Crimsonland Hits PS4 on July 15th

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Crimsonland Hits PS4 on July 15th


Hello folks! I’m really happy to be back on Playstation.Blog to announce Crimsonland will hit PS4 on July 15th.

It’s a big deal for us at 10tons, for a whole bunch of reasons. First of all, Crimsonland is an incredibly fun, dual-stick, top-down shooter. It’s exactly the kind of game we love playing and developing. It’s delightfully old school, too, with plenty of splatter, gibs, and challenge.

Crimsonland is also the game 10tons was founded on all the way back in 2003. It started as a student project, but soon reached a level of success that a company was needed to support it. The PS4 version at hand is still largely the same game. Sure, the graphics have been replaced with new HD assets, content has been added and design tweaks made, but the immensely satisfying gameplay remains intact.

It’s not a complicated game. You play this Trooper guy. Aliens, giant spiders, zombies, and other monsters start coming at you from every direction. You shoot them, but more keep coming. Soon enough you’ll be running. Just when you think you’re dead, you get some awesome powerups and wipe the screen clear in few seconds, and it feels great. But an even bigger horde is already coming right at you.


The game is kept fresh by an arsenal of 30 weapons and 55 perks. Perks are special abilities which allow you to reload faster, shoot poison bullets, and whatnot. But you only get to pick a few of them per game from a shortlist of a few perks. You need to take your playstyle and the weapon you have into account too, as everything interacts with everything.

There’s a sixty mission campaign with three difficulty settings, and five survival gameplay modes with dedicated leaderboards for single player and 2-4 player local co-op. The co-op works by adding a monster multiplier based on player count, so with four players you get literally hundreds of enemies on screen at the same time.

Check the game out, and see you on the leaderboards!

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  • 60 campaign missions?! Dang, that’s insane.

  • DrivetrainShane

    I love the doom inspired background. I do have a few questions about Crimsonland if you have time to answer them.

    1. Is this a PlayStation console exclusive?
    2. Does the game feature “Whats New” feed such as High Scores etc?
    3. Does the game feature multiple profile logins for trophies?


    • Jaakko Maaniemi

      Thanks! Doom artwork was definitely among the reference material for the Crimsonland promoart. What we wanted to say first and foremost was “old school shooter” (and from then on in some order of importance, “sci-fi”, “massive amounts of monsters”, and “badass”)

      1. Nope, the game is originally a PC game, and this remastered version has already been launched on PC and will be made available on several platforms (PS Vita among them, in August-September timeframe).
      2. I can’t remember out of the top of my head which platform specific features we enabled, but there are plenty of leaderboards with Friends filter.
      3. Unfortunately I can’t answer this definitely either. We’re on our summer vacations, so I’m not able to check all details at this time. I do remember we put a lot of work into the PSN/leaderboards features, and tested plenty of co-op stuff regarding that, but for the life of me can’t remember which specific bits made it into the release version.

  • Okay, so there’s aliens, giant spiders, zombies.. But what about giant alien zombie spiders?

    This could be a dealbreaker for me.

    • Jaakko Maaniemi

      There are giant spiders that split into two when they die. Would that work for you? They’re a ton of fun, I promise.

  • Will this come to Vita, as well, i.e. Cross Buy? Will it have a PS+ discount?

    • Jaakko Maaniemi

      Yes, Crimsonland will be on Vita too, and there’ll be crossbuy. We’re looking at August-September timeframe right now.

  • @3 giant alien zombie spiders…how has this not been a thing yet?!

  • Awesome Doom inspired background!

    look interesting.

  • I’m sorry but that picture above it’s just like Doom

  • Will this come to Vita, as well, i.e. Cross Buy? Will it have a PS+ discount? [2x]

  • Interesting.. could fill a gap this summer. Is there Online Co-op as well?

    • Jaakko Maaniemi

      The 2-4 co-op is local only. The reason is largely technical; the game wasn’t designed nor architectured for online play. It’d be an interesting challenge too, as Crimsonland features literally hundreds of moving objects on the screen at the same time, and the game is by nature *very* timing/syncing sensitive.

      The local co-op is ridiculously fun though! The game handles co-op basically by adding a multiplier to how many monsters are spawned based on player count. With four players there’s… plenty.

  • Game was announced for Vita too – not a single word about Vita, good job!

    • Jaakko Maaniemi

      We postponed the Vita version to August-September timeframe very last minute. We’ll announce the Vita release date later.

  • Cover art = Doom.

  • looks corny.. Sony please drop some indies that at least look interesting. this looks like b.s.

  • This looks interesting.

    I understand that a lot of individuals may not be fans of certain games or genres, as I have my likes and dislikes too. But can we can calm down on the slander of these companies/individuals? Game companies, big and small, work hard to bring their concept to various platforms. Some are one or two people teams while others employ thousands of individuals.

    If a decision was made and we disagree with the direction, it be nice if we can criticize without childish name calling, personal attacks or acting as if the company is completely heartless. Be constructive with your criticisms and leave it as that.

  • Say what I didn’t know anything about this and will have to check this out at some point hopefully there will be a demo to try this out.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ shuaDove

    Right on.

  • I expect the price to be too high for what is an eleven year old game. All these guys need to cut it out already.

  • Really ? I never expected this game to be released on PS4. I even forgot that this game existed in the first place. Thank you for bringing this game back to life. I never even finished playing it several years ago on PC. Crimsonland, Azureland for PS4.

  • Sounds fun!

    Throw a roulette Perk selector in there!

  • Looking forward to the PS Vita version. Gonna love me some Crimsonland on the go.

  • Looks cool, I love dual stick shooters! But its my birthday and I spent all my monies on illicit narcotics.
    So I hope this game is less than $10 ;)

  • I’ll buy it when there’s a physical release.

    No disc, NO SALE.

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