One Piece Unlimited World Red Out Today on PS3

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One Piece Unlimited World Red Out Today on PS3

ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red

Yo ho ho! It’s time to join the rambunctious Straw Hat Pirates on their grand adventures in One Piece Unlimited World Red on PS3. PS Vita owners can look forward to a portable version next week!

In Unlimited World Red, you’ll encounter two new faces in the One Piece saga — Pato, a sassy raccoon-dog who befriends the Straw Hat Crew, and The Red Count, a frighteningly powerful pirate with a malicious agenda. One Piece fans will be pleased to know that both these characters were created by Eiichiro Oda, the legendary author of One Piece. Will they have mysterious powers? Check. Strong personalities? Check. Quirky laugh? Nukiki!

But what’s a pirate life without crewmates? Take on the adventure in local co-op play to explore the vibrant islands and engage in flashy battles with trusty friends at your side.

ONE PIECE Unlimited World RedONE PIECE Unlimited World Red

Enter the Battle Coliseum, a bone-crushing new mode that was not included in last year’s original Japanese release. Based on the most up-to-date story arc in the manga and anime series, Battle Coliseum Mode will let you choose from many powerful pirates and marines to duke it out in the arena.

Whether you want to follow the episode storylines, gain ranks in the coliseum, or spend your time exploring and expanding the game’s central town, One Piece Unlimited World Red has adventures and excitement waiting just for you. So grab your friends, hold onto your hats, and set sail for the New World!

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  • Go the Vita version preordered, thanks for the limited retail release. Still stinks that Pirate Warriors 2 wasn’t localized for Vita or retail or PS3.

    If its at all possible a limited retail release of Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment would rock. And I know a lot of people that would prefer it. Even a preorder only thing would be nice. Like what Class of heroes 2G is getting.

  • why the vita release was delayed? and how much will the vita version cost? thanks :)

    • The Vita version is $39.99 – You can grab the digital version or a physical copy from GameStop or the Bandai Namco Games Store.

  • Why was the Vita version delayed?!

  • I’ve had the Vita version pre-ordered for almost two months now.

    I just went to Gamestop to see if they are releasing a digital version along with the physical and the employee confirmed they are. She stated that the physical edition has Gamestop exclusive DLC and she couldn’t confirm that the digital version included this DLC.

  • The Vita digital version does not include the Day One DLC. But you can get the physical version from GameStop or our Bandai Namco Games Store!

  • Thanks for the reply. That information was really important to me…as I typically lean towards digital.

  • Please release a physical version of Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment. Even a limited release like through GameStop would be appreciated. PLEASE!!!

  • Disappointed about the One Piece break this week, this should make me feel better

  • I have a question, money is a little tight as the moment, I’ve been trying to find cash to get Atelier Rorona Plus on Vita, I want to get this when my money flow is back. I know the Physical is gamestop/eb exclusive for Vita in NA. My question is, how is the stock for this game going to be. Like if I wanted to get it in Sept. Would I be able to find it in my local EB or will I hear they haven’t shipped a copy of that game since like release?

  • Wait, the Vita version is delayed a week, won’t come with the Day One DLC all the other consoles get AND it might not even ship next week from the Bandai Namco store? :/

  • @10 Oh, I read it wrong, *digital* copy won’t come with it. Phew!

  • So sad Bandai Namco, I’m inclined for digital version but i live in other country but my count is USA. I can’t preorder the physical version of PSVITA. I will lost “Day One DLC” :'(

  • Sharingan_itachi

    Tell me more about God Eater 2

  • Sad that I have to wait an extra week to get this on my Vita. But that gives me an extra week to finish grinding out DP in PDf, so I guess it’s okay.

  • Luffy!

  • Not quite understanding why physical release comes with the DLC and digital doesn’t.
    Seems that approach would support resale instead of rewarding owners who don’t, much like digital costing the same.

    Game looks great, but not really a One Piece Fan.
    I am however very interested in SOA even though a dubbed version would have been prefered.

    Was serously tempted with DBZ, the game looked great but felt the gameplay was slightly lacking from the demo version.

    Glad you have not abandoned the Vita though and look forward to hopefully more localizations from you.

    Also, still waiting on a decent digital sale on some of your games.

  • Thanks for bring this game over gonna love playing this on my ps3

  • It might be a while off yet before it’s released in Japan, but is there anyone at Bandai Namco America keeping tabs on The Irregular at Magic High School: Out of Order for the PS Vita?

    If that game turns out to be halfway decent, perhaps it might be a potential candidate for 2015.

  • Great! i was ready to buy the digital version today for the vita but its now delayed …. and no day 1 DLC…, kind of unfair tho, but anyways till next week then

  • Meh. All of the One Piece games I played really blew. Might pick up Unlimited World Red when it becomes MUCH cheaper.

  • BANDAI NAMCO, DAY ONE DLC it will included with the season pass?

  • You’re joking right Namco?……one piece?….

    PLEASE bring >>>>J-Stars<<<< to US….please…that would be the best thing ever.

  • Welmosca, the problem with J-Stars are the licenses :(

  • Got the PS3 Version Thanks for destroying the incredible box artwork with that ugly yellow banners.

  • Thank you Thank you for the localizing one piece now can we get a gundam game localizes please

  • I found J-Stars boring, also, i’m tired of buying these on day one only to see them on discount two or three months later. I wish this had a good multiplayed experience.

  • *Online multiplayer experience.

  • Too bad I can’t support this due to lack of English Dub, unless Bandai Namco is willingly to offer a paid English Dub DLC, I really can’t support this type of practice, real shame. I just hope this will not be a industry standard for games from Japan.

  • It would have been nice if this was cross buy. if so i’d buy the PS3 version now, but I play more on my vita.

  • @28 Naruto While i’d love an english dub alot of people don’t like the dub, where as I love all the anime dubs. I feel they’re great but whatever, i can deal the subs for now. But i do agree namco bandai needs to have english dubs as a DLC for these games. :(

    Also does anyone know if this game is only a Colosseum only or is it like Pirate warriors games with different islands or zones to fight in?

  • @28 for Dubs look to Funimation and not Bandai Namco, Funimation is still working through Water 7 on Dubs, they’re not even close to pirate alliance which this game is basically part of.

  • @25/Gogetax

    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn released last week. It’s a fun game, if you can wrap your head around the “crafting” system for the mobile suits.

  • All aboard the Thousand Sunny!!!

    So much love to Bandai Namco! Thanks a lot for the physical version!!

  • Loved the first Unlimited game on the Wii back five years ago or so now! Bought mine around noon at Best Buy! Love It much more than the Musou series! Believe It! I’m Gonna Be King of the Pirates!

  • @ 23 LuiisFeliipe – Oh damn thats sad…I didn’t wanted to import but looks like I have no choice….if the problem is the licenses then its very likely that we will never see J-Stars coming to US.

  • Yet another title that is inexplicably not cross-buy, which I means I’m not buying either. I’ll wait for it to be free on Plus.

    Not sure why publishers haven’t learned their lesson on this yet. Sales numbers of certain titles on Vita aren’t low due to lack of interest/buying power for the user of the platform, it’s that players don’t like full-price retail games from major publishers that aren’t cross-buy and they’d rather save their money for cross-buy titles that give better value.

  • @31 + PZDugna Funimation is already past water 7 on dubs. It finished 5 months ago. Now they’re on the Thriller Bark Arc but still i understand your point. I still feel there should be a dubs patch for these games.

  • Thank you thank you THANK YOU Namco Bandai for bringing this west on so many platforms. As a huuuuuge One Piece fan, can’t even express how much I appreciate it. Bought the retail versions for Vita, PS3, and 3DS, and bought it digitally on 3DS, Wii U, and PS3 to show my support. Thanks again, you guys rock, hoping to see many more One Piece games localized in the future!!

  • @36: Its a retail game, the only reason Sony ever did it with retail titles was to try to push Vita a bit.

    Bamco aren’t going to cry that they can give you a game free. They lose nothing from people like you who just want a free ride.

    And Vita games are cheaper than PS3… So there goes that. Vita also has a strong attach rate, so I don’t know what you’re smoking on that one.

  • This is so disappointing i’ve waited for the ps vita version for too long and im a Digital buyer. why the hell sell a physical copy and not sell a digital with the same DLC this is injustice to Digital buyers. :/

  • @Bandai Namco…..Will this be crossbuy for the vita if we bought the PS3 version. I think that would be only fair since the PS3 version has the higher price. Digital obviously.

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