The Order: 1886 Unveils the Lycans

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The Order: 1886 Unveils the Lycans

It’s been an amazing E3. From the PlayStation Press Conference to the days that followed, we had a series of reveals that shed more light onto The Order: 1886. We went into E3 with two demos that illustrated different aspects of the game: the battle in the streets of Whitechapel and the Lycan reveal in the London Hospital.

The Order: 1886 Unveils the Lycans

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It was great to see players finally get their hands on the demo and accustom themselves with one of our signature weapons, the Thermite Rifle. We also debuted Blacksight, a gameplay mechanic based on the Knights’ use of Blackwater, and saw many players make good use of it against the Rebels.

Now, with the show behind us, we are diving back into development. Thanks to everyone who came by our booth and everyone else who sent us feedback. We really appreciate it.

The Order: 1886

At the top of this post, you can watch the second video in our behind-the-scenes series entitled “The Evolution of the Half-Breeds.” It will give you some insight into the work we did to create the Lycans and show you some of our early work as well as the final design of our main antagonists.

I hope you enjoy it.

The Order: 1886

And in case you missed it, we recently announced the Premium Edition of our game, which includes a 13” statue entitled “The Endless Duel.” It depicts a battle between Galahad and one of the Half-Breeds we describe in the video; the Elder Lycan.

Until next time.

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  • Day one purchase!!!
    Finally some bluckbuster game!
    Sony keep them coming :)

    • A little under 8 more months until that Day One purchase becomes reality. Thank you for the kind words.

  • Yeah…. after the demo at e3, its the collector’s edition for me XD was really impressed but actually getting to play it sold it for me.

  • Looking good! Man, I wish to hsve the chance to try that E3 demo on my PS4. Please, make it available!

  • that Premium Edition looks nice. I normally go for digital games but this looks too good to pass up. This game is one of the main reasons I bought a PS4. Great job RAD!

  • She will be mine. Oh yes, she will be mine.

    In case Ryan doesn’t get the reference, it is Wayne’s World ;)

    • We’re glad to hear you’re excited for The Order: 1886. We certainly owe a few “We’re not worthy!” to our fans along the way letting us know.

  • I was kind of iffy on this game initially, but after E3 and this video, I think this game is going to be really bad ass. Nice job guys, it’s really shaping up!

    • We still have more to reveal about The Order: 1886, so keep checking back on the PS Blog. Appreciate the kind words. :)

  • I’m excited, but I see it being really short.

  • @6: I agree. My excitement level for this game at reveal was a 5 (wasn’t much more than a CGI tease and that doesn’t mean good game). After reading some Game Informer articles and such, my excitement went right to a 10. This was my most anticipated game. Then the first demo in the alleyway and I dropped back to a 6. I was worried. Then the White Chapel shoot out put it at a 8 again. Good footage. And then after the E3 gameplay and info… right up to a 9. I am still worried about how much the action scenes meld into cut scene’s. I know it is fluid but I am still wondering.

    • My goal is to turn that 9 back into a 10 with some of our future updates and reveals. Thanks for the comment.

  • I want both figurines!

  • I’m a big fan of the Lycan design and the way that they sound. It upped my interest in the game significantly.

  • Can’t wait for this masterpiece!! Premium Edition day 1.

  • Yeah, after all the delays, I’m just going to ignore all hype on this till it’s released. The premium edition does look great, though. I love when CE’s include a book.

  • I already have the CE edition ordered, but the game doesn’t come out for another 6 months. I would recommend cooling down the hype machine for a little while.

  • Finally a game where you have to fight werewolves? (or similar )F*king SOLD!

  • Now this is a collector’s ed. that’s worth buying as opposed to the watch dogs collector’s ed. i’ll be picking this up for sure!!!!!!!!!

  • Day one purchase!!!
    collector’s ed Paid off

  • Any chance that we’ll get the e3 footage uploaded to a site that won’t compress it like youtube? So we can see the full quality of you guys work

  • I wonder if digital code CE’s are anywhere in the near future. If this is everything I hope it is, I want a digital copy (I also hate used game selling)… but that CE statue just looks plain sexy.

  • I will more than likely be getting this because it does look great. I want to get the either the Collectors or Premium Editions but the quality of the statues don’t don’t look all that good and the alternate outfits aren’t enough either to warrant it..

  • I pre-ordered The Order: 1886 Premium Edition already.

  • this is gonna rock.

  • Done deal! Looks great! Pre-ordered at E3…….

  • Really annoyed that you only releasing the Editions with figures in America and not in Europe. Really frustrating to have to import from US everytime it´s a Sony published game to get the good Edition.

  • I would’ve pre-ordered it if I had a ps4……….. but I still have a long way till February 2015 & i’m planning on getting one for the summer sooooo… with that being said I’m going to pre-order this once I get my PS4

  • I already pre-ordered the collector’s edition.
    It looks to be an interesting franchise.
    Please add more mission that aren’t part of the main story to add tons of content so that we get great value for it beyond just a campaign.
    Think FFVII- Crisis Core on the PSP. Dragon’s Crown Endless Dungeon.
    You can reused some of te same locations and just spawn diffrent enemies.
    It’ll give us something to keep us busy since there’s no multi-player.

  • How about custom designs for ps4 in the USA. you know , like the halo edition, star wars edition, gears of war edition xbox 360 consol’s. How about an ice silver “the last of us” PS4 with joel and ellie on it with clicker start up sound, or an order 1886 console. I will never understand how microsoft can make custom sysems and controllers designed after their big titles and sony just gives colors and even color choice is rare for sony.

  • Especially a bad ass game like the order 1886 should get a custom PS4 design to support and promote the game, i would definitely buy one.

  • I’ve pre-ordered three editions – Limited Edition, Collector’s Edition and Premium Edition! I’m on stand-by for an Art book as well.
    My explanation for this is brief, but earnest. I am not a gamer. Ru, Andrea and the RAD team are uncompromising visionaries with kindred souls. I’ve undertaken to support this title as much as I can – I want to do my part to guarantee a direction for this medium elevated and led forward by the likes of Journey, The Last Of Us, Team Ico, and now The Order. Filmic, deeply-imagined, and through interactivity, the closest we’re able to experience stories to our own lives. So much phenomenal potential, brought out by tireless creative warriors like Pessino and Weerasuriya, Phail-Liff and all of RAD. Thank-you for this. all the best for what remains of the work left to do, and onwards to exploring The Order’s universe well into the years to come! Sincerely, Albert Chessa (Australia)

  • I’ll be preordering The premium edition at my local Gamestop soon. My Man Cave wont be complete without the statue and extras.

  • Pre ordered this back in e3 2014 when it first became an option, not disappointed one bit, as long as the story and gameplay hold up then assume that i’ll be getting that platinum trophy asap. A movie and a game put together are the best SP games to offer, i’m glad RAD is keeping it alive and glad to see that this might be my new favorite IP, good luck to you guys.

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