Celebrate Greatness, Vote for an Inspiring Gamer

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Celebrate Greatness, Vote for an Inspiring Gamer

We officially introduced “Where the Greatest Play” at E3 with a gaming inspired mural, which was painted throughout the week. We asked you to vote for your favorite PlayStation character to be the flag bearer in our gamer masterpiece and you chose the legendary Nathan Drake. You can take a look at the E3 painting process in action in the video below.

PS4 is the best place to play because we believe that it’s home to the most incredible gaming community on the planet. So, starting today, we’d like you to vote for the PlayStation gamer you think should be immortalized into our Gamer Masterpiece. Go to GreatnessAwaits.com to see the five selected extraordinary gamers and cast your vote for one gamer whose greatness inspires you!

Thank you all for your continued support and devotion. We are passionate about the PlayStation community and are excited to bring you more captivating games and interactive experiences!

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  • It’s an honor to be nominated.

    Best of luck to everybody!!

  • I know none of these people.

  • It looks to me like the boat could use a few more ladies in it, so I’ll perhaps vote for one of them.

  • Sweet

  • wow great mural! powerful. inspiring. beautiful.

  • @2 ZiggyPoopdust (wow that was weird writing out your name)

    I know three of them. Good thing the votes are anonymous! lol

    It was awesome seeing the mural come together over the E3 week. It will be cool to see who wins.

  • It should be an anthropomorphized Vita.

  • No one from the #1 PlayStation Podcast on the internet? No Greg Miller? No Moriarty!? NO CLEMENTS?! They’re pretty inspiring to me.

  • I love how community matters here in Playstation and it makes me glad to be part of such an inspiring community of gamers. I already made my vote. Good luck to everyone!

  • Very well done! but The order 1886 is not even out yet, how did the communtiy find the game’s character memorable to vote for? :D :/
    I miss Joel

  • Never heard of any of these people and I have no clue who to vote for! There should be a “undecided” option to vote for as well. Anyways, good luck!

  • Glad to see the best female in gaming there, Ms. Lara Croft!

  • All hail the uberlord, SweetPoison13. She’s the only obvious choice out of everyone here. Just look at that description. That’s true dedication and she deserves it more than anyone else here.

  • I would personally leave the mural like that and leave it our imagination.

    But if I had to vote, I’d vote for Michael.

  • nevermind I thought the fans voted for those characters. I guess that only is the case for drake.

  • What the hell was the nomination process? Never heard of any of these. Not voting.

  • LOL, Shinogu126 you honestly think you should be immortalized because you stood in line for 20 hours for a PS4? Comeon. Thousands, maybe millions of people do that every year on Black Friday. I’d say Shinogu126 is the least deserving of those listed.

  • I voted for Wrekgar. I checked out all the PSN profiles and he is certainly the most committed gamer. Triplewreck keeps his info hidden, so that instantly disqualifies him for me.

  • I have to say that this competition is a true slap in the face to the true Hardcore fans. If we simply look up each tag you will see a few with a decent level but what about having a legit Lvl 50 and up? They are not important? We have some legit people over lvl 100 also. They get no love or respect? Where was the research for this competition?

  • 100 platinums? Including myself there’s a Heck of a lot of players who has way more than that. Pfft.. Voting for the lady.

  • @Zquestion: There is plenty of legit lvl 50 and up people. I think they just looked at a round number and choose from there heh.

  • Congrats, Sweetpoison. I have had plenty of good discussions with you and hope you get voted in!

    For those who do not know, she is a regular over at the official forums. She is committed and, I think, deserving of your vote.

  • My vote’s on Wrekgar and I wish the best of luck to the rest of the contestants.

  • @OniJsan: Exactly, Maybe someone will be nice enough to officially comment on the process..

  • sorry but only choices C and D has any meaningful story to be a valid choice, if you have time to spare from family and responsibilities, to game that is a plus, but now, another person who deserves is Ken Kutaragi and or that ps fan who is disabled that sony flew him to the launch event and gave him a tour and treated him really nice, where he made a long video by showing his gratitude and talking to his fellow ps fans about his experience,i forgot his name thou, that kind of recognition deserves to be preserved on sony wall of greatness or the disabled kids from australia who went to the event but it was on the second floor and the building wasnt wheel chair accessible thus… nice going sony, well its heard that sony gave them free ps4, and hired some people to take them up the stair, devotion to the fans and the fan to their products even if they have difficulty to go to support. valid arguments to choose someone and not because someone spend their time playing fps, or writing on their blogs or a kid who spends a couple of hours in line… give me a break it should be done properly this things. well give it the guy who spent a tons of gold points to get those ps4 commercial prompts auction…

  • I know 3 of the people on the list. Kinda sad my boy Da1writer isnt on the list but if he keeps going with his work on the PS forums he will be on it next year for sure (of course a hypothetical that they would do this every year)

    But yeah, triple, sweet, and Wrek are all dedicated and do a hell of a lot for the playstation community. Unsung heroes and glad they are getting the recognition they deserve.

    Also: #TeamSweetPoison13

  • @Zquestion:

    Yea on the PlayStation forums I take part on the Trophy Leader boards and I know some names on there have a lot that for sure.

    *sniff sniff* they didn’t consider my 276 plays.. Haha I even wrote them a lovely snail mail.


  • @25

    Are you implying that for someone to be a true fan that they need to have some sort of disability or major obstacle to overcome?

    A fan is a fan. And all those options deserve their spot.

  • I wonder what the second person in line was thinking when he or she was waiting them 20+ hours… :)

  • lol, OniJsan…. That person who waited 19 hours 59mins and 59 seconds behind him was NOT built of greatness. ;D

  • GamerSue is the only logical choice.

  • Pfft. That second person was just weak sauce. Nothing says champ like being first.

  • Actually I’m changing my vote to Gamer sue also.. I question 10,000 comments cause I have seen them forums and a good chunk of threads are silly thread boosters like……

    Say something nice about the above user. Or your banned because… Nonsense like that. Rare quality talk I’m general or off topic. Maybe other threads.

    A Gamer mom though rocks!

  • I have 11,000 on that forum and have been there for 5 and a half years. Sweetpoison does not post on those threads (and neither do I). She has been there for 11 years. It makes sense she would have a good number of posts.

    The focus should not be on the number of posts, however. It should be the quality of them. She has led many contests and orchestrated plenty of other things within the community.

  • Yeah sweet does A LOT of quality work on the forums and has done so for years.

    Its one of the reasons I think the little description blurbs were meh. Doesnt give enough detail. For all 5 people. Maybe a detailed blog post about all 5 would be possible? Like a little highlight reel or something

  • They should vote for all of us vita owners, talk about dedication and belief in a company and a piece of vaporware.

    Now on a serious note, why is this even something? If turning a contest then get whatever guy is top 1 on each PSN store by trophies and that’s it (checking first he ain’t a hacker with 2007 timestamp on trophies for 2014 games).

  • First off.
    Nathan Drake being picked did not have anything to do with Uncharted 4 coming out, did it?

    And secondly I assume the other blogists are contestants in what it is really about.

    Cause Cloud MADE PS.

  • What’s so important about being first in a line? Uhh..

  • Ummm why should we care which one of these losers win the contest? It doesn’t do anything for the community, and just goves these people a bigger ego then they already have. So you have money and a lot of free time to get over 100 plat trophies (who cares) you stood in line for a very long time just to say First on some forum somewhere. You do nothing with you life but play COD big deal many losers do, my brother included! I just don’t get why all the hype for this contest when nobody really gives a crap. Sorry, just keeping it real over here…!

  • I woulda been Helping Toro the whole time if the “Greatness Awaits” Tabs Ever Loaded & Worked Properly on Ps3. And why not Place ‘those’ Tabs on the Ps4? According to Sony They’ve Sold quite a Few this past Year.
    I Nominate Myself. My 2 Vita’s, 2 Ps3’s & 2 Ps4’s(That’s Two Sony Ps7’s with 2 Sony Game Tablets for Your Information) & a Digital Library of 200+(It’s says 419, Plus my 10 Game Ps4 Library, put there are DLC’s, & a few Demos or Trailers) Games Including Every Major Exclusive Except the Killzone & Uncharted (Not my Cups of Tea)Franchises(except the Ones Vita) & I’ve Actually Played Them(Steam Gamer’s Libraries are for Show & Rarely even get Downloaded) with my Next Sony Purchase Being a 50″+ Sony HDTV.
    Yeah, I win }:)

  • How were the nominees chosen for this? I’m just wondering, it’s obvious that just being a “gamer” isn’t the only criteria which I greatly respect. I think it’s great to commemorate people who give back to their communities in some form or another.

    Nonetheless in terms of great gamers I think some of the reasons given for their nominations are kinda odd. Not to take anything away from their achievements or determination but If you’ve ever seen things like:


    There are some real PlayStation legends on there who are active members of the PS family.

  • I’m not really sure how these people were picked. Was it because they have a ton of money to spend on games? Was it because they spend all their waking hours playing video games? Was it some kind of internal selection to give them a pat on the back – kinda like nepitism with family members? Was it because they do free PR for you guys? Are any of them paid employees?

    I just don’t get what you guys are going for here. I’ve never heard of any of them and some of their “achievements” are questionable at best. Seems to me like some of them just have a lot of time and money to burn. That’s not noteworthy and shouldn’t really be celebrated. It’s like the whole reality TV craze where they get some lazy spoiled rich people and give them their own show like anybody really cares

    Why can’t we choose who to vote for ourselves? I think if the community was given the chance to do that then there could really be some interesting people found out there that actually have real achievements in gaming

  • My vote is for Kevin Butler!!

  • I’ve been a PS Plus subscriber for a few years now and would like to know if my sub lapses and I buy it again, will my library of games be deleted or will they be active again? It has lapsed in the past and hasn’t been a problem at all. Has this changed in the new PS Plus policy?

  • LMAO The obvious choice is none other than Joey.

  • Like the above poster, I had to pick Joey, hes the only person I knew on the list n he made me smile when he received his PS4. GO JOEY!!

  • i love playstation

  • I think it should be left the way it is, i dont know any of these ppl and i rather leave it blank and allow everyone to envision themselves than some stranger

  • I was going to cast for Wrekgar until i remembered that i challenged him to a Eye of judgement match and he declined (True story). I told him Kool Aid will be spilled in the streetz of Brooklyn if he declined my challenge! I’m castin’ my vote towards CHiCO (my chihuahua puupy) . Take that Wrekgar!

  • shibbydibbybibby

    hahaha… selfserving backpatting PR stunts???

    keep it fictional characters from the games youre supposed to be supporting and never. ever. forever try to encapsulate gaming by using real people. let alone your fan-base.

    unless its an inventor/pioneer who should be on the sgt peppers band of gaming.

    gaming is not one monolithic group. these boards are a testament to that.

    take all the money that gets devoted to funding this grandizing and devote it to your game systems and restructuring that far more deserve it.

    is this the best non-news the blog create? really?

    hahaha how bout whoever on staff is driving PS+ into the ground should get nominated.

    FYI: not everyone is all high fives and stage dives. some of us have our gaming concerns first and this kinda PR stuff is doing NOTHING but reminding us of the puppet state of things.

    voting people to the head of the class aint doing it. not by a longshot.

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