No Man’s Sky on PS4: The Ambitions of Hello Games

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No Man’s Sky on PS4: The Ambitions of Hello Games

One of the undisputed highlights of our E3 2014 media briefing was the moment when Hello Games’ visibly nervous Sean Murray clambered on stage to show off No Man’s Sky, his team’s remarkable open-universe, science fiction epic which will debut on PS4. As you’ll hopefully have ascertained in the press coverage since (and in Sean’s blog post), there’s extraordinary ambition on display here, especially given the size of the Hello team, and it was no surprise that it was arguably the buzz game of the show.

No Man’s Sky on PS4: The Ambitions of Hello Games

48 hours after his moment under the E3 spotlight, we were lucky enough to sit down with Sean and learn the story behind Hello’s journey from humble beginnings in Guildford, UK to the biggest stage in gaming, surviving natural disasters in the process. Not only that but he also laid bare his mind-boggling vision for what No Man’s Sky will be. Trust me, this one is well worth a watch…

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  • Wow. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game! The exploration potential is off the charts here.

  • I’m crazy excited for this game. Reminds me of a sci fi PROTEUS.

  • I want this game so much!!
    But still need to know more about the game, to know if it really is as amazing as it looks.

  • The scope of this game is amazing, but what’s even more amazing is the small size of the team. This is a project that almost borders on AAA and only 4 people are doing it? Yeah they deserve props.

    Indies are on the rise yall.

    • I think they’ve clarified that they’re up to 7 people working on this game now, but still unthinkable

  • Can’t wait for this game. I love the look of it!!!

  • Amazing video. I love Joe Danger and I remember hearing about the flood that happened to them right after the announcement of No Man’s Sky and I felt so bad for them. I’m glad they are back up and running and can’t wait to play this ambitious game.

  • From_Concentrate

    I can’t wait to play this. I’m one of those people that have been dreaming about a game like this for a long long time.

  • Morpheus support would make this game incredibly more immersive, a game of this scale with so much focus on exploration, you know it was made for it.

  • thesamuraiman_PS

    I’m very excited for this game!! Definitely gonna buy it day! :D

  • This game is definitely one of my most anticipated games. Can’t wait!

  • I have been excited for this game since it was announced at VGX. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • any release date/price?

  • Remarkable. This game gives new meaning to the slogan, “Greatness Awaits”

  • The game is looking so good so far! Im eager to play it <3

  • Best wishes to you guys at Hello Games. I hope No Man’s Sky is a big success. Love the concept.

  • Looks amazing. This is the kind of next gen game, I’ve been waiting for. Devs, take your sweet time and release it when truly ready. I always dreamed of a star wars game, that let you pilot an X wing while traversing the galaxy. You’d be able to land on planets and explore worlds. But the good titles for that license, stuck to tired old genres. Imagine a mash up of Jedi Knight and Xwing vs Tie Fighter.

  • Literally cannot wait for this game. I don’t know if my body can withstand the anxiety. Tell my family I loved them.

  • My personal favorite of all the games at e3.

  • I don’t even like Sci Fi, but this game looks incredible. I do hope Sony locks this one down, its a real feather in the cap if its just coming to PS4/ PC (later). I also think that the passion and intelligence of the development team is quite commendable. You don’t see even a shred of integrity or true drive like that with most AAA devs: its just a render-farm to them with the latest Action Hero/ FPS-soldier John Smith.

  • I love the creative freedom this generation, and Sony’s support of INDIE games. It really shows us where gaming can go and makes the whole gaming experience exciting and fresh again. Hat’s off to INDIE devs and Sony’s continued support and excitement for these games.

  • I am not one for indie games whatsoever but this has got to be the BEST looking indie game I have EVER seen. When they first showed this at E3 I thought this was a new IP of a known development team. let me tell you Hello Games, you are going somewhere with this game. No Man’s Sky looks absolutely fantastic. Words just simply cannot describe my excitement for its release. it most definitely something that has not been done before in the world of gaming. GAHHHHH!!!! Thank you for this game and PLEASE keep up the GREAT work.

  • I see the potential but I cannot be fully excited until I see more.


    This was definitely the stand-out game of the show at this year’s E3 for me. It’s like a sci-fi fan’s dream come true! I can’t recall a game, ever where you can explore a planet, hop into a ship, fly out of that planet’s atmosphere, into space, fly thru space, asteroids, enemy ships, then land on another planet, get out of your ship and explore it – ALL in REAL TIME with NO LOADING?! Are you kidding me?! Day 1 buy for me already!

  • I don’t care about price or if it’s even done yet just take my money!!! Any chance of a Beta or early access type thing? I don’t think I’ve ever felt this teased by a game before. Just the idea of being able to explore new worlds in this manor simply amazes me. It reminds me of CS Lewis’s space trilogy and takes me back to reading “out of the silent planet” for the first time. I want it, I need it, yes yes a thousand times yes!

  • One thing ive been wondering about No Mans Sky is the discovery system.

    Is this a one universe/server type of game where the first 5 players will discover everything ever or will there be multiple instances/servers for people to get a chance to discover things?

    This of course is also dependent on how big the universe is, 1000 planets with 50 animals/plants on each planet or like 20 planets with a dozen other species.


  • People that don’t give indie games the time of day are missing out. It’s very small minded to dismiss a game because it’s an indie game.

  • No Mans Sky and Bloodborne. Glad I have a PS4!

  • I think a Dark Souls model of multiplayer/PvP would be simple to program and much more fun than complete isolation. You could detect signals from other people’s ships and answer distress calls or invade.

    I hope they are considering this.

  • Amazing video. I love the Joe Danger games. You guys rock!!!
    I can’t wait for no man’s sky

  • This was my favorite game at the Sony E3 Press Conference. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one ! I’m so excited to play it. Please release a beta on PS4 soon.

  • I just find it sad that Sony bought some sort of exclusivity agreement over a title that was initially supposed to be released on PC too (announced in 2013). Because now, aside from PS4, no other platform has been confirmed and I’m pretty sure this has a thing or two to do with the agreement Hello Games might’ve signed with Sony (which may include a clause to forbid the developper to talk about any other release on other platforms).

    Don’t get me wrong, if that’s the case, it’s a nice catch for Sony, the game looks phenomenal. It’s just that I was extremely hyped about the title when I saw it featured in PC Gamer magazine way before E3… Not having a PS4 (and not planing on buying one anytime soon), the news that it’s now some sort of PS4 exclusivity and that Hello Games aren’t confirming a PC release (or they just aren’t allowed to tell because of their agreement with Sony) kind of let me down big time…

    I hope PS4 owners enjoy this game. It looks awesome.

  • I watched a Review of Someone who Played this at E3, & sounds like the Trailer is Bull****. Planets are not as Populated as the Trailer shows, the Reviewer stated that the Trailer would have Been, “The Most Amazing & Luckiest Randomized Planet the game could Create.” Gamers will Turn-On Hello Games after they See How They’ve been Lied to, even Mother Nature told the Creators to Stop making it. Players will be placed on their First Planet, wander for 15 minutes & be like, “This Planet Sucks, There’s only 1 type of Creature.” & after Hours of Scouring the First Planet, the Player will be rewarded with just enough Fuel to make it to the Next Planet, Where You’ll have to do it all over again. “Let the Player Decide How They want to Play.” I want to play the Trailer You Showed, not the Game a few got to Play at E3. Hopefully You’ll Finish this Game, so People’s expectations will be Crushed. I only Fear You never Finish this, & doing so would NOT Crush People’s Expectations & turn This Failure into “Gaming Lore” instead of it’s inevitable ‘Gaming Bore”

  • Easily one of the most exciting things during the E3 press conference.

    Will it be supporting Vita as a cross-controller? what about stereoscopic 3D on 3DTVs?

    any word on co-op play? It would be awesome if my husband and I could play together on PS4 and be co-discoverers of planets and species!

    • Super early for those details, but rest assured we’ll continue to keep you up to date on the game in every way.

  • sign me to the beta test, this looks promising indeed

  • Let me please echo #32. No Man’s Sky SCREAMS to be in 3D. Trine 2 is flat-out gorgeous – if NMS comes out in 3D people might never leave their couches.

    The game looks fantastic – hope it lives up to the hype. Can’t wait to play.

  • I’m so confused now. This game looks really nice and seems like it could be amazing, but BahamutIsBack and CraddaPoosta have said multiple times that “ALL indies are garbage” and “Nobody likes indies”. What should I do? Surely those guys couldn’t be mistaken.

  • It’s very cool that we’ll be able to explore underwater environments in a sci-fi setting in No Man’s Sky.

    I’d like to know if Sean Murray has been inspired by undersea sci-fi TV series & films such as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Man from Atlantis, The Abyss, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, or SeaQuest DSV?

  • Now the more I see this the more i just might have to get this space exploration just might be up my alley.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ rabidninjamonky


  • PrimeroIncognito

    How come no one in this trailer is wearing a beret or drinking a latte?

    CruddyPoostains said that’s what the indie world is like. Surely he couldn’t have been wrong?!? :O

  • So far this isn’t just game of the year, this is game of the generation; nothing else I’ve seen even comes close.

  • @PrimeroIncognito

    Yeah, he also said that Terraria sucked last week. Strangely, I’m really enjoying it and I’ve never owned a beret or drank a latte. I’m starting to think possibly he doesn’t have his finger on the pulse of America as much as he thinks he does.

  • So looking forward to this and it blows my mind that it all started with 4 people. Well done guys and we all eagerly await it’s release!

  • this is the game that made me pick up a ps4 (i got the destiny bundle :)).. It looks so amazing i feel like i could live in that universe! i can’t wait to play but please do not rush the date this concept is too promising.

    My questions for you are:
    1. Who is doing the music, or is it procedural as well?
    2. Will you try to update it with morpheus support when it becomes available?

    Thanks in advance and have fun making that game, i could not be more jealous.

  • I hope the team is under no influences to meet hard deadlines or rush. I almost teared up watching the E3 demo, seriously this looks like the game I’ve always wanted, and it’s clearly a labor of love. I hope the finished product is everything they want it to be.

  • This is the type of indie games that need to come out. Not that 2D 1980s side scrolling crap that can be played on smartphones.
    This game here needs to be released yesterday… i take that back, work the bugs out, take your time and i hope to see this game released sometime next year.

  • The next big thing.

  • Looks really colourful

  • can’t wait for this game to be out, just hope it delivers

  • I hope they are thinking about space as well as planets for the procedural generation. I’d love to see some space anomalies like gas formations, black holes, and supernovas or something, and how could you forget a weather system on planets(might have been announced and I missed it) and in space. Then going maybe an opposite way and have dead space. Just a bunch of anti-matter lol

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