New Watch_Dogs DLC Packs Out Today on PS4, PS3

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New Watch_Dogs DLC Packs Out Today on PS4, PS3

Watch_Dogs DLC Packs

As you’ve probably been wandering the streets of Chicago for some time now, you surely think you know what’s hidden in all the nooks and crannies of the city. Let us then direct your attention to a whole new world of possibilities.

In the brand new Access Pack DLC in Watch_Dogs, not only do you get access to more weapons and outfits for Aiden, but you’ll also be gaining access to whole new missions to explore and perks to up your game a little.

First on the mission side: “The Palace” Mission pack. This one will have you infiltrate the luxurious palace of an internet mogul. Its enormous database has details on thousands of people — including you and DedSec — and it’s recently been compromised. Obviously, you’ll need to wipe the data and silence him.

Watch_Dogs DLC PacksWatch_Dogs DLC Packs

The “Signature Shot” Mission Pack will have you track a biometrics weapon that has been smuggled into Chicago for a captain of the Black Viceroys gang. The weapon only works with the first person to imprint his palm on the handle. Breach a stronghold, steal the package, and be the first to imprint the weapon.

Last but not least, there’s the “Breakthrough” Mission Pack. In this one, the Chicago Club is having a secret gathering, and you need to stop it. Your only option is to eliminate anyone taking part in it.

On top of the missions, you’ll get the opportunity to unlock an array of weapons and perks that’ll help you take on any heated situation you may encounter. Also, you’ll be able to dress up with 5 brand new outfits.

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  • SlyCooperFan100

    Oh good, it’s just the pre-order bonuses. Good thing I didn’t pre-order this game; Ubisoft is too predictable when it comes to releasing pre-order bonuses as DLC. I’ll be sure to pick them up when I eventually get the game.

  • So… is this DLC free or what? No mention of price whatsoever.

  • I assume this is for non-season pass holders…?? I downloaded all of this last week

  • This is part of the season pass?

  • SlyCooperFan100

    @2 It says “Access Pack DLC”. I hardly think Ubisoft DLC would ever be free, especially when this was previously pre-order only.

  • Trophies or no?

  • Trophies?

  • No thanks. I’ve learned my lesson about Ubisoft DLC. Never buy it.

  • Hurry up and release the T-Bone dlc so I can sell this.

  • How about adding support for friends to actually hack each other. You know … like you advertised.

  • Do any of these DLC packs have new trophies?

  • This post confused me. I already have all these packs due to the season pass. What’s new?

  • I haven’t even finish the game yet, because its boring not able get into it sadly. I wasted $60 on this one.

  • yeah this is for non season pass owners

  • Hmm, is there any news about the T-Bone dlc?

  • ive been waiting over a yr for my beta to destny ive entered my code 1 yr ago and I go to the alpha site its closed what the heck is going on this is not fair to thous waiting over 1 yr ago that others get it before me in alfa stage and when is ps home coming to ps4 the ps home is dieing because no one is using ps3 anymore ps4 is now 200.00 refurbused

  • I have beaten this game already as’s not all the hours the devs said it would be to beat this game unless your all into multiplayer.they should’ve posted that this was new dlc for those that didn’t get the season pass. I was about to fire it back up till I read what it was and have already beaten all those missions. game wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be,nevertheless I still enjoyed it

  • The beta hasn’t started yet, it starts July 17th.

  • Maybe in a couple more years I will buy it on sale with an Ultimate Edition.

  • I read on the ubi watch dogs forum that the T-Bone dlc comes out in september.
    This all is included in the season pass.
    @CrzyGun go to the ubi watch dogs forum. there’s a petition to get that feature added. yes, the devs read it and have addressed other issues brought up on there. scroll down and it says destiny beta is july 17

  • Waited this long without dying yet.
    Whats a little while longer.

  • This Game is great for the start of the next gen. console, Cant wait for more DLC’s.

  • DLC is like this.

    If the game truely needed it, it would have had it included.
    And if it does, no reason I would ever buy it.

  • I like how there’s still nothing on the Plus update today/ Week 2 Sale.

  • @24 it looks like the individual items on the store have been though. Just downloaded the 4 titles for July I was interested in and they’re listed as plus.

  • Welcome to last week.

  • Yeah, the story seems to be in the updating progress. But the prices aren’t corrected yet for all titles in the summer blast. The same goes for the weekly deals. But it is getting there, even if they not even announced on the blog.

  • And this really need an edit button.
    BTW the montlhy games for IGC are already there.

  • @10

    They still have not implmented that yet?
    Yup, I’ll wait.

  • I had already downloaded all PS4 exclusive content and everything that was in store already with season pass but this still gave me two new missions and was a free download I didn’t have the palace mission yet which maybe the ps3 exclusive? I had the ps4 exclusive control alt delete. Maybe this is a good way of getting access to the other “exclusive” missions. Either way, it was free with season pass so I’m happy to get a coupe new things to do.

  • Ubisoft, this is the reason I don’t buy your games new. If I’m spending 60 then I’m getting all the dlc within that price range too. So I buy your games used or when you[ubisoft] put it on sale and then I get the dlc where I’m paying $60 or less.

  • I hope Ubi learned from the bullshot experience. We don’t need another EA.

  • just release some single player story dlc ala freedom cray for this game ubisoft rather than this preorder crap

  • i have the season pass and i only have the place pack and untouchables

  • I beaten this game and after all the hype, empty words, 1080p lies from Ubisoft, I would not recommend it to anyone. I almost pre-ordered the $79.99 version but i decided to wait with the pre-order. Then i saw the info that the game is 900p so i bought it on a physical disk and then i sold it to a friend. Every great game for PS4 i bought digital: MGS V, inFamous SS, The Last of US, Thief , Infamous First Light pre-order, will pre-order LBP 3 soon and i have couple of indies too… but Watch Dogs is not worth even $30 price tag and being in my digital collection.. And to pay for a DLC for what? For more 900p bad motion blur pain for my eyes…

  • I hate when developers like Ubisoft lie like that and create a cloud of hype. The game does not feel next gen at all. If I compare Watch Dogs to inFamous SS, Watch Dogs looks like a last gen game – 900p poor graphics @ below 30fps with bad motion blur with tons of frame drops – where inFamous is as crisp as a hair with 40+ FPS + FOD + no bad motion blur + lightning effects comparable to real life. It was a bad excuse for Ubisoft that they first said the game is 900p because of “next gren graphics” and “many interactions”, where the truth is it is an OLD GEN GAME on an OLD GEN ENGINE that was made for last gen consoles where all the hacking actions is done by a press of a button and new gen consoles just have the higher settings. Actually 2 weeks after release and getting their sales, finally Ubisoft admited that the “next gen” versions of the game was bad cos of the cross platform last game release.

    Next Ubisoft game for me ? NONE ! My money will go to Driveclub, The Order, Uncharted 4, LBP 3 and Project Cars.


  • medenko1975 – i beaten AC4 while it is 1080p it has that bad motion blur that hurts my eyes. It is similar to the motion blur found in WD but at least in AC4 you have 1080p and you don’t have to drive a motorcycle with 150 mph and frame drops below 22….

    Rayman Legends was very good on my old gen console and it has no visual upgrade on next gen both run at 1080p and it is an Indie type game that should be $15 i can count many Indies who are better and have lower price tag. Splinter Cell series are also very good but they are also last gen and from how things work for Ubisoft it seems to be stuck in the last gen, trying to milk it. You can’t call Watch Dogs next gen after you seen inFamous SS you just can’t. It is like Comparing Ford Mustang to a Courvette ZR1 or Ferrary 458. Actually i went to a friend who had the PS3 version and even that looked like a PS2 version. Honestly without the hype Ubisoft gave, the game deserves 55-60 on Metacritic and with all that empty words and hype i wouldn’t give it 40. I guess hype sells, not quality because if quality was the main sale drive then inFamous SS should had sold over 7 million copies.

  • These DLC’s are cool but there REALLY needs to be a way to replay them in Watch Dogs (in addition to the gang hideouts and other side activities in the game.) Once you’ve finished all these missions the city really becomes very barren of things to do minus the endless repeating 1 on 1 crime scenarios.

  • WATCH_DOGS is seriously undeveloped. It was released too early. And it does not feel like a game of the next gen. It has silly mistakes that spoils the game. the graphics are not bad but not brilliant to. Its not worth buying. I’ve sold mine as soon as I finished it. Its not a game I would recommend to anyone. Its boring and annoying most of the time. Ubisoft created and undeveloped game. Can’t believe someone in Their office actually allowed this to be released. He must be blind or retarded. DON’T BUY THIS GAME, BORROW IT AND SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR SOMETHING ELSE.

  • Saw its season pass free. Grabbed it the other night. The biometric gun is good fun to use.

  • Watch Dogs A Mint Game Ubisoft (Y) I Think It’s Better Than GTA Rockstar Are Lazy On There Updates Multiplayers Was Down For Like 3 to 4 Month And They Don’t Care About There Games And People Are Still Gunna Buy It For Ps4 1 Year Old Game £50 Rip Off Rockstar

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