New Raiden Shoot-em-Up Coming 2015, Raiden IV Stick Compatible

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New Raiden Shoot-em-Up Coming 2015, Raiden IV Stick Compatible

Raiden IV: OverKill

Japanese developer MOSS recently announced that the next game in the Raiden series will be arriving in 2015. Until that game arrives, the latest in the series — Raiden IV: OverKill — is exclusively available on PlayStation Store for PS3. Those fighting for a spot on the high score list, which also posts a replay of their session for the world to see, are standing a better chance with their chosen hardware thanks to the new arcade stick compatibility patch.

Playing Raiden IV: OverKill is a brutally instructive experience. Like Tom Cruise’s character in Edge of Tomorrow, you can expect to die countless times as you learn the patterns of your enemies. But once you’ve put in the work it takes just to survive the game’s onslaught, it dares you to take more risks by rewarding you for breaking up your natural movement patterns.

In the game’s OverKill mode, certain defeated enemies linger on screen in a slow crashing animation. Pumping these wrecks full of lasers, protons, and missiles charges an “OverKill” meter on that vessel. The higher that meter is filled, the more a medal dropped by the ship will be worth when it finally explodes.

Raiden IV: OverKill

But filling that meter comes at a cost: staying still long enough to fill it. An endless barrage of projectiles that will destroy your ship at a single touch means survival demands swift and constant movement. Maxing out an OverKill meter deprives you of this mobility, and then you’ll need to negotiate the chaos on screen again if you want to pick up the medal that is eventually dropped as your reward for filling it.

With its hardcore appeal, it’s no small wonder the game has recently been one of the top downloads off PlayStation Store in Japan. US Playstation gamers have shown in the past — by embracing games like Demon’s Souls — that they are up for a challenge and the deep satisfaction that comes with seeing hard work pay off, and those with arcade sticks can now take on that challenge with their weapon of choice.

Raiden IV: OverKill is available worldwide on PS3 and will be featured in a giveaway on today’s “Win-It Wednesday” via Twitter.

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  • How about a Vita version of this game?

  • Wasn’t that new Raiden game only announced to be coming for XBox One? Since you mention that game here on the blog, does that mean it’ll be released on PS4, too?

    • Although the next Raiden game was announced in Japan for Xbox One, there is no official word yet on whether it will be exclusive to that system for any amount of time.

  • Omg, is this the same Raiden game series as “Raiden Trad” from SNES? I loved that game when I was little! I didn’t know they still made these!

  • While this is good news I find it strange that it’s not also making it over to the PS4.

  • This would make more sense as a Vita game, played with the Vita held vertically, similar to how Ikaruga has “vertical mode” on Steam.

  • 2015??? Why even bother announcing it?

  • @D-Squad3 (6), a lot of 2015 games have been announced. I don’t get your problem.

  • @6, we are only six months away from 2015. What’s wrong in announcing something months in advanced? Be glad they didn’t say 2016.

  • This would be perfect material for a Vita version. It could even use a “portrait orientation” mode like Pinball FX2. Would be nice. But it will probably never happen. But hey, I can dream, right?

  • Less interested in stick support and more interested in a PHYSICAL release.

    No disc, NO SALE.

  • “Although the next Raiden game was announced in Japan for Xbox One, there is no official word yet on whether it will be exclusive to that system for any amount of time.” Ya I won’t be sinking any money into Raiden IV until we know whats going on with that next Raiden game.

  • @11 – Or maybe if this game does well, that’ll increase the chances of it appearing on PS4.

    Either way, buying this. Need more shmups in my life.

  • These Raiden releases are getting confusing.
    They are often old arcade ports that were then made into Xbox Exclusives, but then brought to PSN with new features and made download only.

    The last Raiden news I heard was a couple months ago:

    “oday during a press conference in Tokyo a new Raiden game was announced for Xbox One. The game, which for now bears the simple working title Raiden, is scheduled for release in 2015 top celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary. The first chapter of the series, the popular arcade shoot ‘em up classic also named Raiden, was in fact released in 1990.

    It’ll be developed and published by MOSS, that recently launched Raiden IV: Overkill for PS3 in Japan.

    At the moment the game has been announced only for Xbox One, even if no exclusivity has been explicitly mentioned. You can see the logo below, and the first official artwork at the top of the post.”

    I assume THIS isn’t THAT..?

  • Another game the Vita has been denied off. So depressing, the little hardware that can’t get a break anymore. So sad for all the people who continue to hold on to it with FALSE HOPE.

  • Guys, seriously. The Vita just doesn’t have the install base to justify the cost of making games for it. Sony even said they have no more 1st party plans for it. It’s an accessory to the PS4 now, so get used to it. It’s for Remote Play and (eventually) Playstation Now. No one owes you anything for buying a Vita. You got a Vita.

    Also, this and every other media-producing industry in the world is moving to digital-only, with or without you. Get over it.

  • Great post Alex, thanks for updating us on the new Raiden, and Overkill’s patch news.

    I’ve got all the time in the world for companies dedicated to releasing quality shmups on the PSN. Thanks for bringing Raiden IV: OverKill to North America and Europe – great game, great price and well worthy of our support.

    Kudos, more please :D

  • I really want Raiden IV Overkill, but as I have the original Raiden 4 on Xbox 360 on physical media, I was taking a stand with Overkill as well, for the same.

    I find myself more recently having to stand very firm for Physical Media, as well as other principles, such as Vita support.

    If it was digital download on Vita, I’d make a compromise.

    Excited for the game, and hope it succeeds and has done so— so far, but I can’t support it under conditions that don’t meet my desires, unfortunately.

    2 things I always ask for: Vita Support, Physical medium.

    Have a good 4th of July, if you’re in the US

  • ^ to add to my comment in 17, even if the physical media option was only made available through each developer/publisher by means of say a site-based marketplace (meaning, I order it online, and you guys have someone such as Digital River manage the details of sales and processing), I’d still greatly support that, over having to settle for digital download.

    Just something to add, as I know the initial reaction would be “well we can’t distribute” — eh, there’s always a solution, just not sure if it’s viable for you guys, or if you can create physical media on an “on demand” basis, or do a kickstarter for it, or “pre order run” where XXXXX number of pre-orders have to be fulfilled before you can manufacture and ship the product.

    Sounds like a lot of work, but people like me, who love spending lots of money for our ideals, look very fondly on companies who go the extra mile.

  • Its very disappointing how these old school games are not made for the PS vita. The best handheld system in the gaming market and Sony just treats it like a ugly step child..even after it got slimmer. SMFH. What i learned from SONY is that patients it a virtue, therefore i will be patiently waiting for some great news about some great games for the PS VITA.

  • it’s really sad to see such games announced..
    instead of seeing Sony investing in BRAND NEW MASSIVE TITLES FOR PS VITA!!!!

    this is sooooo wrong
    I’m glad for those guys that are happy… but I’m sad to see that my Vita has to wait weeks over weeks to get some nice announcement

    Freedom Wars? that’s the only upcoming game we know about!!!
    Why can’t Sony just port/localize the other great Japanese titles???

    Do we really need more indies and SNES games???
    If it was Mario, I’d say “HELL YEAH!!!!”

    but… seriously?
    It is VERY SAD

  • @Killerewok (15), The Vita just surpassed 3mil sold in Japan alone. It has a much greater install based than the PS4 right now.

    Freedom Wars sold over 175k in its first three days.

  • Damn I wanted Raiden IV: OverKill so badly…actually I still want it…but I made an oath to stop purchasing games until I clear a damn good amount of the games in my backlog….anyway will buy Raiden IV: OverKill.This is the type of game that is pure fun…..I don’t need to play to know that.

  • And if not, hes never had to be away from home for any real length of time.

  • Wonder what that must be like.

  • Final Fantasy creator is making a new JRPG on mobile platforms. Game will come out on Android and iOS devices, not even the Vita will get it. SO SAD!

  • This looks to be a sensational game at some I might pick this up. I like shooters alot there always fun.

  • Not sure about you other Vita owners but the lack of games have increased sales on them.
    So technically I have more.

    Hopefully we will atleast get a few more good ones.
    So long as they keep making Vita, I will do my best to have one.

  • @15
    Wonder how you would feel if they did that to your PS4.
    Bad comment if I ever heard one.

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