Alien: Isolation Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

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Alien: Isolation Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

Alien: Isolation -- Crew Expendable

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Alien: Isolation’s Nostromo Edition, which includes the bonus content “Crew Expendable,” contains Ellen Ripley and the original crew of the USS Nostromo.

The pre-order bonus content will find you playing as Dallas, Parker, or the iconic Ellen Ripley. In the horrific moments following the deaths of Brett and Kane, it will be up to you to escape the Alien terror hunting you.

Along with Ash and Lambert, this is an unbelievably rare gathering of the Nostromo crew, reunited once more with the Nostromo Edition. The legacy of Ellen Ripley, of course, lives on in the story of Amanda Ripley, which is fully explored in Creative Assembly’s terrifying vision on October 7th.

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  • oh well, take my money.

  • Best pre-order bonus ever.

  • if there were weapons in the game i would call it a boring shooter.
    now i call it a boring interactive experience!

  • OuterSpaceJunky

    I thought the preorder bonus might be an adult diaper.

  • This game looks soooo good! Its part of the reason im getting a second PS4. Dragon Age comes out on the same day and the wife LOVES that game. The only way I will get to play this game is by getting a second PS4. The other reason is because of AC: Unity. At long last the wife and I will get to play Assassins Creed together.

    Keep up the great work on this game! Also, will there be a demo and how soon can I get my filthy paws on it?


  • krizzlefoshizzle

    be still my beating heart

  • pretty sad that this is a preorder bonus; used to be swag like audio cds/posters/trinkets and now people are getting skins that’s going to be made on pc anyways.

  • Long live Ripley! Can’t wait to play. D1B. Throw in audio cd , poster or a artbook for #7 comment , haha. I’m happy with this. Woooooo

  • Do Brett and Parker spend all their time complaining about “the bonus situation?” The screenshot looks gorgeous.

  • @9 That would be priceless!

    Really hoping the game doesn’t suck, because …

    And hoping that Amazon Canada gets off their duff and actually posts the pre-order bonus on the site like their US counterparts always seem to do. Seems the Canadian site is working on some sort of alternative timeline where pre-order bonuses don’t happen.

  • Sid must be foaming from the mouth.

  • I’m on the fence with this one. It looks great, but I will only commit if the reviews are good (eg. 70+). My main worry is that running away from an Alien will get old, but with the right balance of creative puzzles, it could be an incredible ride. I will wait for reviews before committing. Thankfully there are no drought of titles to play this year!

    I would be sold, day-one, if they announced that the game would eventually get Project Morpheus support. This game seems very well suited for VR, and something tells me the experience would stick with me for a lifetime — in a scarring, horribly traumatizing sort of way. :D

  • Really looking forward to this game but won’t be pre-ordering because of what was posted about this on the SEGA Blog:

    “In addition, consumers in North America who pre-order at GameStop and customers in Europe who pre-order at select retailers will exclusively also receive “Last Survivor” in which players pick up the story as Ripley tries to escape on the Narcissus.”

    This retailer-exclusive DLC practice has to stop. The same pre-order deals should be available for all customers everywhere. This is an anti-consumer practice and only serves to help GameStop fill its greedy coffers. I’ll get the game but I’m waiting for the inevitable “GOTY Edition” that will include all this content anyway. Keep up the good work though, CA, the game looks great.

  • Well, I just canceled my Amazon preorder. I’m so incredibly sick of store-specific preorder bonuses. I’ll wait for the “XENOMORPH EDITION” we all know is going to be released eight months later that includes all DLC. Even then, I’ll wait for the price to drop to $30. Good job guys.

  • That DLC looks freakin’ awesome. I’m a wuss when it comes to horror games, but I really need to get this.

  • It seems like they posted about early development not too long ago and now we’re getting an October release date?

    I don’t know it’s possible to make a great game in under a year.

    I’m predicting it will have that feeling when it comes out… that it could have used more time in development.

    I hope I’m wrong though.

  • sorry too expensive…on uk retailer wants 54,99 for whole package…LOL

  • I absolutely hate DLC, but this is Alien and it is being made obviously with all due love and respect for the original material.

    So yes, I am sold.

  • This game looks really good and might be the only good Alien game in years and I mean years!!!…..anyway I’m going to get this game for sure,the gameplay videos released have convinced me that it’ll be great but I won’t be able to pre-order it….so if this pre-order bonus is an extra mission….will you guys release later as a DLC?…..I’d hate to lose more hours of SP content

  • Not sure about this because the last two games were horrible and has left serious doubt in my mind about the alien franchise.

  • Not pre-ordering anything Aliens related that is published by Sega at this point. Sega and Gearbox continuously and purposefully misled the press and gamers with the last terrible, missed opportunity. There was never an apology or admission of wrong-doing from Randy Pitchford or anyone at Sega, so they will continue to not get my business until they prove otherwise and earn back my trust.

  • Hmmm. As much as I love this concept, as a huge fan of the original film, I have to say I’m disappointed that BOTH packs aren’t included the Nostromo Edition. This “retailer exclusive” nonsense has to stop because it makes no sense to me to add content from the first film that’s incomplete in some areas unless one buys two versions of the same game. At the very least, BOTH pieces of content should be able to be purchased by ANYONE who doesn’t pre-order the game some time after the release date.

    Now that I think about it, being able to play both DLC before the main game would have been a nice touch and a lead in of sorts for anyone who has yet to actually see the first film. Anyway, SOLD, but I’m waiting to pre-order for a bit to see who carries the version with both pieces of content.

  • um, yes please!

  • Retailer exclusive content is ridiculous.

    It does nothing but punish consumers.

    Instead of enticing me to buy this day one, now you’re making me wait to see if there’s a GOTY version coming.

    If there’s not I’ll be buying it used when it drops down to $20.

    Congratulations, you’ve lost a sale for your anti-consumer tactics.

  • That’s an awesome scene right there.. The whole team right there… Nice!!

  • Is this retailer exclusive?

  • Oh, I see. You’ve split the content between retailers. Why’d you have to ruin a good thing? You were on a roll. People were excited about an Alien game that might actually be good and you do this. Thanks for caring enough to make something from the original Alien film, one of my favorite films, starring Ellen Ripley, one of my favorite characters every. Shame on you for splitting it in two and selling part of it off to a retailer. I’ll save my $60 for something else. Shame on you.

  • No words can express how excited I am right now for this.

  • We have to stop falling for this trend of pre order bonuses. The content will be on the disk if they are talking about it now. You are simply paying for a potentially bad game to play as a character you will never see. It’s a first person game. I can’t wait to spend the game looking at Ripley’s wrist. This content will either be unlockable as the game progresses or, even worse, will be paid DLC. If it is on the disk, it should be available to everyone. Preorder bonuses are the second biggest scam in gaming, the first being micro transactions. Unlike consoles, there will not be a low limit on copies of this and other games. If you buy digitally, you are even dumber. The game will still be on the PS store if you wait to read the reviews. What if this game ends up Colonial Marines? You will be demanding your money back. Just have patience and stop falling for this trap of pre order bonuses. The only ones who benefit are the studios. Once they get your money, they don’t care if you like the game or not.

  • But where do you pre-order to get the DLC? Anywhere? I.e. It doesn’t mention the DLC there.

  • This stuff could have been one of the best selling points for the game but being a pre-orders bonus is quite disappointing. Making it a gamestop exclusive is just dumb too. You just put yourself out of consideration for me.

  • I am usually wary of pre orders, but this is an exception and I’ll take the risk. Love the original too much to NOT play as Rilpey, et al.

    Re: GameStop paying for the right to exclusive content–so what? I have no issue with them trying to earn a profit.

  • Is it an indie?


    So it’s not coming out for the Vita.

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