The Origin of Titan Souls on PS4, PS Vita

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The Origin of Titan Souls on PS4, PS Vita

Titan Souls on PS4 and PS Vita

Armed with a single, indestructible arrow, Titan Souls on PS4 and PS Vita drops you into the midst of a desolate world you have no knowledge of. Exploration will soon reveal the hiding places of the Titans that reside here, and it’s your job to take them down.

Tense, punishing boss battles are a love of ours that we think a lot of gamers share. These kind of battles are the very core of the gameplay in Titan Souls. There are no health bars — a single strike will end your life, and a single hit to a Titan’s weak spot is all you’ll need to pull off a kill.

It’s not as simple as it sounds, however — each Titan is completely unique, with its own threatening move set and its own hidden weakness to be exposed. It’s a challenging game, and we’re not going to help you out with any overt tutorials or prompts either — you’ll need to observe carefully and figure things out for yourself. Whilst simultaneously managing to survive. Maybe we’re just horrible people.

The idea was born out of a Ludum Dare jam game of the same name that we made in a weekend back in December. The theme was “You Only Get One,” which is where our core mechanic of firing and retrieving your single arrow came from. Along with only having one “health point,” this was our starting point for the game’s brutal difficulty.

We initially thought this might have been a hard sell, but we were thrilled by the positive feedback we received and immediately took up the opportunity to make Titan Souls into a full game with the help of Devolver Digital.

We’ve been working hard making an all-new engine with better graphics and more fluid movement, a larger overworld with a greater attention to detail, and a ton more boss fights with greater complexity and improved balance.

Titan Souls on PS4 and PS Vita

Titan Souls on PS4 and PS VitaTitan Souls on PS4 and PS Vita

We’re all amazed at how far Titan Souls has come since starting out as a jam game 6 months ago — it’s been a hugely exciting journey culminating in the announcement of the game coming to PS4 and PS Vita on the PlayStation stage at E3. We can’t wait to further improve, expand, and show off the game as we approach our early 2015 release.

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  • Very interesting concept. I look forward to seeing more about it :D

  • Love DD, very glad to see you guys bringing all these awesome games to PS.

  • It feels like Dark Souls only with having no armor and the most power weapon in the game with only one durability point.

    I want to play this now.

  • Very much looking forward to this. Lots of great games coming from of game jams, and +1 to DD for helping get these onto the PS4. Definite Buy.

  • Shadow of the Souls!

  • ManjoumeThunder

    These games are looking great. Can’t wait to play on Vita (then PS4 when I eventually get that).

  • This game is high on my ‘anticipated games’ list. I’ll probably start ignoring posts about it until the release to keep it new and exciting the whole time I play it.

  • Dare I say Dark Souls with a dash of Zelda? I love this concept, definitely excited it’s coming to Vita and PS4.

  • OuterSpaceJunky

    Watched a bit of gameplay during E3 coverage. This is a Day 1 purchase for me.

  • I can say with confidence that I’m looking forward to everything DD has announced for the PS4 and Vita. You guys rock.

  • Yay Vita! Yaaaaay!

  • Got a little excited, then, oh wait its another 8bit.
    Not that it will kill me, looks alright, just a little dissappointed.

    Shadow of Colossus reference, really???

  • thesamuraiman_PS

    When I heard this, I was expecting a big, graphically amazing, open-world, next-gen kinda game. Kinda disappointed it looks like this… Still may check it out…

  • So many good indies coming. Can’t wait :)

  • Why only PS4 and Vita? I want Broforce to PS3!!!

  • You guys skipping over PS3 now?
    Definately waiting for a sale.

  • Those that ask for PS3 releases needs to realize that the PS3 will be 9 year’s old come November since it came out in November 2006. It’s time you retire the old hardware and get a PS4. PS4 has been the best investment for me in video game’s. Looking forward to all the coming games. Keep them coming.

  • @ Skater_Ricky

    For someone who doesn’t play many games (0.8 trophies/ day and 36% avg completion), you got no right telling any other gamer jack. PS3 is going stronger than PS4 for now. PS4 is a dry spell and will be at least until this holiday season, its mostly indies, ports and remasters. There’s plenty of great games for PS3 that you skipped, doesn’t mean everybody else should alright? Gotta love early adopters who barely game telling others who do how to game.

  • When are they coming out?

  • @Skater_Ricky


    The PS3 will be 8 years old this year. And there’s still a lot of games coming out for it. The PS4 has very little yet, and won’t for several more months at least. Jumping straight to a PS4 at launch would be a mistake, and there’s still nothing to make me want to get one. Sticking with my PS3 and Vita.

  • Why would I retire my ps3 superslim which I just bought last December…. You should retire your PS4 because PS4 slim then super slim is on their way to market sooner than you think.

  • i’m a big fan of the indie scene and i’m definitely going to pick titansouls up…

    …but i’d love it if the game’s art was like in this articles top picture instead of pixel art. there is too many pixal art styled titles out and far too few sexy cell shaded styled titles.

    and btw,.. wrt talos principle thank you thank you thank you for bring that to ps4. that and the witness are more two most anticipated titles.

  • Basically, we are the villains that invade the world of the Titans, they die trying to defend their homes and their families.

    “Little Titan: Mommy, when will return dad?, I miss him”


  • Bring it to PS3….you have no reason to not do so………..oh you have,Sony telling you that they’re neglecting PS3.This BS going on recently is really sad but….game will be on Vita at least so its alright….for now.

  • @17 you need to learn to even know what your talking about before you speak.

    As a New gamer, or one that rents/resells its a great idea.

    For those of us who have been around awhile with a large collection of digital titles, that would be entirely needless.

    All those Indie and Vita titles, compared to PS one classics for less, not to mention better.

    Oh yea, thats smart.

  • Sweet Vita games in that highlight real from Devolver. <3

  • No PS3 No Buy.
    Not untill it goes for a couple bucks.

  • Played the Ludum Dare entry and it was definitely a great concept. Looking forward to this larger-scale version on Vita!

    My only question is HOW much larger is it. IIRC, the Ludum Dare entry only had four bosses. Will you let us know how many are in the full game when it gets closer to launch?

    I also think it’d be sweet if there were some bonus “easter egg” bosses representative of some classic PS franchises, like maybe a boss that resembles R&C’s Nefarious.

  • Looking at FF7 being played on my outdated PS3.
    Yea, like I am giving that up anytime soon.

  • Gotta love idiots.

    “The PS4 has no games right now that make it worth getting.”
    “Why isn’t this on the PS3?!!”

    Sound logic :rolleyes:

  • @Rezolution77

    FF7 on a PS3? I can’t do that. The game is so low rez it hurts my eyes to play it on a big HD screen. Now, the same game on a Vita is a great match. The small screen keeps the textures at a reasonable size.

  • Using a 420 tv atm. – Long story.
    Looks better than my Vita.
    Can’t remember on my last one.But thats upsetting.

  • Love the concept. Glad it’s coming to Vita.

  • Now i haven’t heard much about this game but looks quite interesting.

  • Another dollar Android title coming to PS4!

  • @honkayjeezus (35), WTF are you talking about?! Go away.

  • Just so everyone knows, you can play the original prototype (basically four bosses as far as i can see, was only able to kill one so far :| ) you can search Titan Souls prototype

  • Well, it’s not a blockbuster great looking graphic title but I’ll keep an eye on. PS Vita For the Win!

  • Mintblend_44321

    Im in dire need of playing Broforce on my Vita.
    Also Sony put down the wooden paddle ball and pass Duke Nukem 3d thru certification. Release that bad boy on Vita already.

  • you guys should partner once again with steam for cross play.
    like in portal2 that was a fantastic feature i don’t know why you
    guys dropped that.

  • Lol such idiots, Not on PS3?! No buy! But PS4 has nothing.

    Anyway Sony give us a Flash Sale today since we’re already being screwed by EU’s Japan game sale.

  • I’m definitely looking forward to playing Titan Souls. It will bring back memories and nostalgia of playing old school Zelda from the NES days, and other adventure games of that style. Some of these Indie games look great, Rogue Legacy looks has captured my interest and same with the game Shovel Knight. Just disappointed that they were PC releases first, as those games are meant to be played on a control pad. I do love the current games, but sometimes it’s great to go back to something simple.

  • Bro Force for life!

  • Don’t get your hopes up on this one. Sure, it’ll be longer than the original Ludum Dare game, but if it’s going to have any kind of ending at all, I expect it to have that really “indie” ending the LD game had.

    Shadow of the Colossus+Dark Souls gameplay is giving it way more credit than it deserves.

  • Will it be a dollar?

    I mean… it looks like an Android dollar or two game? Will it be a full five dollars?

    Can Sony please stop users from calling other users names, like ClayMeow does? I love him, though!

  • Devolver Digital has put out some of the best games I have played in the past few years regardless of graphics. These are skill based old school twitch gameplay type of games. Something android/iOS don’t really offer.

  • Haha, a few of you people are A$*holes.

  • @ 17 Skater_Ricky – You should STFU….you’re so ignorant…also you should learn how to count…cuz come november PS3 will be -> “8” <- years old.

  • Absolutely a must-buy. Especially if it’s a Sony Exclusive.

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