:

    1). I don’t play Final Fantasy, but I love hearing Sid and Ryan make fun of you when you talk about it, some of the best laughs I’ve had in awhile. Please keep Making fun of Justin.

    2) I have seen an announcement for a new Godzilla game coming out in Japan for PS3. Is there any rumor or chance that this will come to the states and be upgraded to PS4?

    3) in episode 125 Zoe got a special happy birthday from Tom Gilmore. My birthday is in December can I get an autographed picture from Tom for my birthday?

    Great listening to you, keep up the great work!!

    • Justin Massongill

      You tell them to keep making fun of me, then ask for an autographed picture of my alter-ego?!

  • @16, thank you!

  • Justin,,keep the Final Fantasy XIV talk coming! As someone who just got back into the game after being disappointed with the original PC launch waaaaay back in 2010 the game is so refreshing. I’m on Balmung so I can’t party up with you, but I enjoy hearing what you’re up to.

  • Yes. Somebody else remembers the big card board game boxes that incased all the original launch titles for the PSone. I remember like it was yesterday. My dad was getting me a PSone and I couldn’t of been any happier. We were in line about to check out and he asked me what game I was going to play when I got it hooked up. I told him that it did not come with a game, but only a demo disk. He looked at me like I was crazy and told me to go pick one out and the game that I chose and forever made me a Playstation gamer was of course the very grown up game, Twisted Metal. Twisted Metal was such a different game from everything that I have played before then. It was dark, grown up, and was everything that Ninendo was not. I never looked back and have every PS platform released since. Long live Playstation.


  • Loved the Resident Evil talk in the show. I remember being absolutely obsessed with the original game. It was (at the time) stunning graphically and really made me feel like games had taken a huge leap from the 16-bit days.

    A funny fact about RE: Director’s Cut – there are two versions. The second version is the Dual Shock version, which is the one that has the zombie face on the cover. The sad thing about this version is that they replaced the (excellent) original score with a horrid budget score that was composed by Takashi Niigaki… who in fact is supposedly deaf and recently was exposed as a fraud that hired a ghostwriter to make his music. Look up the Basement music on Youtube and you’ll see how bad the score for RE: Dual Shock edition is.

  • Game that drew me into Playstation was: Wipeout (the original). At the time, I was living in Malaysia, and the gamestores in the malls let you play on the PSOne for about $3-4/hour. Most people would be playing Tekken or Ridge Racer, but for me it was Wipeout.

    I’d been going through so much F-Zero withdrawal from the 16-bit era, and suddenly here came this game that was in 3D (goodbye Mode-7!) and also about futuristic racing. Plus, you had to get used to the controls! But once you did, there was no turning back. That insane feeling of speed!

    I believe I spent enough time and money playing in those malls that it should be enough to revive the entire Psygnosis/Studio Liverpool team to create a new Wipeout for the PS4 (nudge nudge, wink wink).

  • Edit: (Well, actually, Additional): Am I a bad man for ‘fast-forwarding’ through that elephant drawing the elephant? I just wanted to see if it really could.

  • My earliest Playstation memory – I remember playing Wrestlemania on the SNES with a buddy of mine when I moved out of my parents house and into my apartment. We played it all the time but the SNES was missing two characters from the arcade. When I saw the PS1 version had Bam Bam Biggalo and Yokozuna I had to get it. Maybe a bit silly but that’s my story. Yes I’m looking at turning 40 next year but I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Oh and for the record I still have it. It came in one of those large clear plastic cases. :)

  • That elephant segment was fun. I can’t believe one of you pre-ordered that one Final Fantasy game back in the day a year in advance. Sick stuff lol

  • My Uncle Owen recently got Audi S6 just by part time work from a home computer. view it now……………… ……… ……………………… ……………… ……………………… ………………………………… ……………………… ……………………… …………..

  • “My chocobo is bigger than your chocobo”, great Sid moment! :)

  • Ryan’s geeky voice is that one from The Simpsons. The pimple faced teenager. :)

  • A friend just sent me a PlayStation Message noting I was mentioned in this Blogcast. Thanx for listening to the feedback, I look forward to whatever video option you potentially move towards.

    PS: Thwip…the sound Spider-man’s web-shooters make. :)

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