Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept Expansion Out Today on PS4

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Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept Expansion Out Today on PS4

We’re happy to announce that Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept is available from PlayStation Store today in North America!

In this action-packed, online co-op expansion for Killzone Shadow Fall, you and three of your friends must try to establish a secure uplink to VSA headquarters from behind enemy lines while fending off an army of Helghast soldiers. To complete your mission, the four of you will have to rely on solid teamwork and make the most of your unique combat roles.

We’ve worked hard to make sure that Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept is fun and easy to get into, but difficult to master. With four different combat roles to learn, four brand-new arena maps to explore, three powerful enemy bosses to defeat, and an endless supply of Helghast soldiers to overcome, this expansion will present a formidable challenge to even the most grizzled multiplayer veteran. Thankfully, you’ll be able to unlock powerful bonus abilities such as jetpacks and mortar strikes to temporarily help even the odds.

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept is available for $9.99, or for free to Killzone Shadow Fall Season Pass holders. A fully compatible standalone version of the expansion will be released in early August for $19.99, and additional arena maps are planned for later this year.

Keep an eye on for the latest on Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept, including news, tutorial videos, wallpapers and more!

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  • First :#
    I’ve been waiting on this….for waaay to long

  • do anyone have a ps4 or a ps3 or a psvita that they brought within a year?you a eligble for a playstation protection plan

  • I keep getting an error has occurred mid game after this patch. Don’t know what us the cause but it’s very annoying and already happened two times in the last 2 hours.

  • do u have your ppp saab01

  • @saab01 I haven’t played it yet, but downloaded it earlier today. If there is any problems go to the forums and share them there, please. I want this new DLC to be a pleasant experience once I start playing as much as the next guy^-^

  • same happened to me @saab01 right when we almost won too.. None of my progress saved

  • Looks like it’s time to dust off Killzone and play a bit tonight.

  • stil on the fence about getting this one.. none of my friend have this game anymore.. will i just be dropped into someone else’s game now if i get it?

  • @4 “Headhunntinn101” – Why do you keep asking people about their protection plan?
    You plan on giving one away for free or something?

  • Please, stop these stupid multiplayer DLC’s no one care about …

    Why dont you give us some Echo DLC? Really sick of mp on this game, silly challenges, etc :S

  • ok i like where this is going..i would love for KillZone to someday add vehicles ..its something new to the franchise and running around through the maps kinda of bores me. game looks great and the add on makes it a little more interesting..i shall be picking this game up to support the SONY exclusives and because its like a call of duty advanced warfare game :p…so keep up the good work!

  • It’s fantastic! Great work GG!^-^

  • Really pleased with the co op expansion. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us season pass holders next. I also hope that you guys have at least one maybe two more multiplayer maps in the works. If so that would be fantastic. Well thanks again and keep up the hard work. I’m off to play some more.


  • Whenever I’m trying to enter an Intercept game, I’m being told to go to the PS Store and download the maps to play (but I already have them downloaded and installed / also running the latest firmware update and latest killzone patch and I have the Season’s Pass).

    Is anyone else experiencing this??

  • I picked up the Season Pass with the expectation of this patch… I’m very disappointed. We were promised online co-op. This sounds like playing waves in COD or some other shooter…

    I’ve come to expect more from Guerilla…

  • killzone i will buy ur season pass nd i want my destiny beta i pre orderd it

  • Love Killzone

  • @15: So you’re complaining that you bought something without looking into it? Your own fault. They’ve made it clear since the announcement of the Season Pass that this was going to be a co-op mode, not campaign co-op.

  • That split-screen….Guerrilla why are you guys forgetting about the old playas of KZ?….remember that good split-screen of KZ1?….bring it to this co-op please.

    @ 11 nYcFrEeWiLL82 – I have no idea of what you been smoking but to say that KZ is like CoD….I’m sure it was some heavy and strong stuff.

  • Damn Victor.. If the DLC wasn’t spaced out so far, I might’ve kept this game. :(

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