Warframe PS4 Update: New Challenges, New Weapons

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Warframe PS4 Update: New Challenges, New Weapons

It’s update time, Tenno, and you know what that means — more features and content coming to your favorite space ninja game! We know you’ve been patiently waiting, and today the wait is over. Update 13.7 will be available today and here’s a rundown of what the team has been doing in Warframe on PS4.

A lot has changed in Warframe in just a few short months, and we know it can be hard to keep track of all the changes. So just in case you haven’t been around since Update 13, here’s a quick recap as to some of the major changes you may have missed, plus what’s coming today in 13.7.


Dark Sectors

Tenno have been pitting their resources against fellow Tenno in a bid to control new uncharted areas of space filled with bonus experience and boosted resources. By working together as a Clan or in an Alliance, players can construct a Solar Rail to gain access to these Dark Sectors.

The Clan who controls the Sector can reap certain benefits, so pick a side and prepare to defend your Solar Rail from any Tenno who would sabotage your control.

Melee 2.0

Honorable combat at blade’s point has never been so rewarding, and it’s all thanks to our dramatic Melee 2.0 update. Each weapon now has its own upgradeable stance that unlocks a variety of combos to be used when setting aside your firearm in favor of close-combat. Every melee weapon in the game from swords to whips, axes to twin daggers each has their own unique fighting stance, and in most cases more than one!


One of the biggest changes since Update 13 was the introduction of our water-based Warframe, Hydroid! Sporting a stylish pirate hat, Hydroid is a unique blend of offensive crowd control — able to call down a ranged liquid bombardment, summon a swarm of tentacles to wreak havoc upon the enemy, and turn into a crashing wave of water that can knock down foes.

He also can turn into a puddle and drown enemies inside of himself, which is a strange but satisfying way to deal with the opposition.

And that’s not even the latest! If you’ve been enjoying the ride so far, then Update 13.7 should not only give you a few new fun tools to work with, but a new challenge to test your skills against.

Warframe PS4 Update: New Challenges, New Weapons

Loki Prime Access and Prime Accessories

Fans of being an invisible killing machine should rejoice as our new Prime Access now features Loki Prime, Wyrm Prime, and Bo Prime — all available in a single bundle; and in case the gold trim wasn’t stylish enough, a Prime Accessories pack features the Daman Prime Sugatra and Summus Prime Sentinel Accessories alongside a 90-day Credit and Affinity Booster.

Both packs are also bundled with Platinum, and are a great deal if you’re looking to store up for any future purchases down the line.

New Trophies

In addition to our new content, we’ve added two new Trophies relating to Dark Sectors, one for completing 5 missions for a clan in a contested Dark Sector, and another for earning 100,000 credits in Battle Pay. If you have yet to experience fighting over the Solar Rails and are looking for that 100% completion, now’s a great time to pick a side and join the fight.

Captain Vor and Tier 4 Void Keys

A new Prime also means a new Orokin Void Tier, and within it are new challenges for players to face. T4 Keys can be earned in Medium (lv 10-20) and Hard (lv 20+) Interception missions on Round 3 or later; which means as long as you’re playing Interception, there’s an excellent chance you’ll be able to unlock our most difficult Void keys yet.

Each Void mission also has the chance to spawn a new yet familiar enemy. Corrupted by Void energies, Captain Vor lurks — twisted but infused with incredible power. Already a formidable enemy, Vor can spawn in any T4 mission at random, adding an element of surprise each time you play.

New Weapons and Armor Packs

Our final addition to 13.7 includes new armor customization and weapons for Tenno to mix up their arsenal with. Both The Edo Armor Pack and Yamako Syandana will bring some nice cosmetic options to PS4, while the Serro, Nami Solo, and Pyrana each contribute their own unique kind of death-dealing to the enemies of the Lotus.

If you’re looking to mix up the color on your Warframe, be sure to check out the Defaults Color palette as well. It’s a collection of default colors used across every frame we’ve made so far, which makes it a pretty interesting pack to choose from.

Between a brand new Prime, new challenges in the Void, and new weapons to master, it’s an excellent time to be a space ninja. Oh, and be sure to watch out for some Special Alerts from the Lotus in the near future. Word has it Alad V is up to something suspicious, so keep your eyes peeled in game (or on your Warframe Nexus app) for any emergency transmissions.

Good luck, PS4 Tenno, and happy Void hunting!

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3 Author Replies

  • Man I love this game. I’ve only been playing it for three months and already have over 200 hours into it. I haven’t devoted that much time to a game since Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

  • Would love to play the new update, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to play this game for the last few months due to the whole “cannot reach the Warframe server to complete the update” error. No help from Warframe support team. No solutions have worked for me, uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. And it’s frustrating due to the fact that I’ve spent actual money on this product, but I can’t seem to get any straight answers about how to resolve this issue.

  • This game is so bad even tho its for free.

  • I’ve been playing this game ever since update 12, and I’m just loving it. Over 100 hours in, and I can say that just with the changes I’ve seen from update 12 to update 13.7, those who haven’t played in a while, or who haven’t played at all, I say check it out. It takes a bit of learning, but it’s loads of fun. One of my favorite PS4 titles for sure.

  • @trum3n1 What’s so bad about it?

  • It’s a fun game with friends, but please fix the updating system. DC Universe Online already fixed it from the PS3 version, where before the PS Store would download the game, and then you’d have to finish downloading inside the game. Now it’s all fixed into one PS Store download.

    It gets tiresome to have to wait for updates when I want to play with my friends, and we likely end up just playing something else if that happens, unless we have a lot of time.

  • @5 if you’re 10 years old then maybe you’ll like it

  • @trum3n1, I really enjoy it and I’m an adult. Glad you could find a mature and educated way to articulate your reasons. *slow clap*

  • then you’re an idiot. this game isn’t even realistic it just wanna be.

  • Warframe is great! Not too far into it, but I’ll be sure to keep playing so I can try out the new content!

  • @clokez77 I had that same problem, too. Try reconnecting to your network. That’s what I did and it worked fine after that.

  • You know guys, there are morons that just don’t get this game: it looks like trum3n1 just had to show his face about it.

    Yes, the game could hold your hand more, dude. Stop crying, this is an excellent game in which you can still get all the payable weapons and ‘frames by earning them, and the grind for everything (save Oxium) is highly diminished compared to most F2P OR EVEN Retail games (Shadow Fall, I’M LOOKING AT YOUR ABILITY GRIND!)

    If all else fails, check out warframe (dot) wikia (dot) com for any help the tutorials in the Codex don’t provide.

  • I’ve played more Warframe than any PS4 game to date. It even plays well on the Vita with remote play.

    Admittedly, Warframe isn’t perfect and has its issues. But as a free-to-play game where there’s no need to pay to win, it’s pretty fantastic. (Plus, it keeps getting better with every update, even if the Hydroid does make the game feel more like space fantasy than it did with mere space ninjas.)

  • i think i’d have more fun playing if i didnt have to mainly do planets due to the fact that it’s almost impossible to get a key group. i can say “invite” or “lfg” all i want and nothing happens. maybe they should introduce a LFG like wow has :P

  • @Jenny101282, just leave your game status as “open”. Most times people will join you or you will join someone else. If that doesn’t work, send me a friend request. I play daily and am always up for more people to play warframe with.

  • @trum3n1 ur an idiot for saying only 10 year olds would like this game, im 25 my roomate is 28 an everyone i know who plays is 17 or older, its a fun game

  • @trum3n1

    Is Ratchet n Clank realistic, NO! is Final Fantasy realistic, NO is One Piece realistic, HELLS TO THE NO!!! then please S**U and get off this article

    In other news can we get Nix Prime next? That would be so awesome.

  • Been playing since launch- 170+ hours – I built my own Dojo and have upgraded it all alone :) I do have a few issues with the game though and the big one is the star map, I don’t like the opacity and how spread out it is. They need to make an option to make the planets and connecting lines solid so its easier to see and navigate. I am so happy they fixed the selling and auto updating for weapons that was annoying trying to filter through all the mods you don’t need… any who … good times

    • Glad to hear you’re having such a great time dofphoto! We’re actually working on some pretty huge changes to the star map that should help address the problem you’re having, but I hope it’s not too big an impact on your experience in the meantime. Thanks for all the support!

  • Now with this new update at some point very soon I have to get back into this asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CrusaderForever

    Thanks for the incredible update! Looks like I am playing some Warframe this evening!

  • iamtylerdurden1

    @trum3n1 – Ur foolishly uninformed & obviously don’t know much about the industry…newb. They don’t bring unpopular f2p’s over to PS4 Warframe is loved & 1 of the most played games on Steam – infact, Digital Extremes (the company that makes Warframe) was just absorbed by a prominent Chinese publisher (because Warframe is soo successful) needless to say i don’t think all the millions of ppl playing/buying things on Warframe are “10yr olds”. Go play Farm simulator if u want “realism”.Destiny isn’t that “realistic” either with moon wizards & the fact that ur dead/have magical powers & an ancient army of evil living in the moon & all.. guess u won’t play that one either? Alot of Tenno & Guardians will. Have fun. Try again.

  • @Jenny101282

    yup, like @AnoyoIkari said, just leaving your online status to open should match you with someone or someone will likely join you. I play pretty regularly, so if you need someone to play with, feel free to shoot me a friend request.

  • Why are you just now advertising hydroid when he was on last patch ???

    • We weren’t able to get a blog post up in time during Update 13’s release, so we figured it would be nice to at least remind anyone that may have missed it that Hydroid was splashing around. Sorry about the confusion D-E-L-T-A!

  • It’s kind of sad that Warframe is still sinking deeper and deeper into the quicksand of mediocre games tht are out there. It has a great art style and cool concept, but the devs are apparently not concerned about improving core gameplay elements (movement, blocking and dodging, melee, stealth etc) and the skill required, but rather in producing little shiny things for people to grind or pay to play with.

    It could have been so much more.

    P.S. Before anyone even mentions melee 2.0, that whole “combo” system is a joke, and channeling is meh.

  • Thanks for the update. But I want to know when PS4 players will be able to play with PC players? You promised cross-platform game and all I get from the forum was that it will be possible only when PS4 and PC versions will have the same patch. But PS4 updates is still far from PC… It makes me sad, because I want to play this game with my PC friends, in same way like World of Warplanes…

    • When it comes to simultaneous content we are working on a few different solutions, such as our Tenno Reinforcement Vault that’s currently giving PC and PS4 players the previously-unobtainable machete blueprint for free just from logging in. As for cross-play, unfortunately at this time I’m unsure when something like that would be available. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help Villemo87, but I hope you’re having a good time with other PS4 Tenno!

  • @ 9 trum3n1 – Wow typical troll loaded with ignorance…….why the game needs to be realistic if its a fu***** GAME???????????

  • Vor, what a jerk. More so when your a helpless, terribly defensified (working on it) solo space ninja. Ok, ok so it only FELT solo since there were two invisible Loki’s giggling at me as I did my self appointed, visible job distracting Vor out there in the Void. Just gotta say, OUCH, OWIE, OW…. he’s not very nice. But he did agree that I make a nice carpet lying flat on the floor.

    The void has made him nastier and he’s loving every moment of it.

  • Awesome. But when can we Transfer our characters from PC to PS4 or PS4 to PC?
    also, gonna build him when I get the chance :D

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