New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

Featured Releases Now Available, Week of 7/1/14:

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Music Unlimited Highlights:

Treysongz -Trigga. Music Unlimited

Listen to these new releases on Music Unlimited this week.

  • Trey Songz, the hip-hop heartthrob, delivers his sixth studio album, Trigga, with guest spots from Nikki Minaj and Mila J.
  • Following his “Blurred Lines” fame, blue-eyed R&B crooner Robin Thicke attempts to win back his estranged wife Paula Patton with his latest album, called – what else? – Paula.
  • Magic!, the four piece Canadian band behind the runaway summer hit “Rude,” offers a full length album spilling over with faux reggae jams.
  • For further exclusive access to Music Unlimited new album releases – see details here .

    Video Unlimited Highlights:

    If you’re looking for some entertainment this holiday weekend, look no further because we have an explosive lineup of new releases. Embark on a jungle adventure in Rio 2, explore virtual identity in Transcendence and more. See our full new release recap below.

    Transcendence (plus Bonus Features): If you had the choice to live forever, would you? This sci-fi thriller explores what happens when dreaming of the future leads to power that’s impossible to control.

    Transcendence - Video Unlimted

    Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) creates a sentiment machine with his full range of emotions and memories. His controversial experiments become the target of anti-technology extremists who will stop at nothing to prevent him from continuing with his research. In their attempts to destroy his creation, they inadvertently lead to his transcendence.

    Want to get more Video Unlimited scoop on all the new releases? View further details here.

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9 Author Replies

  • Please fix the Album Restless by Xzibit. There is no explicit version of the album in the store even though there looks to be two. This album is on Sony’s own music label it should be a pretty straight forward fix. Again please fix the album Restless by Xzibit.

    Also you guys have Jay Z under two different names (Jay Z and Jay-Z). This is repetitive and is not needed in a database.


    • Hi SolduNuts – Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve went ahead and let our Editorial Team from Music Unlimited investigate the two artists for you. Stay tuned!

  • Making music unlimited free for basic would bring in the pandora and spotify crowd.

    • Hi Fullmetal156 – Thanks for your valuable feedback. Typically, Music Unlimited service does not run ad-support like Pandora and Spotify. Our service is subscription-based, so that any users (including you) will be able to freely enjoy over 25 million tracks(*) on-the-go or at home from various devices including PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita, Android™ smartphones and tablets, iPhone®, PCs, and many more. In case you’ve missed our 30-Day FREE premium trial offer on Music Unlimited, try it out and let us know what you think!

      (*) Number of tracks available from catalog varies by country.

  • Having an issue with Music Unlimited on my Vita. 90% of the songs stop mid-stream and switch to the next one. I’m also getting a ton of ‘unable to connect to server’ errors. So far this is the only ‘connectivity’ issue with my Vita. Every other app reacts properly to my internet connection.

    BUT! Streaming from Music Unlimited on my PC & Laptop are flawless and seamless.

    Is this a common thing or?

    Regardless, until it’s fixed I refuse to purchase a premium license. I will how ever, heavily consider subscribing to the ‘access’ license.

    • Hi Raidenraccoon – Hmm… Music Unlimited on PS Vita should not have any issue with streaming songs, as long as your device is updated and Wi-Fi connection strong where you’re located. For immediate assistance, kindly contact our support team to directly trouble-shoot step-by-step with you at: They’ll be happy to investigate the issue.

  • Love both of these services, Streaming from music unlimited 8 hours a day on my Xperia Z, and occasionally at home on PS4. Just caught up to S4E10 of The Boondocks.

    I was just wondering if we could get any updates on when we will see improvments to the PS4 apps, and even more importantly Video Unlimited. Some things I would love to see, and some issues;

    Music Unlimited
    -First, the Walkman app is nearly perfect, all of our local music, and MU music in one very quick, simple, and well layed out interface, this is a great example.
    -PS4 has a major issue with diconnecting, and giving a service under maintanance message, I don’t get this on Vita, Phone, or Laptop.
    -PS4 app needs to be quicker to access, Music Unlimited is the slowest app on the system. I can jump into video service’s and get to content faster.

    Video Unlimited
    -First, . Seriously does anyone involved with developing this service actually use it? Going back and finding any purchased content on any device is a nightmare.
    -Please allow to download to PS4. I want to watch blockbusters with consistant image quality.

    • Hi KBG29 – Our development team is always working hard to make improvements on PS4 apps (including Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited). I’ve went ahead and informed them with your feedbacks. Thanks for all our support, and stay tuned for more exciting app updates later this year!

  • Is this the update which finally allows DLNA and mp3 support?

    No? Because you’re too busy shoving paid subscription services down our throats? Ok then, thanks for wasting my time loading this page.

    It’s amazing that nearly nine years ago, Microsoft was able to come out with a console that did these things. My “next-gen console” however, does not.

  • Thank you for adding 300 Rise of an Empire to the 3D section of Movies Unlimited.

    Watched last night.

  • You’re welcome, GGCAN. Our Video Unlimited team always like to hear what the fans (including you) like to watch and make it happen. 300 Rise of an Empire 3D is also one of our Staff Pick favorites! :)

  • Transcendence

  • Is my PS4 broke, because it can’t play music or my other media? Oh, still selling subscriptions to this crappy service? Cool.

    • Hi Honkayjeezus – We fully respect your comments. If your PS4 console is having issue, please directly contact our PlayStation support team to help at: They’ll be happy to answer your questions.

  • Thank you so much for responding to my post. Love the services, and can not wait to see what is in store for the rest of the year. Sony4Life

  • Please Bundle 3D, HD & SD so I don’t have to buy Blu Rays any more.

    • Hi Superstone – Thanks for your valuable feedback. We’ll keep you posted if things further develop with Video Unlimited bundle on 3D, HD and SD.

  • I love the elongated replies to anyone wondering when music ownership is coming to PS4. It really makes me think you are “listening”.

  • Love the Unlimited services but I hate the apps on the PS4. They are a mess, hope they get worked on.

    • Hi PassiveAttack – Absolutely, our development team is always working hard to improve the apps experience on PS4 for users (including you) every day. Users are also able to get support and provide feedbacks at: Besides the PS4 console, are there other devices you access the Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services? As you may already know, we also have apps availalbe on Android™ smartphones and tablets, iPhone®, and many more.

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