Puddle Flows to PS4 Today, Cross-Buy with PS Vita

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Puddle Flows to PS4 Today, Cross-Buy with PS Vita

Hello everyone! We’re glad to announce that Puddle launches today on PlayStation 4 via PS Store. And it will be launched with PS Vita cross-buy!


Started as a student project, and going on to be a finalist at IGF, Puddle has had a long journey on its way to PS4. For those who may not know it, Puddle is a liquid-physics based platformer, in which you have to reach the end of a level with the greatest amount of liquid and as fast as possible.

Puddle features 49 remastered levels in a wide range of environments. It’s also got two difficulty modes, so you can enjoy Puddle even if you’re not a hardcore player.


With DualShock 4, you can either play with the R2 and L2 buttons, the controller’s built-in motion sensors, or the touchpad! Additionally, the controller’s Light Bar will change as you progress through the different worlds of Puddle.

You can get Puddle for $7.99 , which will net you both the PS4 and PS Vita versions of the game. If you have already bought the game on Vita, it will be made accessible for PS4 at launch. We hope you’ll enjoy Puddle on PS4!

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  • Another corny looking Indie nope…. I need at least a corny indie fighter. Where’s Legend of the Raven or something more compelling. I love indies but the ones dropping lately have been really lackluster. At least give us an update that we care about if we can’t have any interesting looking games.

  • The PS3 version will be cross-buy too?

  • I’m going to grab it this afternoon. I bet it will look really great on PS4, and getting it for Vita too will be a nice bonus. Looking forward to playing it later. :)

  • Nice price and cross buy! Will be picking this one up!

  • This is excellent news. I love this game on PS Vita and now I can play it again on my PS4. Thank you! Does this support Cross-Save between Vita & PS4?

  • yeeeees !!

  • Sweet, bought the Vita version a while back, so now I’ve got another game for my PS4! Woohoo, thanks for making it crossbuy!!!

  • No thanks.

    Funny how CrossBuy is never a problem if they think it will actually add sales.

  • I own the Vita version does that mean I get the PS4 through the cross buy?

  • today?? how did i buy this last saturday on the store

  • No PS3 cross buy?

    Probably a good thing. Not sure I want to play this game again. Game’s 99% frustration and 1% joy.

  • Cross Play Saves?

  • I had purchased this new when it was first released.. now you want me to pay for it again? Cmon – knock this crap off.

  • <– @ Benjamin Cestac – Add me on PSN? ;)

  • Hmm, seems there isn’t a purchase link on the site or the PS4 yet.

  • This game is awesome. So challenging. I’ve got it on PS3 and on Vita and it’s pushing me to work on those trophy completions!

    If you like suffering and difficulty — this is your game.

  • not showing up as crossbuy on my ps4 even though i own both the vita and ps3 versions.

  • It didn’t show up for me either. After that, I went to store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com and searched for the game.
    The Vita version showed as “not bought yet”, but the price was $0.00. Then I pressed “Buy” and completed the transaction.
    In a couple of minutes the PS4 version also showed up as “Purchased” and I downloaded it.

    Hope that helps! ^__^

  • I have a work around for puddle for those that own it on the vita and wanted for the PS4 as it supposed to be a crossbuy title.
    All you have to do is go to the PlayStation store on your PC and then select puddle for vita then select the purchase as it’ll be free for those that own it once you do that it’ll tell you that you bought the game even though it’s free then you could go to the PS4 version and download it for free I hope this helps

  • I downloaded the demo on PS3. The PS4 version seems to have a much better frame rate and the motion controls are spot on. This is a very nice puzzle game to add to the library.

  • Benjamin Cestac

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for your comments.

    To try answering all your questions:
    – Yes if you bought the Vita version before, you should be able to download the PS4 version from the PS Store.
    – No, we couldn’t implement Cross-save as the 2 versions are slightly different (for exemple the PS4 version has 2 difficulty modes)
    – Unfortunately the PS3 version is not part of the Cross-buy. It is handled by Konami (no answers from them…) whereas the other versions were self-published by us.

    Hope you enjoy your ride
    (And yes it is a Die & Retry game ^^)

  • OuterSpaceJunky

    @Benjamin Cestac, thanks responding to questions (you’d be surprised how often it doesn’t happen). I’m always curious about cross-save, and I appreciate the explanation for why it didn’t work out in this case.

    This may be on Sony’ side of things, but usually developer responses are in red so that people can skim the comments and immediately identify dev comments.

    I wish you the best of luck with Puddle Flows! Cheers.

  • As much as I appreciate “free” games (that I pay for with my PS+ Subscription), I’m pretty disappointed with this week’s offerings. BUT, I haven’t given Towerfall an honest attempt yet. I hope it’s better than it looks.

    In related news, thanks for Terraria… Man, so addicting.

  • I bought it a long time ago for Vita, but it’s NOT showing up as free to download for PS4. WTF???

  • I’ll buy it when there’s a physical release.

    No disc, NO SALE.

  • So did they do away with the Tuesday PSN Store round-up posts or did I miss it?

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