Blue Estate Out Today on PS4, Watch the Launch Trailer

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Blue Estate Out Today on PS4, Watch the Launch Trailer

Hi PlayStation Readers, this is Viktor Kalvachev from HeSaw. Today is D-Day, we’re releasing our Blue Estate baby on PlayStation Store and we’re really, really excited about the launch so we wanted to share with you the launch trailer for the game:

Blue Estate Out Today on PS4, Watch the Launch Trailer

For those who missed the latest video, here’s an overview of Blue Estate.

Blue Estate is a darkly funny rail shooter based on comic books of the same name. Designed from the ground up to exploit the accuracy and precision of DualShock 4’s gyroscopic features, the game offers slick wit and punishing violence via a genuinely fun and intuitive control system, all set in an eye-popping technicolor mob world.

In Blue Estate, you play Tony Luciano, the homicidal maniac son of LA’s crime boss Don Luciano, and Clarence, a broke ex-navy seal who has been hired to clean up Tony’s mess. While Tony wages war with the Sik gang in an attempt to get back his kidnapped “Helen of Troy,” Clarence has to try to end that war against increasing odds.

Blue Estate on PS4

Harnessing smooth motion control courtesy of DualShock 4’s advanced sensors, in a rail shooter, the player will enter a fight for his life against the most absurd and dangerous enemies, such as scar covered champions that fight-to-the-death, Tony’s own hair, and Chihuahuas that are all too happy to see you. You are given a series of primary and secondary weapons to help wade through the hilariously perilous missions, which will come in handy defeating the bosses who’ll try to end your game and your life. But sometimes firepower isn’t enough, so think before shooting and use cover to prepare your strategy; reload often, and try not to get turned into grated cheese.

Bring a friend in to join the fun through a cooperative mode where every headshot counts to show who’s the best trigger in da house!

Blue Estate on PS4

Blue Estate on PS4Blue Estate on PS4

Blue Estate is out today, with a free demo available for all PS4 players. And for as low as $19.99 with an additional 20% off for PS+ members, it just doesn’t get any better. Play the demo alone or with a friend in co-op mode, enjoy some good old light gun arcade action, and spread the word. Once you’ve mastered the game, you can up the difficulty level and test your skills.

And should you need any more info, feel free to visit our Facebook page and our official website!

Get ready for a helluva ride!

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17 Author Replies

  • No Vita No Buy

  • I miss on-rail shooters…
    It would be badass if Sony developed move support for PS1 and PS2 classics and released Classic on-rail shooters like Time Crisis 1, 2 and 3, Hornet Owl, Vampire Night, Resident Evil Dead Aim, etc… <3

  • Don’t forget all the Point Blank games and Lethal Enforcers 1 and 2!

  • This looks more interesting than I first thought, I’m looking forward to trying the demo tonight. If I can pull myself away from the new Resogun stuff that is.

  • I actually like On Rails shooters, i enjoyed the House of the Dead games, i’m glad there was one HotD game that had the content of a full retail game (HotD: Overkill) Is Blue Estate chocked full of content similar to a full retail game, or on the short side like the arcade House of the Dead games (HotD 1-4)?

  • Viktor, I am going to try the demo and i am almost certain i will like the game and buy it. I am a huge Virtua Cop fan so this game seems like alot of fun, BUT I want to ask you how long is the campaign? The price is neat but i hope the campaign would be at least 3-4 hours ? Also is the game running at a native 1080p @ 60fps ?

    • Viktor Kalvachev

      Thanks. It takes somewhere around 4 hours or more to finish it. If the normal mode appears easy to you, up the difficulty and try again. The local “couch” co-op will give you a different experience when you play with a friend and adds replay value to the game as well. It runs at 1080p and @ steady 30fps.

  • I just did a search on PSN via web store and it is available.

  • The trailer made me want to try the demo so I’ll give it that. Never been one for rail shooters but it looks funny.

  • Killing for the sake of killing and it is fun and sexy? I’d rather shoot zombies, dinosaurs and nazis.

  • No Vita No Buy

  • Hello Viktor Kalvachev,

    Is this game also coming out in the EU store? I hope that it’s on tomorrow.
    I will download the demo tonight from the US store.

    I’m very happy to see this sort of games. I have played a lot of point blank, Lethal Enforcers, time crisis and Die Hard.

    Keep up the good stuff

  • No thanks.

  • if it had move support I might have impulse bought it but not at this point good luck though

  • @11 You know there’s a EU Playstation Blog, right? Yes the game is coming to the EU store, don’t you worry your pretty little on-rails head.

  • The most irritating Rail Way shooter ever made more like. The trailer looks bad.

  • Definitely going to try the demo.

  • Now this will be what I get today when the store updates can’t wait to play this!!!!!!!!

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ ClawOfTheFallen

    Don’t forget Maximum Force!

  • @13 The DS4s motion control is just as good as the move, but doesn’t require the need for the camera. Of course there’s still preference of how the two controllers feel. Maybe if enough people dislike holding the DS4 vs the Move the developers could patch in Move support.

  • who here has a ps4


  • who need a extended warrenty on there ps4 let me kno

  • @bany_rock do u have a ps4

  • Viktor, the game is great and I bought it but it is really bad that the co-op is local only. There is NO multiplayer and i bought this to play with a friend online… I really can’t believe you didnt implemented multiplayer for this game, as the game itself is pretty good…
    I bought it but my buddy will not if there is no multiplayer. I know i should have checked before buying but the game was so good i bought it right after i seen the demo and also wanted to support the developers.
    PLEASE Update/ PATCH IT and bring online co-op !

    • Viktor Kalvachev

      An online multiplayer would have doubled the cost and time. We have been very open about what our game is and have always stated it’s a local co-op multiplayer. I am sorry your friend can’t experience it together with you online. May be you can compete on the leaderboards :)

  • no MP, plus this game called me a punk right off the bat, haha. Not a good start. :|

  • played demo liked it cant get the cotroller to center it self or i would buy

    • Viktor Kalvachev

      Here is a tip:
      1. Get in the position you want to play in and hit L1 or UP. The reticle is now centered.
      2. The moment you realize you are moving your arms away from that position of comfort, go back to step 1.

      You can do this as often as you need :)

  • Press L1 during the game to re-center the controller. If you move around as much as I do, you may have to do it several times but it’s quick and easy. I had lots of fun with demo and got really good at it.

  • You didn’t get the memo about motion control games?

  • Viktor – The Game is Great, 1/2 thru the First Level & I Love it. My Only ‘Qualm’ so far is Normal is too Easy(Easiest Difficulty) & Abnormal(Middle Difficulty) Seems about right, assuming You like a Slight Challenge & like having to use Strategy & Practice. The Dualshock4 works Great. This will probably be What I play most Till Destiny Beta or if Olli Olli gets Ported to Ps4 before that. My Ps4 was feeling like a Paperweight(with a Ps4 Library of BF4, ACIV, Injustice, & every Plus Game or f2p since Launch), Thanks Viktor!!!

    • Viktor Kalvachev

      I am really glad you like it and really appreciate your support!
      We set the first difficulty lower than what we originally had, based on the extensive play tests we did. The testers felt it was too hard. However, it gets really difficult to finish the game in “Crazytrain”, so if you want challenge, try that :) Thanks again for spreading the word and being such a good sport!

  • @ 1 italodancemp3 & @ 11 Razeph : Works Great with Ps4 Link, Upgrade or Shut It, It’s Too Pretty for Vita
    @ 12 ZiggyPoopdust : Get Outta Here Negative Troll
    @ 13 megacarlos : I GUARANTEE the Dualshock4 has better Controls for This Game than Previous Games Using Move Support on Ps3.
    @ 15 Strangeheaven : The Trailer is Awesome, You’re obviously a Sheep of a Gamer & wanted the Graphics to be as Good as the Real Life Person Playing the Game in First Person. That was to showcase the Controls to Smart Gamers. Watch it again & watch How He never uses the Analog Sticks, showcasing the Dualshock4 SixAxis Controls.
    And EVERYONE wanting Online Multiplayer, this is a Couch Co-Op Game. Unless Your Game is Designed for Online Multiplayer or if You’re Sony, EA, Microsoft or Bungie, why should a Developer waste Time Coding Online Support, when Most People wouldn’t Ever Use it after the First Month?

  • I just played the demo and while the game seems like it could be cheesy fun in the vein of House of the Dead Overkill, it’s a darn shame that Move+camera support is not even offered as an option. I get that the swipe controls would be lost in translation, but I think those could be mapped to Move button+motion as a workaround. The Dualshock 4 may have more sensitive gyros than the Move controller and yield more precise incremental movement, but when you’re awkwardly aiming your gamepad at the screen and constantly having to press L1 to recenter the cursor, you lose any of the benefits afforded by the tech regardless. As someone who owns House of the Dead 3+4 and Overkill, Dead Space Extraction, both Resident Evil Chronicles games, The Shoot, Heavy Fire 1 and 2, and Time Crisis 4 on PS3, I’m exactly the target audience for this kind of game… and what would have been a first-week pickup with Move support is now more of a wait-until-deep-discount. :(

  • Viktor Kalvachev

    We wanted to give the PS4 players an out-of the box experience without having them spend extra money on peripherals. However, we are always listening to the community and all your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for trying out the demo.

  • brothers-in-guns

    It’s looks like fun, i’ll definitely give a try, downloading the demo right now

  • I can believe I will have to buy a PS4 just to play an downloadable OnRail Shooter!!!!! I was resisting the impulse till now and then you guys come up with this??? I hate you!!!!! Lol

    Ok, so I need 800 US$ plusthe money for the game!
    *goes to the store

    • Viktor Kalvachev

      :) Terrific! PS4 is an awesome console, you are going to love it. Our game makes a really good use of the new dual shock controller and you’ll experience it in a totally new way. Thanks for your support! It’s much appreciated.

    Viktor Kalvachev – If You Free Up Triangle/R1 by having ‘Switch Weapon’ placed to Flicking either Analog Stick in any direction(or R3/L3 to prevent accidental weapon switching) & Then L2 for Shooting; the Rest of the Controls could be Combined/Mirrored Over for Ambidextrous One-Handed Gameplay. And when ‘Gesture” Commands appear You’d have to ‘Reach’ out with Your other Hand.
    @ 31 KnicksRIP : I also have House of the Dead Overkill, my Friend has RE Revelations. If You think You know the Best way How They could Map the Controls Over for Blue Estate to Move/Navigation Controllers, Let em Know, I’m about to send em my ‘Ambidextrous One-Handed’ Control Scheme. Be Pro-Active

  • Will happily buy it – On disc

    No physical media – NO SALE

  • Viktor Kalvachev

    A disc would have jumped the price a lot higher. I encourage you to try the demo.

  • Haha cool video, looks interesting even though i am not a big shooter games fan.

  • I think the MOVE support is essential for rail shooters. Maybe not as precise as DS4 gyro, but mainly because the “arcade feel” it has. If you dont get that feel with a rail shooter, well.. And to those who say it is very inprecise, it cant be be as bad as it was with PS3 camera, because the PS4 camera is much more advanced. Ot has lower latency and much better tracking capabilities.

    I want to buy this game, but until i can use my MOVE with pistol add-on i wont. Fix this and a lot of people will buy this game immediately.

    • Viktor Kalvachev

      Thanks for your input, it will be taken into account. Give the demo a try if you get a chance.

  • I sure will. I have to note also the fact, that Blue Estate currently has no competition on the PS4. So you are sitting in top of a gold mine there. In a business side of things, the patch to support MOVE (as good as possible) could potentially rocket the sales to sky high. After reading trough numerous forums, the most common post’s are about MOVE support. You have to remember that most of the PS3 era players have MOVE and some kind of shooting perhepial for it. They are just waiting for the PS4 (house of the dead like) rail shooter to appear. That is your window of oppoturnity right there :)

  • Just finished the demo and it was pretty fun but I found myself having to reset the cursor far too often. Would support for Move negate that annoying aspect? I might pick this up if they ever add that.

  • JamesonHardgrave

    Mr. Kalvachev,

    First off, congratulations on your series and the release of your game.

    I took some time to play the demo. I can immediately give a nod to the responsiveness and overall fluidity of the gameplay.

    My first request would be left-handed support. Sure, Move would be great– and I have the necessary peripherals begging to be used– but I can definitely get used to using the DS4 if I could click L2 to shoot.

    No rush for me in particular, but we lefties are a big demographic.

    Thank you sir.

  • Best On Rail shooter ever made is Time Cris:Project Titan on PS1….can’t even measure how much fun I had with that game…anyway its very unlikely that we will ever have a game like that…Time Crisis for Move was a fail.

    So I’ll be glad to try the demo of Blue Estate when I get a PS4.Hope its good.

  • here’s another Vote for Move support.

    also, any plans for stereoscopic 3DTV support? Motion games on a PlayStation console just aren’t the same without stereoscopic 3D at this point.

    • Viktor Kalvachev

      At this time we are listening to the community and taking all the feedback in. Stay tuned :) Thanks!

  • I wish this had online multiplayer, but I understand why it didn’t. My friends and I are a bit disappointed but we still bought it because its a fun, good game, and we want more games like this so we try to support the best I can (through purchases).

    • Viktor Kalvachev

      Thank you for your support and understanding! We wanted to have multiplayer too, but time and cost simply didn’t allow it. I am really glad you like the game and grateful for spreading the good word.

  • I tried the demo and really enjoyed it, so I bought the game last Friday for PS Plus. I went through every stage at least twice. It was definitely a fun game. I found the last level to be overly frustrating, because the revolver didn’t have enough accuracy or ammunition. At the area with the honey bees, I would invariably be out of ammo for the revolver and forced to use the pistol, which didn’t have enough accuracy for the far away people, and I would just be getting blown away and loosing lives. That would be my criticism/ opportunity for improvement, but don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the game. I had several laughs, and overall liked the action. By my standards, I give the game a B+, and if you enjoy the old light gun games (and very non-pc humor), I don’t know why you wouldn’t like the game.

  • @Victor

    Since you guys are acknowlgeing the request for Move support, I think you see there is a crowd of folks that have a deep love and appreciation of rail-shooters. I’m gonna dive into this one. I’m expecting to see that Move support in an update, cause I’d sure love to use my sharpshooter or pistol set up for this. Ooooh Yeah….

  • The controls for this game are fantastic. So fluid and precise. Sixaxis gyro tech started on the PS3, but very few shooters used it. I’m glad to finally play a shooter that uses the motion controls of the DS4.

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