This Week in PlayStation: Valiant Voxels

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This Week in PlayStation: Valiant Voxels

Resogun veterans have a few excuses to dive back into the acclaimed PS4 launch title: the game just got a shipload of new content, including a ship editor, local co-op, a new level, and new gameplay modes.

More highlights from this week: This beautiful interview with No Man’s Sky devs Hello Games, Blacklight Retribution is out of beta and PS Plus members will get some free goodies, PlatinumGames is making a Legend of Korra game on PS4 (and we played it!), Borderlands 2 on PS Vita got some stability and control improvements, on-rails / off-the-wall shooter Blue Estate launched on PS4 with a free demo, intimate war story Valiant Hearts is out on PS4 and PS3, and we looked back at E3 2014 through the lens of the PlayStation community.

It’s looking like another marathon FFXIV session for me, though I do want to hop in and make a few custom ships in Resogun… What are you playing this weekend?

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