Z-Run Out Today on PS Vita

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Z-Run Out Today on PS Vita

Hi everyone. We’re very pleased at Beatshapers to announce that Z-Run is out today on PS Vita. We initially announced Z-Run in 2013, but we’ve spent a lot of time refining the game to provide the best possible experience for the loyal PS Vita fanbase.

Z-Run thrusts you into a world that has fundamentally been overrun by a virus that has mutated people into flesh eating zombies that will do anything for their next meal.

Z-Run includes two game modes including a story and a survival mode, with the story mode seeing your chosen character attempting to escape the city one level at a time, while the survival mode tasks you to hold out for as long as you possibly can against the hordes of zombies with gradually increasing quantities of obstacles and zombies.

Our game features two characters, three unique environments, and twelve deadly weapons. There is a male (Alex) and female (Clair) character that can both be customized and upgraded via points that are earned from the XP and levelling up system, with the points being awarded for successfully completing a level. The XP can be used to upgrade a wide range of player abilities, such as increasing maximum health and stamina, reducing damage from zombies, amongst other abilities.

Stamina adds a strategic element to the gameplay, as you balance between the effectiveness of a weapon and how much stamina it will expend; as you don’t want to find yourself running low on stamina when surrounded by obstacles and zombies.

And where would you be in a zombie apocalypse without weapons? It’s a good thing that your character will be totally equipped with pretty much every useful weapon to take down zombies or bash their brains in! First up, there are slide-kicks that can be performed at any moment with minimal use of stamina, which are perfect for when you’re out of ammo, while the melee attacks that are specific to each character naturally expends stamina, but packs one hell of a punch.

The weapons range from blunt weapons to firearms and blades. The blunt weapons consist of tubes, planks, baseball bats, and more besides, although they are categorized as expendable blunt weapons as they will degrade and break down into an unusable state after they have been used a few times, depending upon the weapon.

The firearms consist of handguns, a shotgun, and a crossbow, and are a great tactic for instantly dispensing of zombies that will use very little stamina, although the firearms do require ammo which can be collected during levels, while reloading will be performed automatically depending upon if you have any ammo left after the clip has run dry.

Blades consist of a katana and tanto, which are far more durable than the blunt weapons resulting in a larger period of time before the bladed weapon degrades into an unusable state.

Can you out-run the zombie apocalypse? Z-Run is available today for digital download via PlayStation Store.

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  • I didn’t see any price. Is this Free to Play?

  • Hope to see a good price on this :)

  • should be called Z-Walk because it is too damn slow paced.

  • Will be getting.
    Just wondering, is the character customization for like appearance, or is it just skills?

  • Haha, Why did I look at the title and think Mirrors Edge with Zombies? Looks like it could be fun for quick playthroughs.

  • oh no…

  • I’ll buy it. Looks fun! :)

  • ….The gods have forgotten us….

    A 3 year old cellphone can run better games than this… a Galaxy S Advance can run Eternity Warriors, Dungeon Hunter, Deadshot, games that look much better than this, and are FREE….

    Also, some of the future indie releases for Vita are already on the Android playstore… just for you to know…

    Open your eyes, you’re putting money on any crap Sony sells you…

  • Reminds me of PS1 Pepsi-man, any chances for PS1 digital classic Pepsi-man?

  • This game SHOULD be free.

  • It’s so stupid when people hate on something when they aren’t forced to buy it, just because you don’t Iike it doesn’t mean it’s not appealing to others. There’s no reason to put a developer down and hate on their game just because you don’t like it. They put their work into making a game that some people might enjoy. No need to be an ass for no reason what so ever.
    Great work, Beatshapers!

  • I am so ashamed, I should had buy better mobile phone instead of PS Vita

  • It’s about quality standards, there should be higher standards, not lower each year.

  • Well here’s our sneak preview to our free IGC for Vita next month…

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ zirocrath

    So… you’ve played this game, right? Because you wouldn’t judge a game before actually playing it, right? Or, are you just like 99% of all the other self-appointed experts who bash a game before they’ve even tried it?

    Imagine how ridiculous it would be if game reviewers did the same thing. For example, you go to gamespot to read reviews for the latest releases and they all just say things like, “well, the screenshots don’t look too clean, and that one grainy trailer on YouTube didn’t look promising, so we’ll give this game an official score of 4/10.” :\

    Sure, this game might end up being a total failure, but you’re not sure of that yet. And if it does fail, it’ll most likely be due to the fact that it’s on a platform with not many users, and because there’s a lot of posers out there who’ve convinced themselves they’re experts on all things big and small, even without any experience to speak from… but, opinions =/= universal truth.

  • Not really sure about this but if this is a f2p game i might give this a try.

  • @PrimeroIncognito

    I would agree with you in most cases… for real. I’ve played great games with crappy ratings (given by Gamespot), take Monster Hunter as an example.

    But I can’t agree on this one, and really I think it should be said.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this just to talk trash to the developers, I know that making a game is hard effort, no matter how simple the game is.

    But, releasing this on the Vita… I think it doesn’t achieve the quality standards the users are expecting, or should expect at least.

  • Why did this game even release? When it was announced some months ago, nearly everyone who commented tore it apart. This game is absolute garbage and at the very most should be released on Android/iOS. Alexey and the team at Beatshapers, by releasing this game on Vita, you have just dug your grave and guaranteed that you will never be on a Sony platform again. Or, if you are, no one will be foolish enough to buy your games. If you released this on mobile devices (phones, tablets) like you SHOULD have, you would not have received so much criticism. Your game might actually have been considered as good. Or, if it’s not, people would have just written it off as another crappy runner. Not so bad as what’s happening here. You have a lot of nerve showing up here again.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    PanTheMan16 on June 24th, 2014 at 3:31 pm said: “When it was announced some months ago, nearly everyone who commented tore it apart.”

    And all those comments were invalid because they hadn’t, you know, ACTUALLY PLAYED THE GAME.

    PanTheMan16 on June 24th, 2014 at 3:31 pm said: “You have a lot of nerve showing up here again.”

    Wow. You have a lot of nerve talking like that.

  • I’m not here to comment negatively on the title or throw the developers under the bus as would but it seems clear that this game was designed with other platforms in mind.

    I will however say that I am becoming increasingly alarmed with the direction of Sony in regards to the Vita. With so many stand out titles released last year the future looked extremely bright for their handheld. It seems as of late however there has been a shift as to what Sony wants out of the Vita. I personally didn’t buy this impressive little piece of hardware to play cell-phone games or as a companion device the relies heavily on the PS4.

    I wish the developers well, they have some nice ideas here, I just feel the timing (post E3) is a bit unfortunate.

  • TURD. The best part of indie games is their ability to innovate. This does not and is boring to boot.

  • Nvidia Shield seems to be the model Sony is taking for the Vita… it streams PC games, and plays Android games on it….

    sounds familiar?

  • Happy that this is out. Bought it last night. Even if Vita had more AAA games like originally promised there would still be room for smaller games like this. Beat shapers wasn’t going to bring us the next huge game. They brought us their game and I’m thankful they did.

    If we want more games big and small on the Vita why hate on the devs that do bring games to us? I’ve read how small devs love the vita crowd cause we are hungry for games and buy them. That keeps up and that’ll bring more devs and more games. Hopefully of all sizes and types.

    I say thanks to the team for the new content. Anyways it’s decent fun and a bit more challenging than I expected which is great!

  • the downlooable content of watch dogs is nice

  • Will happily buy it – On disc

    No physical media – NO SALE

  • I really hope this is a joke — the game looks like some cellphone **** you get for free, choppy and pixelated… It would be so much better in 2D to be honest…

  • It looks slighty better than the 1st time you guys showed this game here on the Blog….but the real question is….did you guys really improved it?

    @ 15 PrimeroIncognito – You’re usually right about your statements but get real dawg…..as if somebody who has been playing games since ever couldn’t judge a game only by seeing a gameplay video….”some” people knows when a game will be crap(no trolling)…and thats why Z-Run was bashed the 1st time it was showed here on the Blog…and it deserved…most people knew what they were looking at.Sorry but one does not need to play the game to know that is really bad…in most cases I would say 95% the time,yeah its better to judge after playing the game….but not in the case of Z-Run which is blatantly showing how bad it is.

    @ 25 Einhander138 – You must be joking…get serious dawg.

    @ 18 PanTheMan16 – You was a bit rude there but I gotta agree with you this time.

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