This Week in PlayStation: Valiant Voxels

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This Week in PlayStation: Valiant Voxels

Resogun veterans have a few excuses to dive back into the acclaimed PS4 launch title: the game just got a shipload of new content, including a ship editor, local co-op, a new level, and new gameplay modes.

More highlights from this week: This beautiful interview with No Man’s Sky devs Hello Games, Blacklight Retribution is out of beta and PS Plus members will get some free goodies, PlatinumGames is making a Legend of Korra game on PS4 (and we played it!), Borderlands 2 on PS Vita got some stability and control improvements, on-rails / off-the-wall shooter Blue Estate launched on PS4 with a free demo, intimate war story Valiant Hearts is out on PS4 and PS3, and we looked back at E3 2014 through the lens of the PlayStation community.

It’s looking like another marathon FFXIV session for me, though I do want to hop in and make a few custom ships in Resogun… What are you playing this weekend?

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  • This summer has quite a few good PS4 games, they may be ports, but at least they are games I have never played. Last of Us, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Diablo III.

  • I’m guessing u are the wrong guys to ask, but any updates on Ratchet and Clank Collection for Vita for the US? I know it was (sort of) announced for the US in the E3 2014 post about R&C movie. It was announced by Europe’s PS blog.

  • Oh and I’m playing:
    Blacklight: Retribution (PS4) Great Free 2 Play game!
    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (PS3)
    God of War 2 HD (PS Vita)
    Shovel Knight (Wii U)

    I’m watching:
    The Simpsons on DVD

  • I’m playing: Resident Evil: Revelations
    I’m watching: Miami Vice (Season 1)
    I’m listening to: Drake – Days In The East

  • No 99 cent indie flash sale this week : (

  • I’m Playing – Assassin’s Creed II – Had to revisit it. My favorite of the series. Probably goin to revisit the MW series and checkout Blacklight. I’ll be playing Strider and maybe Dead Space 3 next week.
    I’m Watching – Horror Movies On Netflix & Amazon Prime Instant Video
    I’m Listening To – Tamar Braxton – Love And War Album

    I’m Waiting On – July 29th To Pick Up My Copy Of The Last Of Us :o) CANT WAIT TO FINALLY PLAY IT

  • I’m Playing: Valiant Hearts: The Great War (PS4) – and loving every minute of it!

  • I’m Playing – Star Ocean Till the End of time on PS2
    I’m watching: Monsters and Mysteries in America
    I’m listening to: TNA Wrestling

  • I’m playing: ff14 on ps4, battle princess of arcania on ps3, muramasa rebirth on the vita, mario kart on wii u
    I’m listening to: ps blog 125
    I’m watching: legend of korra book 3, whose line is it anyway and orphan black

  • a SHIPLOAD… ohhh Shipppp

  • I’m Playing: Blue Estate (Ps4)
    GTA V Online (Ps3)
    OlliOlli (PsVita)
    I’m Watching: This Is The End
    I’m Listening to: Crizzly Presents Crunkstep Volume 2 Back 2 Da Streets
    Waiting for my: Destiny BETA Key from Sony for Purchasing it Digitally from the Playstation Store Last Week. I’m supposed to get it on 7/3. 5 Days till BETA Key, 26 Days Till BETA, 72d 10:03:30 Till Release!!!

  • PS4: nothing atm :( no time
    PS3: Drakengard 3
    PSV: Destiny of Spirits
    Watching: 24 season 1

  • I’m playing: Resogun (I LOVE the new Survival mode!), Pixeljunk: Shooter Ultimate, Wolfenstein: The New Order, War Thunder

    I’m watching: The Sopranos, on Amazon Instant Video

  • Reposting from another Blog comment, hopefully Ratchet fans can get a response:

    Going crazy trying to find information about a US release for the Ratchet and Clank Vita collection. As a huge Ratchet fan, it’s frustrating that the EU blog has had posts and release information (game is arriving in a few days there), while the US blog has had nothing but a tiny mention at the end of the Ratchet and Clank PS4 announcement post. My guess is that that mention was a mistake because the same post was copied between the EU and US blogs. What’s up guys? Can we expect to see Ratchet arrive on the US PSN this week, July, or even at all? Feeling pretty left in the dark on this one :/

  • I’m Playing:
    and Watch Dogs

    And watching Chuck on Netflix

  • Playing: Final Fantasy 7
    Watching: Deathnote
    Listening: Whole Lotta love-Led Zeppelin

  • Spankmymonkey307

    We want that Destiny beta NOW!

  • @sonicfan I just put together the Simpsons house lego set, It’s awesome.

  • Playing: Resogun, Watch Dogs, and Just platted Velocity Ultra on vita. Considering finally starting P4G just to beat Greggy to the platinum and pretend I am having pizza with Kristine and Andrew while Greg sulks in the corner watching us eat.

    Reading: The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling)

    Listening: Tom Waits “Small Change”, Pulp “Different Class”, The Shods “Bamboozled, Jilted, Hornswaggled + Hoodwinked”

    Watching: Killer Clowns from Outer Space

  • PS4: Transformer Dark Spark, well I think this game will be better…

    PSvita: Rainbow Moon, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Xblaze

    Watching: Transformer Age of Extinction

  • Sony, you need to fix the Price of PS Now. These prices are outrageous.
    A game rental can’t cost more than it’s actual purchase.
    Here’s how it should be:
    4 hours = 5% to 10% of the game’s price (1$ max for PS+ members)
    7 days = 15% to 25% of the game’s price
    30 days = 35% to 40% of the game’s price
    90 days= 50% to 65% of the game’s price
    Game price is based off the PS store pricing.

    Also; there should be a monthly subscription type service like Netflix for around 20$ a month where you get access to all the games.
    There are better PURCHASABLE Prices for games on Steam than PS Now’s RENTAL cost. So why bother with these prices?
    It definitely needs to be changed.

    So, the monthly rental service for the PS Now service; because you need different type of business models.

    Netflix just rose it’s prices, so it’s possible to ask more since video games are somewhat more demanding than movies.
    You won’t make a dime by overcharging it. Be reasonable and you’ll make your money back with the masses (many buyers).

  • Best of this week is probably the Resogun heroes DLC! Been playing it all weekend!!

  • Justin –

    Speaking of Voxels, did you see the GAF thread where people are making all kinds of Resogun ships? Great read.

    I am hoping someone makes a NICE Space Battleship Yamato (or a Black Tiger) from Star Blazers – if you guys ever watched that. Maybe not, as I pre-date even elder Sid by a few years.

    Agree with Commanding Tiger on the Now prices. They are slightly staggering.

    Although if we’re honest, we pay $4.99 or $5.99 for a HD movie rental for 24 hours.

    Hmmm. There has to be a sweet spot somewhere.

    Peace –


  • I’m Playing: Bioshock Infinite
    Remember Me
    God of War 2 (HD)

    Watching: Sopranos season 6
    Rome season 2

    Listening : The Shns-New Slang

  • Playing:

    PS4 – Final Fantasy XIV Online
    PS3 – Devil May Cry HD Collection
    PS Vita – Silent Hill Book of Memories

    watching – Boardwalk Empire (Season 4)
    listening – Bring Me The Horizon

    @24 – Rome was such an awesome series even tho it was 2 seasons

  • •I’m playing: Steambot Chrnoicles
    •I’m watching: Dr. Who
    •I’m listening to: Steambot Chronicles (No distractions!)

  • Playing: PS4 – Pixeljunk Shooter
    Playing: PS3 – Dark Souls II
    Playing: PSV – Tearaway
    Watching: Attack on Titan (Netflix)
    Listening: Watch Out For Fireballs (Podcast)

    My opinion on PS Now. Scrap it. Instead, expand PS+ benefits to include 10 full game trials that last for 30 days. Once the 30 days ends the games are replaced. During the 30 day free trial period you can buy the game at 50% of the normal price.

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