Soul Sacrifice Delta: New Gigas Encounter Available Today

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Soul Sacrifice Delta: New Gigas Encounter Available Today

Sorcerers of Soul Sacrifice Delta, the time has come for a new encounter on PS Vita. Gaze upon Gigas!

Soul Sacrifice Delta

It’s become a bit of a tradition that love stories in the Soul Sacrifice canon shouldn’t have a happy ending. Well, Gigas’ is no exception, I’m afraid. “Recipe for disaster” would be a more accurate summary of the situation: take a lost soul, mix in a generous amount of desperation, sprinkle a glimmer of hope, and blend the lot with crushing disappointment. Let it simmer for long enough and the Sacred Chalice will do the rest!

We’ve incorporated three quests in the Additional Pacts VIII for you to break the ice (and each other’s bones).

A new date calls for new clothes, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with not one but two new outfits: the Sanctuarium chic “Healer” costume and the unapologetically Grimm “Beast” costume:

Soul Sacrifice DeltaSoul Sacrifice Delta

This is only fair, actually, since these factions have trusted the first spot of the Faction Power Balance. So to the Avalon fans out there, I will just say: work harder, keep logging your Slayer Points, and soon, you too could parade your faction’s colors like a boss.

So go on, don’t be shy and hit that DOWNLOAD button on the title screen.

Talking of download, I guess we could do with a quick recap on how to get our hands on all the regular content updates in Soul Sacrifice Delta. I trust you are now familiar with the DOWNLOAD button found on the title screen. This is how you get additional pacts and costumes. Note that the costumes can be added to your Raiment list or to Carnatux’s Shop.

While you’re in the Bazaar Ledger, you might want to ask Aurex the Whisperer if he’s heard of any “Local rumours”. These are only available for a limited time and updated every other week, so make sure you pay Aurex a visit every now and then.

Soul Sacrifice Delta

Finally, in the Blank Page mode, you can check the Psychic link and access special pact pages. Keep in mind though that these come and go every fortnight, so don’t leave it too late to complete the quests if you want to reap their precious rewards.

With these words of wisdom, I shall leave you for now. But don’t worry, we will meet again soon with yet more things to do (or to be undone by) in Soul Sacrifice Delta.

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  • I honestly don’t think it was fair for Avalon to hold out. I personally think the costume for it is dope, but being in Avalon is tough and it’s not the easiest thing to learn how to wield Arms like Spears or Weapons.

  • This game is so epic. LOVE IT! It was worth the double dip to get all the extra stuff. I hope to God you guys make a SS2 for the vita ONLY! It needs out. Keep up the great work!

  • The support for this game is phenominal

  • CommandingTiger

    I’d really really love to get a physical copy of the game.

  • “crushing disappointment” That’s what I felt when you announced SSD would only be available digital in NA. At least there should have been some kind of limited preorder for a retail version for your die hard Vita owners. Last week Farm Simulator had a retail version so I’m left scratching my head again trying to figure out why not this game. Look I’m sorry if I’m coming off as rude but I felt the need to voice my frustration. The game looks outstanding for what it’s worth.

  • Please release a physical version! I know quite a few people who’d buy it, myself included. PLEASE! Also, physical Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment… Digital only is not cool!

  • The problem with the digital only model is that Sony is price gouging us on memory cards. If your proprietary memory format was reasonably priced then digital only might not be a problem.

  • Wish they add more new raiments and a new pvp. Player vs. Player such as sorcerers vs sorcerers in combats online or offline lol. add news offering spells greatswords, & mace would be cool.

  • add new monster like Medusa,Black knights, steam punk, Hades, Ares, Kratos, and (Black widows its a she creature). Please add more new updates lol

  • Forgot one thing add new monster is djinn or genie?

  • news spells offering Greatswords, mace, and a mighty hammer. oops

  • oversevethousand

    To be fair, Grim only won because this announcement was made in Japan earlier – it’s usually exclusively Sanctuarium wins. I imagine if enough people want it, the Avalon outfit will come.

    Honestly though, the Avalon outfit (you can see it on the SSPR twitter) isn’t… well, I won’t lose any sleep if we don’t get that one.

    I do like how they’re adding more prizes to the faction competitions though. Keep these coming!

    And Avalon actually doesn’t have it THAT bad – they’ve got so much more going for them than Arms. I don’t get why people will only use melee offerings when the game offers so much more.

    @2 and 3

    I can’t see PVP ever working in a game like this. It would just be enemy sorcerer/Lizardman fights that end a lot faster, and those aren’t particularly fun or interesting as it is. As for new raiments, they’ve been regularly adding new ones.

    There’s an Opinion Box you could post suggestions to, if you want to be heard! I’ve spent more hours than a person probably has any right to posting ideas for things and suggestions there.

  • new monsters Charybdis and SCYLLA

  • oversevethousand

    And guys, in this case, keep in mind that this is a localization (Farming Simulator was not), so the money is working differently – there are also a lot more companies involved. Japan Studio, Marvelous, and comcept, for starters, would all need get their cut of the profits presumably, plus Sony of Japan, then Sony of America who is localizing it.

    That, combined with how Sony clearly isn’t giving a lot of support to the Vita these days, says to me we should just be incredibly thankful we managed to get this amazing game localized at all.

    To that end, you can back stuff up on a computer if you’re having memory card issues. PS+ memory storage works wonders as well.

  • oversevethousand

    Rather than spamming the post, why not try the Opinion Box? As I said earlier, it was made specifically for the purpose of listening.

  • agree some say a balance lol

  • website for post an idea new archfriend and stuff?

  • @oversevethousand

    not spam, just give a bit of ideas and stuff dude. say what about a new Archfiend?

  • I also want a retail version of this game, specially if there’s a limited edition with the artbook.

    This year I haven’t bought any digital game that hasn’t been discounted to at least $20 or lower, and on other hand I have basically pre-ordered every limited edition Vita game from NISA.

    There has to be away in which SSD can get a physical release, even if just in limited amounts.

  • You guys are awesome!

  • Looks awesome. Still waiting for that physical release though ;p

  • I probably should have bought the first one when it came out, but seeing how limited the Vita MCs are, I’d definately pick it up in physical format.

  • I’d buy it if it was a physical release, even at full price. Otherwise, no. Memory card space is limited. Class of heroes 2 had a petition and physical release for the psp here in NA that was limited to only those that preordered, so I’m sure the same could be done for this game. Unfortunately, I doubt they care enough to do that.

  • Sharingan_itachi

    Thank you keep giving updates on the PS Blog!!

  • I haven’t bought the game but changed my mind on this but excellent game nonetheless.

  • Wow! nice! I love this game so much!! <3

  • nice, i want more updates n.n

  • Retail version NEWS?!!! No???? ok then bye…

  • An update that allows us to play the game from a cartridge would be awesome. I already bought the first one digital, and memory cards are too expensive and small.

  • The support you guys give the Soul Sacrifice games is really impressive! Thanks for all your hard work!

  • EmeraldLeviathan

    I won’t be purchasing this game until a physical copy is available. I am really not sure why this was released as digital only.

  • Hey, when will ratchet clank collection vita come out?

  • I would like to also say, please do a physical release of this game. Even if it is only a limited run! I enjoyed the original immensely, and would hate to miss out due to digital only.

  • Amazing! loving the game since day 1

  • Physical release, if only… Then I could be playing the game. Why Gaijinworks a niche niche publisher can make a retail copy for preorders of Class of Heroes 2G and Sony can’t even do a minimal retail release is beyond me. Or even a retail exclusive release. Something. Sony is an awful publisher in NA.

    Oreshiko better not be digital only too.

  • Your_crazy_uncle

    It’s pretty sad and dissapointing that you are not providing a retail version for this game. I wonder if the person in charge of the social media (aka this blog) provides this feedback to the higher ups. I doubt it but I would love to see if that was the case since if you check the history of most posts for this game there is a LOT of requests for this game to be set for the retail version. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sony, Playstation and overall I have my PS3 and Vita libraries packed and will end up buying this in digital version soon, the problem is that several years in the future when this game is taken off the store (like Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 for PS3), I won’t have access to this game, but I will keep all the physical copies of games that I have purchased (like the games I have for my PSP3000).

  • Wish I could fit this on my memory card. Pushing digital-only on a system with overly-expensive proprietary memory is ludicrous.

  • How do you unlock those costumes? there arent in carnatoux shop even after I used the download option.

  • Hell yeah! Go Sanctuarium!

  • loved ss was awesome was excited for ssd so give me a physical copy an i’ll give you some money how bout tha we got a deal ??

  • I’m still hoping for a retail release of this game :) I swear I will buy it in a heartbeat!

  • @38 they should be in your raiments list. No unlocking required.

  • I really wish they would remove the Online Pass references in the game. Considering this is a digital only game, it’s an artifact of the disc version of the original game. The Online Pass just makes checking anything online a slower process

  • When the game gets a sale, I will pick it up for sure. I would have bought this day one, but I bought the original during a sale without thinking. Transferring save data and progress is nice and all, but I wish you also gave a discount to the owners who own the original.

    @xBarritx Oh look, a guy who uses the same avatar as me. No offense, but I thought I was the only one who uses that avatar.

  • I love SSD this game was worth the double dip but I really wish they would’ve released a physical copy… I had to break down and get a 64 memory card at gamestop, worth it either way! I hope that they keep coming with dlc and also release the dlc from the first SS costume cross-over from the other two games.

  • For all you guys who want a physical version go to and type soul sacrifice delta english- it has the full game 40 bucks with english subtitles same with sword art online. Unfortunately Sony Vita US will not print a game already made. I buy some stuff their like a limited Child of Light Vita Disc Version for 30.

    Its too bad all the good stuff is in Japan and then they wonder why the US portable market is in shambles.
    They did on PSP not releasing – FF Type 0, Yakuza, God Eater 2
    Doing on Vita- Lord of Apocolaypse, God Eater 2, Phantasy Star Nova, Resident Evil Revelations, Monster Hunter G

    And wont even make a tearaway 2 or gravity rush 2 or uncharted 2, any fan favorite games as the Vita is close to 10 million sold.

  • I am literally at a lost for words as to all of this content coming out for the game and now I have to download this and get back into playing this soon!!!!!!!!

  • shibbydibbybibby


    indeed. completely agree!

    sidenote: you gotta love it when SONY doesnt release half of their products and then go and claim the US sales are poor compared to JAPAN. well wehn most of US gamers have to import where did ya think the sales numbers would be reflected.

    SONY US is out to lunch when they could just be walking to the bank as far as the vita is concerned. now they not only gouge you on memory but make physi english releases and dont sell em to english regions. ahhhh anti-consumer ineptitude at its finest.

    oh and thank you for mentioning yakuza. alot of people i think overlook black panther 1 & 2.

    as for monster hunter frontier g, hahaha yea its free on JPN psn(same as pso2) but i thought that its IP blocked regardless? even so, i dont think even japan wanted an only online paid mmo.

  • shibbydibbybibby

    another thing to note, if you/anyone plan on importing, its good to note that dlc is region locked. since this dlc is being run through the game and possibly not through psn it might make it work but either way, dlc is region locked.

    sooo if the game comes with any dlc codes theyll only work for the region the game is tied to. a US account wont allow JPN/EU/HK/AU dlc… updates are a whole different animal altogether as updates will go through from what ive noticed.

  • shibbydibbybibby

    oh yea and another thing about this series.

    the original soul sacrifice didnt even allow the whisper game mode in the US release.

    oh they left it in, but as far as any of the US consumers were concerned they didnt allow it to function at all.

    nothing like a developer cherry picking content for regions. leaving it in, yet having it unfunctional.

    that truly soured me on the series. why leave in game modes that arent accesible? just a lil reminder that youre regions game is inferior and ultimately missing game content?

    whoever thinks removing game content/modes from the finished product, while offering it to other regions would be better suited to never be allowed to work with any form of media again or until the sun has imploded. you pick.

    here ya go JPN, we offer you the entire game.

    here ya go US, some of the content is inaccesible for you. dont worry though, japans is up and running.

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